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Why we go on a journey-everyday life outside

Why we go on a journey-everyday life outside Posted on 2017年5月31日Leave a comment

Why do we go on a journey? However, it might be variously in the travel. In a sense, travel would be the pursuit of freedom in some form, the expansion of ego. The journey of the tragedy of Oedipus who escaped from the Birdungsloman and Corinth which calls for the dialectic travel and Goethe's freedom of Hegel's absolute spirit. On the other hand, the travel might be the one to break up with encounter and meeting with others, and to feel the human. "Kogarashi kitten" and "Matatabi" of "The Dancer of Izu" of "Tourist's philosophy" and Kawabata Yasunari of East Hiroki or Kon Ichikawa. I have always been uncomfortable with keywords such as travel, travel, and sightseeing. There were some kind of longing, contempt, and ambivalent feelings. Why travel?What is the purpose?What do you enjoy doing? To begin with, I wonder whether there is a destination of the travel targeted at the man of the Adult Society (apart from manners and bars). Or does it mean moving physically?Which is more distant, travel and inner trip? However, in May, the outing was unexpectedly several times. Travel to Hong Kong S.A.R. Macau S.A.R., stroll in Oizumi town Brazil town, travel to Izu Oshima, Mt. Mountain. If you live in the capital, but travel is not bad. Certainly, it is possible to touch the world outside the everyday imagination. For example, the back alley with the smell of dried Hong Kong S.A.R.. Dim sum of old people living like cats in the downtown of Macau S.A.R.. Brazil workers living in apartments, soul food, and Catholic churches. The scenery of the island that the dancers were living in. It's something outside our daily lives. But it is for me, and for them it is everyday. I am here, they are there. Maybe they are us. Even such a thought is crossed. Or a crater of dormant that is dark and does not see the bottom. A trail at 6pm without a person. A sinking twilight is reflected.The sunset is approaching.Will you reach the top? No, it's not everyday.

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