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Watch the movie ' Holy Deer Killing '.

Watch the movie ' Holy Deer Killing '. Posted on 2018年4月7日Leave a comment

[Embed] v = kibzpjs4gaq [/embed] saw "Holy Deer murder." I was too addicted when I saw the previous "lobster" directed by Randall Moss, and of course it was the best year for the introducing of the year, but I couldn't honestly rave about whether the hurdle had risen too much because of that. One of the reasons is that the plot was too simple.The previous work ' lobster ' was a perfect balance between the bizarre Buri and sophisticated visuals and music, with the story rolling at an accelerated pace to no one intended. This work is also the best stylish for shooting and music, but the Rue Chen story is too simple, and there is no big twist in the end. On the format of revenge, it is unable to express the weakness of human beings who do not have the judgment of the family's brittleness and good and evil by using the lines and endings of the verses.It is not nestled to the pain at all ruthlessly fearful. However, it was regrettable that there were no magical in the setting of the big yuan's inability to walk and to die.The story progresses so that it betrays it or the setting collapses, and the remainder is confused and I wanted to enjoy more the orchid-moss world of a beautiful picture and music.

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