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I watch a movie "Mind and body".

I watch a movie "Mind and body". Posted on 2018年4月30日Leave a comment [/ embed]

"Mind and body" A man who gave up lonely lonely and life. It is the dream of a deer to combine them.The story of love where illusion and reality intersect. <STORY> Slaughterhouse in Hungary, a suburb of Budapest.Mary, who works as a substitute staff, is not good at communication and does not get to work. Endre of one hand-disabled boy care about her, but it does not mesh well …. The chance for such clumsy two people to quickly approach was "to see the same dream". A little mysterious and exciting love story of lonely men and women far from love.

I saw the movie "Mind and body". My heart was moved enough to enter the provisional top 5 this year. This movie is actually made of many contrasts, the dream and the reality are the easiest to understand first. Then, the idea of ​​signs and air and reality to life. The shooting is also handheld image captured from a human viewpoint and fixed and inorganic image.After that red and white color etc. Every element is roughly divided by idea and reality, and finally it overlaps with disturbing air. Even though this consistent structure alone is wonderful, Marlia of the beginning scene draws only the toes that came out in the sun towards the shade, scenes that catch the line of sight in the scenes of men and women, and scenes that delicately capture the way to cut it are beautiful There was no choice. Although this work is a romance movie, especially "romance" of love affair is packed everywhere. Marlia 's clumsiness and Endre' s weakness and cunning brews a lot of love 's signs and it repeats that it erases. The scene of the bathtub near the last is a painfulness that makes me want to honestly turn my eyes, but it has the best beauty. When thinking calmly, Endre has no appearance of getting worse after seeing the counselor 's chest, and apologize, decide innocence as an evil person with an arbitrary image, offending relationships with colleagues, insurance in own love He tried to hang up, or tried to bring back a woman seeking a relationship of the body soon. Nevertheless this love is beautiful, because there was a mysterious situation that Marea 's innocence and the two people shared the same dream. And what a mysterious human being and a realistic person intersected on the "reality side" is what the last thing she wanted to convey to the director 's truth that it was drawn with disturbing air.

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