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The "Small Journey" begins, "The reason why we go on a journey".

The "Small Journey" begins, "The reason why we go on a journey". Posted on 2017年3月9日Leave a comment

This is about the beginning of a "small journey" before lesson on a reckless journey.  Suddenly the other day, the new single was released in the 19-year Buri of Kenji Ozawa. Also appeared in the media, such as TV on sale, the voice of fans rejoicing in the comeback of Kenji Ozawa, who had been ahead of the activity on the stage in recent years became a topic around the net. Unsaid, I am one of them. There is a song "Why We go out to travel" in one of his representative tunes.After more than 20 years of release, such as being used in TV commercials covered by a number of artists, the popularity is still constant. There is an event that inspired me to have a deep fondness for this song.It was broadcast in February 2010 that a radio program called "Kenji Ozawa and his age". I was still a college student at the time, I have decided to work as a new social person in April at the end of job hunting, it was a feeling of impatience and had to do everything left to do in the remaining small university life.It was self-evident that despite the fact that the company I had been hired for was far from the industry and job I had hoped for, I could not expect to have much time or effort in my favorite things like college.When I think about parting with my friends who were with me every day, I may have felt more desperate than impatience.Do we really have any reason to go on a journey?There is a memory which follows the lyrics of "reason why we go out to travel" when it is good even if someone teaches for the reason.   

I pray for the happiness of those who travel far away. In this world where we live, there is a reason to go on a journey, and everyone scam a hand.

The above is a quotation of some of the lyrics of why we are traveling. If you read the lyrics to the end, it is clear that the "reason for the journey" is not specified in this song. Although they are not exposed to specific reasons, it is symbolically sung that a person may go on a journey and go on a journey, that is to say, "A brief farewell." I might have felt impatience to this lyric without the answer at that time. In the eight years since then, I have experienced some of my travels and parting with my work and career in society. As time went by, I think that there was a change of feelings about the travel.It is a matter of course, but to go on a journey will broaden the horizons and range of action, and on the other hand will not create a perpetual farewell.The reason is also so.It is not necessary to dwell on a specific reason such as this at the moment of travel, and it might be the interest of the travel to find the reason for the first time when looking back.When I think of it, I am pretty, and I can think about my journey in the future. It is fine today.There seems to be no need to read the weather.

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