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That beautiful

But it such strange things, began to think that it is beautiful to look at individual place flowers.
Yulan, I feel lilac, dandelion, a beauty drink and breath look like wisteria.

It is, and say what I feel better, I feel the geometric beauty in the organic and natural flowers, also, I feel the finiteness and Utsuroi in vivid colors.

So far It was not that interested in the flowers, I did not really like but rather organic ones.
So, I was puzzled a little.
“This is, to be honest, I think we guy that year?” He said.

From here, there was a notice again.
It is, but I such a matter of course, because “beauty” is not in the inside of the target, but the fact that only in the viewer’s image, or is in the viewer’s relationship with the subject.

In terms of the story of the above, during the 10 years to 20 years, not considered first is that there has been a superb change in flower. (Of course, it would be of the continuous technological innovation and breeding.)

However, the fact that the method of touch has changed, perhaps unusual for is not a flower, it can be determined that it would be my sense rather. Because years is greatly changed people.
That is, because “beauty” is present in the recognition, not the subject, transcendental swings in a changing ones such wonder.

Relatedly, the “margin” and “unfinished” I think, but for the beauty born from the “loss”.
“Margin” and “unfinished is” is, precisely because give a chance to visualize the image to the viewer, crazy to make the people of view side.
Venus de Milo might be a good example.
“Loss”, which do not come true, what was lost, also glare feel for what was gone, not only to the internal image.

However, such, Fitz “The Great Gatsby” of Gerald and Yukio Mishima of the “Spring Snow”, such as, in such beauty there is a thing that would be really attracted.

Given so, the beauty of the flowers, Utsuroi of the four seasons that the vividness and the loss of every moment, imagined that it makes time and finite of life that feel, and, in reverence to the dynamism of Nature that transcends the feelings of such a man perhaps there is in.

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