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I watch the movie "Distance to you, 10,000 kilometers" / "Goodbye, my Manhattan".

I watch the movie "Distance to you, 10,000 kilometers" / "Goodbye, my Manhattan". Posted on 2018年4月30日Leave a comment

Yesterday I saw 'Distance to you, 10 thousand kilometers' and 'Goodbye, my Manhattan'. Both of them were compactly assembled Ryosaku around 90 minutes.

"Distance to you, 10,000 km" [/ embed] There was a point that it would be out in compliance and privacy everywhere, but although there are things in terms of setting, Some things such as "Someone's threat becomes a business" or "A person of fate does not have to be alone". This work is especially so that only duplication of the last scene is intentional "Your name is.It is at the origin of creation how to create a situation called "love of passing" in the era when the Internet spreads and people are connected instantly to anyone anytime anywhere. Nonetheless, "Your name is."I made a situation with a fantasy that shifts time because it is also called animation, but this work is a setting that narrowed it to the limit while guaranteeing the possibility that can happen in reality. Contemporary cutting was also good, including oil pipeline monitoring, robot remote control, crossing the US and North Africa and the border.

"Good-bye, my Manhattan" [/ embed] "Good-bye, my Manhattan" It was good. I put "Gifted" in the 10th bass last year and that was very good, but there is a selfish alienation that Mark Web says somewhere the family draws straight to this point It was. That's why the work of the work in this work, the appearance of the youth, the streets of NY and the story of Lou Reed at the beginning and BGM etc, can this work be seen again like "Summer of (500) day"? The expectation expanded. From the middle stage to the last time there are words and phrases as if they are playing symbolic words and the tolerance and hero of the city called NY in the stages of the main characters and the stage of the main character so that they will lose sight of the talking source I am spurring the feeling, but a decent punch comes along as I am surprised at the end. It is possible to chew a story that gathers beautifully while biting its punch line.It was a good script. However, it seems to have been said that Mark Web became a writer who draws family, as it is not quite like "Summer of (500) day" shape, rather calmly settled in an extremely "gifted" story I think whether it was a definitive work.

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