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Good Tracks From 2016

Bad news were there,but good music was there. Enjoy listening this mix. PLAYING TRACKS BY Babyfather, Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, Nao, Jamila Woods, Abra and more.

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Late Spring,Early Summer

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Snobbish Tales

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An auditory answer to the expression that magic takes

A word that I often hear, but I don't know the clear definition. In particular, there are many cases when we come across such things when we express music in words.(or not) groove, mellow, swing, urban… ("Urban" is Mm…oh by Tatsuro Yamashita!) Honey! And when I sing, I try to tell baby kids that it's a sparkly sensation.This time, the theme was "Magic took". As of 2015, we, as a general human being, cannot put magic into anything we intend to. However, it is not intended to be "magical" for the first time due to a coincidence or inevitable entangled. The record I'm going to show you in 1963 is the live performance of Miracles, "The Miracles on Stage" (Magic says, discrepancy on stage in the title of Miracles, but laughs) Even if you search by Title Japanese page does not hit too much, so in general I do not think the album that has earned a reputation because it does not come out even on YouTube, I hear one by all means. The boot is not properly released from Tamla. The recording environment is bad, and neither the performance nor the song are good, but the voice of the Spectator and the breathing of the performer are finished in an excellent album which confined the one-time of the live splendidly. At the end of the B-side, the flow of "way over There" from the familiar "hug" is packed with music comfort and space artistry. Do you understand the magic? Please taste it with the analog of the noise mixture without the MP3.

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Late Summer Mix

Late Summer Mix Posted on 2015年4月25日

Late Summer Mix by Heiwagokko on Mixcloud

Tracklist 1. Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter by Nina Simone 2. Yourself by Dig-It

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Wet Summer

Wet Summer Posted on 2015年4月25日

Wet Summer by Heiwagokko on Mixcloud

Tracklist 1. Like someone in love by Chet Baker 2. Skinny Dipping by Δ Δ 3. See thru to you by Flying Lotus 4. You & Me by Disclosure 5. Drama cum drama by Autre Ne Veut 6. Crush by Jai Paul 7. Eple by Royksopp 8. Summer Time by Peggy Lee 9. Am i confused? by Quasimoto 10. Midnight Journey by Thallus 11. 2 Tha Left by Dynamic Syncopation (Feat Mass Influence) 12. Angels in the rain ft. indi kaur by Pinch 13. COPELAND RUMORS UNMASTERED by Inga Copeland 14. Kulun Mankwalèsh by Tlahoun Gessesse 15. Tang Ngarn Si Nong by Dao Bandon 16. Way Over There by Smokey Robinson & the Miracles

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Mixtape For Valentine

Mixtape For Valentine by Heiwagokko on Mixcloud

Tracklist 1. Opening by secret 2. Ba by Love by Diana Ross 3. You are everything by Marvin Gaye 4. Crazy in Love by ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS 5. I Fall In Love To Easily  by Chet Baker 6. I Wish I Knew by Nina Simone 7. Jasmine by Jai Paul 8. Luv connection by Tei Towa 9. Lover Of Mine by Beach House 10. Ba by  by Donnie & Joe Emerson 11. My Love by New Age Steppers 12. Bonnie and Clyde by Serge Gainsbourg 13. I'm Not In Love by 10cc 14. Say You Love Me by Patti Austin 15. Closing by Dead Actress 16. My Funny Valentine by Chet Baker

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Out of Date 80's

Out of Date 80's Posted on 2015年4月22日

Out of Date 80's by Heiwagokko on Mixcloud

Tracklist 1. UNKNOWN 2. Mad World by Tears For Fears 3. Don't You Want Me by The Human League 4. UNKNOWN 5. Roxanne by The Police 6. UNKNOWN 7. For Summer by Alkalino 8. UNKNOWN 9. Living Through Another Cuba (2001 – Remaster) by XTC 10. UNKNOWN 11. Final Day (Taken From The Final Day Single) by YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS

