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Commentary and definitive version of the cool work in April 2017 TV drama rating

Commentary and definitive version of the cool work in April 2017 TV drama rating Posted on 2017年4月25日Leave a comment

It is a definitive version of the drama commentary in April.It is in the range that I was able to check.

Crime syndrome

Wowow and Tokai TV co-production. His sister was murdered from shock and trauma to quit the police, and now he is a detective and the hero and chief of police organizations to ask the investigation of the case to the protagonist to draw crime suspense. It will be aired on Tokai TV in eight episodes, and then four episodes at Wowow. As a story, two of the trauma of the main character and the darkness inside the police seems to become nuclear.Atsuro Watanabe plays the person who holds the key of the detective of the hero and the police organization of the main character is impressive, The incident that happened in the first three stories are solved and the person who was drawing pompous like the mastermind is easily caught (it is foreshadowing that the darkness inside the police is possible) and it is subtle if it is said that everything is perfect.

Security No. 4

A pair of guards who will be there on stage in a private security company rather than the police is a complete drama of a hero.The starring pair is Masataka Kubota and Kazuki Kitamura. There may be a novelty that focuses on the part of personal security company of personal protection, but the hero of this place has become a setting that I have to leave the police from the trauma that was murdered in front of the lover to change the security company, " I get the impression that it is similar to the crime syndrome. If you can accurately depict the differences between the private security company and the police in the story, I think that the point rises more than now.


This is a pure police thing.In addition, the Public safety Police team is the one. Starring is Shun Oguri and Hidetoshi Nishijima.The actors who solidify their sides are also quite gorgeous. I was able to see the high level of workmanship everywhere, such as to handle the two cases from the first time, and to explain the character and standing position of the team naturally. In addition, the action that stretched the body of the West Island and the Oguri can be said to be a highlight. The police and the journalism and religion will become a big theme in the future, and attention to the story including the past events of the implied protagonists.


TBS is always created by the staff of the usual frame and the mystery of Minato Kanae original of the good.There is only a reverse title, but it becomes important to come and go in chronological time, there was also a part that I think the way of showing is a little sloppy for the first time.However, as the story progresses, inevitability will be born in such a development, and it is this one that can be enjoyed stably. Because the structure of advancing the story based on the death of a friend who has already happened, I think that it is how to show it interesting.It will inevitably become a passing point if it is possible to prepare the surprise development and the end with the weapon of the viewpoint of the starring Tatsuya Fujiwara by mixing with the recollection at the present age and the time.It might be interesting to pay attention to the story of a man who is rare in Minato Kanae works and has few heterosexual exchanges.

Women of one million yen

This is a unique work of Netflix and Tele-east co-productions. Radwimps Noda Yojiro plays the man of the hero, and daily life with five mysterious woman who lives with him is drawn.Women are set to pay a million yen per month for communal living, and the father of the hero is a death row that killed three people seem to be confused at first glance, but there is also a depiction of a peaceful communal life in the settings, I think that the dangling feeling of the story by this exquisite deterrence and the sense of urgency are attractive. I don't know which way to fall, but I think I have enough potential to become a masterpiece.

Become a Mother

It is a work of the Mizuhashi Fumie which wrote "Hayako teacher…" Chosen for the best one drama last year. At the beginning, what do you think of the next generation of family singularity? It is used as a trigger for the encounter of the husband and wife, singularity, family, eerie thing, the keyword of East Hiroki ' I was compelled to recall the philosophy of the tourists. It is a drama of a heavy theme asking the way of "family" to reunite with a child who went missing at 3 years and nine years later, but the mystery element over the nine years of Blank, the human drama element that portrays what family and parents such as Kussut and funny comedy elements are seen in the Mizuhashi of the script is unique, it stands out eerie. I realized the wonderful performance of Sawajiri Erika who played her mother while watching the first time.The performance of the haggard and the orbital and crying of Naoto Fujiki who plays the father is also splendid, but the height of the skill of the Sawajiri for the thing of understanding the message of the script and carefully shape the word is remarkable.It is difficult to read and keep an eye on future developments.

