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April Fools of 2018

April Fools of 2018 Posted on 2018年4月1日Leave a comment

The news article that the current situation of the United States stock is very similar to the three major collapses in the history of 1929, 1987, and 1990, and the Chinese economy looked at the news article that resembled just before the bubble burst of Japan. Such a thing might always be said, but feeling that it is a turn of the original issue is strong like the end of Taishou era and the Showa era. But in the spring sun, the faces of the waiting people were exhilarating and the people who came to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom were overflowing in Shinjuku Gyoen. Blue Moon tonight.The last blue moon of 2018, the next two and a half years after 2020.

The Third World War which started from "powder keg in the Far East" developed the World War of the last century and the East and West Cold War as a dialectic sublation. It overturned the hypothesis in Francis Fukuyama's ' End of history ' and Ishihara Kanji's ' World Final War theory ', and started the war in the five-dimensional space and a new history in earnest.

Blankey Jet City from Bad people

The man in the back seat who saw it on the way to buy the white milk in the town where it walked alone still with the feeling today is a person in the backseat who aims at the scenario writer of the Third World War in Capricorn born in December his lover is pregnant The baby in the stomach is surely a pretty girl.


The people who saw it in their heads think of me, the trick of my black car that crashed into the guardrail, sending BABY Peace mark in flames. I'm sure you're a pretty girl to this wonderful world. From……

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