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For The Empty Night

For The Empty Night by Heiwagokko on Mixcloud

Tracklist 1. Falling by Julee Cruise 2. Getting Me Down by Blawan 3. The Narcissist (feat Inga Copeland) by DEAN BLUNT 4. Between friends by Flying Lotus feat. Earl Sweatshirt&Captain Murphy 5. Anti-matter feat. MF Doom & Mr. Fantastik by King Geedorah 6. 110 by Jessie Ware 7. I NEVER TOLD YOU by Triad God 8. Let Me Down Easy Ft. Marcus Fench) (DatPiff Exclusive) by Jeremih 9. Exercise 5 (September) by Cfcf 10. Jardin by Actress 11. John the Revelator by Nicolas Jaar 12. Cloudy, Since You Went Away by The Caretaker

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Mellow Trash

Mellow Trash Posted on 2015年4月20日

Mellow Trash by Heiwagokko on Mixcloud

Tracklist 1. This D.J. by Warren G 2. The Next Moment by The Roots 3. Wen UUU by Shlohmo 4. Sparks by Royksopp 5. Slack by Itumoomou 6. Tofubeats by Suisei 7. John the Revelator by Nicolas Jaar 8. 2 by Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland 9. Brain Storm by Mark Mcguire 10. It Was U by How Tow Dress Well

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On the winter road

On the winter road from Heiwagokko on 8tracks Radio.

Tags ambient, techno, electronic Artists Boards of Canada, Jan Jelinek, The Field Published December 28, 2011 Do not worry,this mix has several breaks. Jan Jelinek,Boards of Canada,The Field….and more in it.

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Falling Into Sleep mix

Falling Into Sleep mix from Heiwagokko on 8tracks Radio.

Tags soundtrack, electronic, jazz Artists Tangerine Dream, Anomaly, Julianna Barwick Published December 2, 2011 Twelve tracks including music by Anomaly, Julianna Barwick, and Tangerine Dream.

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Hello Summer

Hello Summer Posted on 2015年4月20日

Hello Summer from Heiwagokko on 8tracks Radio.

Tags reggae, alternative rock, dub, world, afrobeat Artists The Congos, Caetano Veloso, Fela Kuti Published July 15, 2011 Twelve tracks including music by Fela Kuti, Caetano Veloso & Gal Costa, and The Congos.

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Drunken Night

Drunken Night Posted on 2015年4月20日

Drunken Night from Heiwagokko on 8tracks Radio.

Tags hip hop, alternative rock, soul, jazz, r&b Artists Cowboy Junkies, Antony and the Johnsons, Burial Published May 15, 2011 Ten tracks including music by Antony & The Johnsons, Burial, and Cowboy Junkies.

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Electrocutionist Posted on 2015年4月20日

Electrocutionist from Heiwagokko on 8tracks Radio.

Tags rap, electronic, hip hop, chill Artists Nujabes, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada Published March 27, 2011 Ten tracks including music by Aphex Twin, Boards Of Canada and Nujabes

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Favorite Electronic

Favorite Electronic from Heiwagokko on 8tracks Radio.

Tags electronic, post rock, alternative rock, minimal, german Artists Aphex Twin, Cluster, Baths Published March 17, 2011 Eleven tracks including music by Aphex Twin, Baths and Cluster.

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Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine Posted on 2015年4月20日

Happy Valentine from Heiwagokko on 8tracks Radio.

Tags valentine, alternative rock, guitar pop, new wave Artists My Bloody Valentine, 10cc Published February 13, 2011 Thirteen tracks including music by 10cc,My Bloody Valentine and Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

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Grayish Music

Grayish Music Posted on 2015年4月20日

Grayish Music from Heiwagokko on 8tracks Radio.

Tags alternative rock, rock, country Artists Elliott Smith, Arcade Fire, Bonnie "Prince" Billy Published January 27, 2011 Eleven tracks including music by Arcade Fire, Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Elliott Smith.

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Japanese Pops

Japanese Pops Posted on 2015年4月20日

Japanese Pops from Heiwagokko on 8tracks Radio.

Tags pop, world, folk, japanese, j-pop Artists Sugar Babe, 暗黒大陸じゃがたら, Fishmans Published January 16, 2011 Fifteen tracks including music by FISHMANS, NIAGARA TRIANGLE and SUGAR BABE.

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Sounds Of Winter

Sounds Of Winter Posted on 2015年4月20日

Sounds Of Winter from Heiwagokko on 8tracks Radio.

Tags rock, folk, electro, alternative, indie Published January 9, 2011 With hot coffee

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Feel the Groove

Feel the Groove Posted on 2015年4月20日

Feel the Groove from Heiwagokko on 8tracks Radio.