Noble Detective

The performers were very gorgeous and it was just a drama. It will be a complete orthodox story to solve the incident that happens every time as a story.I think it's a good idea to give up on the first time without expecting anything new in particular.

Not that much of you

It is an affair as a genre, and the couple of each man and woman who becomes an affair becomes the center of the story.I thought it was interesting to look at the first time, but it is the sweetness of brute force and stuffing to proceed with the fog the focus is not drawn to the bare minimum motive, and omit the explanation.It is not without the aim that it wants to stimulate the pleasure of the viewer of the age when it does not ask for grounds and the plot.Or to enact an affair without immorality by drawing an innocence woman image that believes in fate and first love forever, or to establish a Buri madness to see the phone of the wife without hesitation while drawing a gentle male image to help with housework, In fact, despite the drama of people who are very dangerous and distorted there was a new and odd of the poor feeling of being allowed to expand as a matter of course to pinch motives and grounds.It may be worth seeing how the characters will break down in a world where desires are drawn like desires.

Joshu Seven

It did not exceed the expectation though it was expected very much though there was a midnight frame of starring Aya Gouriki in the screenplay and the West Ogi Yumie.And I think whether the story progresses in a unique world view that was built in that the prison thing, it seems to be making such as to draw in the form of one person to one story conflict and reconciliation with the prisoners inside.In the end, will we all be together to carry out the jailbreak?The first time, I feel good even if there is a little more ingenuity.

I am a man of destiny.

This is all the meaning that Kamenashi-kun and Mt. P go out to the drama again in the tag. Speaking of these two, "wild pigs…" But now, after ten years, it is more fun to see their struggles again.Kamenashi-kun's dutifully salaried figure, the behavior as God of the mountain p, heroine Kimura Fumino and the life-size female image of the age of 30, you can enjoy the feeling that has led to nostalgia that every one sees or knows somewhere. Rather than to get the fate by rewriting the past that tends to be in this kind of story, I think that we can continue to create a destiny and create a fate now, and foreshadowing in the past to support it well.Remember the time you feel from your work, and enjoy the happiness of seeing this drama in this way.

Little Giants

Naoki Hanzawa The team is a criminal.Unlike the conventional criminal, rather than simply solving the case, the conflict between the metropolitan and the 1accounting and the division of the police inside, a lot of volume is devoted in the feud.The peculiar rendition seen in the Hanzawa such as the wording of the line and the relentless face up is prominent, but equally story and setting are steady. There is a high quality that can be seen favorably, such as the story of unraveling the incident and the refreshed of the Hekuso and the reversal of the person.Starring Hasegawa Hiroki's eyebrows suspicious expression and exasperating of Kagawa Teruyuki, such as Masaki character of Okada shrewdest that is not so impressive up to now, I think that it is possible only in the proper calculation.We look forward to the future.

People look 100 percent.

January cool "Taraleba daughter" was no good personally.There was a definite reason, and the majority of their heads were "love".The occupation and the family's story come out, and, after all, it will be entwined in the topic of love.It is not saying that "love" is not bad separately.I have pooper as a recipient that unconscious is concerned with the edifies of "love" criteria and how to enjoy it only in the personal sense. There have been a lot of dramas that many women drowsy to speak.However, I think that the way of love circumstances on which the life experience of the ups and downs by piling up the age was projected on a little more than a year was shown.On the other hand, "Taraleba", I felt like the same scene repeated over and over again to rely on the halfway sensation that can only be obtained from love.This could be said to embody the "post-truth" view of the world as a supreme image and Nori. I've deviated from the story, but what was good about "people look…"? Based on the format of the "tagging screen", which is a trend of the past few years, it was in the opening line, "The world is all about the image well," "Post-truth" I have referred to the worldwide.This line is proof that the recent drama is criticized from the meta-viewpoint.As a character, "Taraleba" is less than the three women's ability and sense, I think there is a part of this work is aware that there is an advantage.How will they make a stir in the post-truth world with a conscious sense of their position?I am very much expecting to be portrayed as a trial and error (research), not compromise or flatter, but to seek evidence. The best three in the current stage are the small giants, the people look… and the mother. "Tsubaki Stationery Shop", "There is no easy job in this world", "Love of Frankenstein" I would like to mention the following.

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