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Watch the movie "Chihaya-knot-".

Watch the movie "Chihaya-knot-". Posted on 2018年4月7日Leave a comment

[Embed] v = _rnbbfu9_eg [/embed] [Chihaya knot] conclusion of the best conclusion to the growth story of the three years and true Shimata one of Rui Sawa. The coolness of the karuta which is drawn by transcendence technique.The chest becomes hot in the figure of the master's word and the fat ahead which continued struggling. The heart trembled in the scale that crossed the frame of the club movie to "eternal" of succession from "moment" of youth. "In the phrase above," the Taichi which says, "It is not beat to him that it risked all youth" is noticed in ' knot ' "the one that Harada Sensei and Mr. Suo is clinging is far from youth (all Life)". The view of this work with Taichi opens to the big time which wraps even the life and it from the junior high school for three years. There was a motif of "the phrase above" that isshu the thoughts of a thousand years ago, but in the "knot", the perspective of conveying the present to the future has been added. To dole my strength to the surroundings, and to convey the memory of the part from the senior to the junior. Chihaya said to the juniors, "I thought it was a wonderful thing." Because it was felt that it was possible to do the one left after we were gone, and the time spent in the Karuta club became "song which remained for a thousand years ahead" of the Kanade. I think that it is strongly impressed by the conclusion because it talks about the time when this work goes over. I am dealing with the traditions and youth of extracurricular activities, but from there I have spread to more universal things. From a thousand years ago to this moment, from this moment to a thousand years later. The content of the song is deeply related to the story, but it is interesting that the interpretation of the character is added while respecting the original meaning.I am the only one who can see me now, and I will catch the "do".The existence of the competition Karuta gives a new life to the song. What song do we have to leave a thousand years from now, as this song has left over the millennia we have the power to hold the moment forever, "said the word of the film. The moment of club activity, the eternal song. The strength of the master is the tradition of the ministry, and it is suggested many times that the connection of the person involved in Karuta will remain for a thousand years. The time spent in Karuta is a song for the characters. It's universal, but it's a theme that you could only draw with Karuta. It is a cheer that plainly shows the change in the story and the interpersonal relationship. The "Rui-fight" which did not align easily represented the state of the team. Club Introduction (Taichi) → District Qualifying Round 1 (Chihaya Tsukuba) → District Qualifying Finals (Tsukuba) → National Round (Hanano) There was always someone missing. In parallel with the cheer of the Rui, the new team of Fujioka East is portrayed as an immature squad. It is a cheer of "Fujioka East fight" that the word of new "lost to three years of Rui" appears clearly.The air of that scene is unable. However, neither the new nor Fujioka East members were looking sweetly at the group warfare. There is feeling that Chihaya and Taichi are learning the group game which started envied.The shouts also looked at the north of the semifinals (those Slim's voice was turned inside out and miserable, but the new one was startled to see it). Feed tab and tag fit.A feed tag is an individual's story.Chihaya and Iori, Taichi and new. The combination of the tags is the team's intention, conflict and decision. The story of Taichi and Chihaya and the groups of the "Rui Karuta" are tied here.

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