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Watch the movie ' Bankok Nights '.

Watch the movie ' Bankok Nights '. Posted on 2017年3月30日Leave a comment

I've been watching "Bankok Nights". Three hours, didn't feel quite long. First of all, it is proud as the same Japanese that there are men who dedication power toward the outside in a wide range so far in the Japan as the inward tendency is remarkable in the United States first and globally.Moreover, the outside is not a utopia at all. In this film, War lies as a big theme.How close is the Japanese to the war that has occurred many times in the history of Southeast Asia?The arrogant attitude which has Saiji when capital is shaken up as well as the Europe and America people changes shape and it exists. The present state of the truth was in the movie. In the Japan, the Southeast Asia where it is good that there is no dream might be a utopia.However, the man of the hero is aware.The local woman also opposes it. I think that the real value of this work was to be initiates to lie in Southeast Asia and to have caught the various desires which become enlarged without grasping the whole picture. The humor of the current Liberal in the depiction of the neighborhood that reached the Dien with the mark of the war hero is a strong overlap, but because it is a stance that the liberal is how to accept others after all, It is funny, but that posture that loves others correctly is not wrong. Finally, this movie was the last of the two people who love to break up. Recently, I feel like a lot of movies like this. [Embedyt] v = HLHDCFI1WWC [/embedyt]

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