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Watch the movie "Chihaya-knot-".

Watch the movie "Chihaya-knot-". Posted on 2018年3月20日Leave a comment

[Embed] v = _rnbbfu9_eg [/embed] [Chihaya-knot-tie-] watch. I thought it was absolutely good from the potential of the phrase and the phrase above, but it was ridiculously wonderful! I've never seen a story where such characters live their work.There is color in the breath of each person. The way to draw the theme is excellent in the axis of infinite future. The use of silence, slow motion animation is perfect like the previous work. As for the sound, I paid attention to the details of the paper ringing.All the actors were perfect.The theme of succession seems to be looking at Chihaya of the phrase on the phrase of the above and the forward of the Kiyohara fruit gaya here.The Queen is as eccentric as ever, but the source of her strength, "which is genuinely loving Karuta," was a well-grounded criterion.I wanted to see more team-streams including meat buns and a desk. That's five billion points, isn't it? It is good even if it is just a solid betta once in a while. Study and club, youth.Youth is one of the few things I feel good about.It's good to know a little about everyone.

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