Tags jazz, alternative rock, new wave, funk, r&b Artists CAN, Funkadelic, Fela Kuti Published October 29, 2010 Eight tracks including music by CAN, Fela Kuti & The Africa 70 and Funkadelic.

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Bed Room Pops

Bed Room Pops Posted on 2015年4月20日

Bed Room Pops from Heiwagokko on 8tracks Radio.

Tags alternative rock, guitar pop, new wave, indie Artists Beach House, Belle and Sebastian, Galaxie 500 Published October 27, 2010 Nine tracks including music by Beach House, Belle & Sebastian and Galaxie 500.

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Fuji Rock

Fuji Rock Posted on 2014年7月29日

I went to Fuji Rock on the 26th Day day trip. 26 days and 27 days at work, I thought it would be impossible, but the 26th Baseball Regional Tournament at the end of all "Let's go back" and begged to go through lightly, in a hurry to buttobase and car rental to Naeba 2 hours fast. I was in time for the Arcade Fire that I had always wished for. I was so tired that I couldn't get to the front of the first place when I slept in a meadow like a street to the beginning of the 2130, so I went to the nearest place and waited for the start.I was able to sleep in condition Max. First of all, a Sepang. ⒈ Reflektor 2.flashbulb, 3.neighborhood #3 4.rebellion 5.joan, 6.the suburbs 7.the suburbs 8.ready to Start 9.nei Ghborhood #1 10.we Exist 11.No Cars, 12.haïti 13.afterlife's over 15.sprawl 2 16.rydeen 17.normal 18 . Here Comes the Night Big Time Rush 19.wake Up Arcade Fire It seems to be doing live in all over the world this year, and it is likely to be doing by the same flow roughly. I checked a little, the Vive Latino Festival of the Mexico was in March, and it was almost the same with the Fuji. Because I am going to Benifuki live in the Mexico, I put it here for the time being. Https:// it blacked out at 9pm and the live started A strange monument covered with the whole body reflector which appeared in the PV and the live as well as the intro of the Reflektor of the first track appears in the sub-stage like the island where the stage and the spectator are a little away.At the same time, it started with the voice "reflector" of Wynn Butler. The sound which Shire directly to the body from the impact of the beginning globe the body, and the dramatic scene which visited first before it gets excited cold is a flow of rebellion from neighborhood # 3. The spectacle in front of the eyes was that the magnitude of the impact given to the world rather than the perfection of the first album "Funeral" has been embodied beyond time and place. I feel that I was confronted by the album World of "Funeral" again. When I was a student, when I was eating with my senior at a bookstore and a part-time job, I happened to borrow "Funeral" in Tsutaya, and when I said it to try, I remembered saying, "Funeral, it's a good title." The intro of a regular drum and a piano of rebellion connected from the emotional part of Neighborhood # 3.Rebellion is the impression of a light melody flowing through the violin and accordion on the recorded CD, Uttekawari, I feel that the image was accompanied by a strong intention, such as prepared by rowdy. There was a certain thing that I noticed after it finished seeing, and inserted it here now, but the performance of Arcade Fire is sublimated to the form of the show which cannot be achieved by the threshold of live, It is a big story that takes place in a series of flows. Personally, I often say that the story has a beginning and a last, and the extreme is that if there is a beginning and a last, the story will work. There is only one taboo, and it is interrupted on the way. Live is a music performer, but it's not just about playing music. One of the most notable things about the Arcade Fire show is that they didn't feel any raveling or entanglement between the songs and their performance for less than two hours. It might be because the flow of the whole performance was emphasized as a direction. However, I felt something like a momentary "connection succession". In other words, the kokimiyoku of this show is that it is no longer a series of good "connections" at the sensory level, and it comes from the thickness of the people like the big band. I think the natural background of the fact that someone is drinking water and changing instruments, but always hearing the sound of their members, and making noises in that space, constitutes the big story of Arcade Fire. Later, because it remains quite impressive again, I'll touch on the part that says the human charm of Regine-Chassagne. There is not much in the case of Regine singing solo, but the afterimage of her performance as a vocalist is strongly remembered in the brain. You can say that the two vocal marriages are a fascinating factor that enhances your imagination if you're doing well. From the middle to the second half, the flow of Neighborhood #1 → We Exist → no Cars go was good personally. Basically, the song of Arcade Fire is easy call-and-response, "Ah" or "WU" if you shout out or yell, but I think I was dancing in the most norinori other than the last song I think it was around here. There was a surprise acclaimed that the small people who had suffered the headgear appeared on the stage before the last, and played the Rydeen of Ymo. Wake Up and tighten. I have seen a lot of them live, but I was fullness that the day when we could have a chorus in life finally came. It shouted to never lose to the back and forth and left and right while feeling the whole hair of the body of tousled from the intro. The best writing of the reflector (a sentence at the beginning of the drawn-up) from the nether space continues to prepare a phantom, the last to tell the dawn in the deep deep black darkness that is forced to illusion that does not end, it recalls the flow of time of the Spectator, Pent memories and emotions are released vigorously. I think that we were in the time of such "finite". It was a great time.

