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Drama review for April 2018 (overview)

Drama review for April 2018 (overview) Posted on 2018年4月30日Leave a comment

About half of the drama for the April quarter celebrated the first time, so it is roughly popular. I feel like a bit sluggish overall but I'd like to expect.

"Confidence Man JP" [/ embed] The series is a screenplay of Ryota Furusawa in three years.In recent years perhaps nine windows that no one wants to undertake are in the same frame as the previous date "Date". Furusawa is writing a few scripts of the movie during the three years since the previous work, and its influence is outstanding. However, while I feel the charm of the character formation which is the characteristic of Furusawa and the enormous amount of dialogue, the question remains, especially whether it is a work to draw with a series of drama.Since it is anything you can do anything from the production team, please write in month 9 and you will be thrown into a circle and feel like it is doing it. I was disappointed with the development of the first runaway through the second episode, but this time it was good. In the first time I felt the proximity with the Furusawa script in recent movies, but I finally noticed the aim of doing a reboot of "Regal · High" in two episodes. "Regal · high" is a series of 12 years and 13 years, so it's been five years since then. "Legal · High" was a story in which "justice" barely confronted with bad guys and wrongs, confronting human beings with a public weapon of judicial justice but metamorphosis.On the other hand, the main character of this work is a con artist.In other words, "law" and "justice" do not function as weapons against evil, and it is the "emotions" that fraudsters use for weapons to replace them. Three people of this work which is essential, it is an old gate to bite the just argument from the straight way and to refute the enemy, and to bring in "feeling" or "air" and attach it to the feelings of the enemy and say it is fluffy.The perspectives of the times are reflected firmly.In addition to that, I can not complete the mission from the backwards I can not complete the task Character modeling carried out by the emotions, Michiko Yoshimichi's role as the heel who plays a role as a one-man story about the new kind of tolerance to the Japanese not tolerate the irony of the story The light touch of light took a look at the contemporary theme to draw firmly on the back.Although this is not always the case, it was content that the goodness of Furusawa's screenplay is fully transmitted if it is seen only in two talks.

"Sei of justice" [/ embed] As a person who can not understand why "Tara Reba girl" was evaluated only personally, the same production team and good leaders I do not feel charm in this work at Takako Yuriko.As far as I saw one story, the story of the story as a work stuff and the decoration of the screen etc are also incomplete.Also, I wonder how women are the main character Yoshitaka in the workplace.

"There is a house for you to return" [/ embed] This is a well-fortunate mom, and it is praised also for the compliment that I put an affair and a psychopath character in it and made it an accent Not a setting.I wonder if families that Nakatani Miki ideally finally will be regenerated.The theme is distracted and the message is hard to be transmitted.

"Miss Devil" [/ embed] It is precisely the method of Kazuhiko Yuukawa that rocks the noise from the fundamentally into the values ​​by inserting noise into the peaceful world, Such works.It is not bad to use such a setting as a hook to hook viewers from past success experiences, but if you continue with the same deployment every time you will not have it to the end.

"White feather forever" [/ embed] Although it is a job to work on, it is divisible that the hero does not have dreams or hopes in his / her profession but is simply a crush It looks like it is now.It is also possible to evaluate the fact that the problem of the surrounding human beings is incorporated therein.However, while the story progressed with basic expansion, the main character embraced the premonition of a simple type twice in the same flow from the first time

"From Miyamoto to you" [/ embed] I have only seen it for the first time, but it is wonderful. I listen to the reputation of the original in various places, but it is unread.Miyamoto 's energy, which is performed by Masayoshi Ikematsu, is bright anyhow.It's bright, but it's dark.Tetsuya Makishiko comes with this ambivalent confidently, so there is no mistake. Since there is no prior knowledge of the original, when I hear the voice of Miyaji which is too much at opening at the opening, when I show up that fancy expression of Mr. Akira Ikezamasu, it will be already the highest.Heroine's Asaka Hanamura also seems to be almost the appearance of the drama, but there is a presence, and Miura Toko has also seen "nice …" and it was made to be dorky

"signal" [/ embed] Clearly made the best possible only for the first time. With the remake of a drama that was a huge hit in Korea, it is great that the original is stable.Mr. Ozaki Shinya's script which omits every line which explains the setting is also good.It is not the flow of the darkness inside the police that is decided, I want you to firmly connect the feelings beyond the spacetime with the incident.

"Unresolved woman" [/ embed] Watch the first time.There was anxiety about Mika Omori's long-lived work in the morning, but that anxiety was in perfect habit. The directing is very similar to "Keizoku" "SPEC", and how to use the theme song imitates the success of "Annatural". In the first place, if you would like to do a criminal thing (complete puzzle) of one story with a sense of solidness with Mika Omori who is purportedly pursuing only numerals in pursuit of only numerals in the first place, neat original too much too much, if it is done until now I wish I could use a special writer as I did. Written words written by Mika Omori in this work is a very important theme in her work history, but it is blurred. I will try to be a bit more persistent, but I also do not miss the characters at all, and I can not find my point. Omori Scriptwriter's originality wants to be fun when returning to NHK.

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