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Watch the movie "Lady Player 1".

Watch the movie "Lady Player 1". Posted on 2018年4月29日Leave a comment [/ embed] This work is "My Movie" which is "novel".It is the story of a big big "I" of Spielberg and Halliday. While VR is literally a different future, it is only certain cultures of a certain age to color this world. The oasis world is, so to speak, a sole autobiography, and the player who reads and interprets it overlaps with the audience who tries to read this "lady player 1".Read carefully and pick up hints hidden in between lines.The main character 's holiday otter is like a researcher who carefully reads texts. I feel that watching this movie means that the force towards a small, narrow direction is creating a big one. Otaku boy who could not be connected well with the world creates another world and the personal memory of the maker is linked to the memories of many spectators. There is a tremendous extent in the small person "I". The burial to "I" is to create the world and to bring about connections. Or, an oasis is more like a "one" reality rather than a virtual reality. That is reality, but this is also reality.Either one is not genuine. That is to show the structure of the pluralistic existence of the world in a sense, it also clarifies that what we are seeing "now" is only one gestalt reality. What constitutes one gestalt is the reality. Of special mention about the video, CG is just one means and it is obvious that it is expressive only how to show it using it. The way the world looks from the point of view of the hero using the back technique that is the scene of the race was a bit unbelievable.

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