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The demerits of Kenji Ozawa who boarded the Corolla Ⅱ in the distant past of a stranger

Now in the distant past of those who do not know, the demerits of Kenji Ozawa, who boarded the Corolla Ⅱ last week, I was thinking about one man, so this time I talk about it. The man is Ozaken, and it is Kenji Ozawa. At least last weekend, we were able to see a certain number of heated Ozaken about the area. If I go to Tsutaya now, Ozaken and Worldheritage (the band he had previously enrolled) are going to be borrowed masse only for the CD of Vouchsafed. Yes, the world is driven by micro in the place you do not know, but I do not mind such a thing. Mainly to the upsurge of Ozaken last weekend from the mouth Buri talkative of fans (or rather Ozawa Kenji talk) who jumped on just Toki, Ozawa Kenji will be re-recognized and I'm still a great person. From such a groupie, "those days" in the corner of the upsurge of people who have consumed Kenji Ozawa, this time I was not nearly the words of Kenji Ozawa, I thought I'll write about Kenji Ozawa in the future.without any conception. Even though it said, "I did not intend to go to the sea", it climbed into the Corolla Ⅱ and stepped on the gas pedal hard and ran away like a moment of his complex smile. Last week, Kenji Ozawa showed the climax of the show, but it was a television appearance, which was said to be Buri 16 years. Even if you can laugh!"Because it was in the appearance of the phone shocking, I do not know whether the system of telephone is good or Gase, but rumors that Ozaken to go out to the TV at least the day before at the net, etc. has not been around, in just a sudden event, For me who can not talk about Kenji Ozawa, I could not do anything, it was only to greet tomorrow with my fingers Shoe. And what I noticed this time in the presence of Kenji Ozawa, the presence of fans and anti-people by the idea of a very diversified and different ideas surrounding the Ozaken, it is about the specificity. Although the story flies a little, first of all, I will write a little while organizing about the characteristics of several people who are carpool to the person named Kenji Ozawa. First, Kenji Ozawa (worldheritage) in the early stage.He was a white work-pants on the border of Agnes It seems to have been acting as an icon of golf hat) Olive girl who has been the object of faith as a kind of safety net (the presence of a young woman who was obsessed with the Liceenne fashion lifestyle that had been Olive magazine published in the early eighties . Those who tired to repeat the character Ozaken (described later), some people want to believe for a long time, and it is a layer that was sticking to the one that only I know so-called Ozawa Kenji. Next, it is a person of importance as a key man in the musical and cultural aspect at that time, and talk as for the likes and dislikes of Kenji Ozawa separately.(Is it a layer with the past which jumped on the keyword "Shibuya system") as the image is complicated anyway.Let's introduce the sea of vast knowledge with people who are swimming without hanging on the collateral "quote"?It is likely to be criticized to put the label on a sick layer of some kind that does not recover easily even if this is bad, and becomes an adult (by making full use of "quotation" of philosophers and sociologists).It seems that there are a few people who ponder the culture while talking about Ozaken with a certain amount of heat from that time. In addition, I think it is not an exaggeration to say that the existence of the baby boomer junior Generation, who spent his college days at the time he was active, has taken the stance of talking about the Ozaken equal age.It is a layer that has consumed the Ozaken in a solid.By looking on the Ozaken, it is not funny to think that it was happening that looked at the times. Baby boomers are also experiencing the ice age of the job, and Bifold and after the rift in the big age of the Japan of 95 years ("before/after problems") I live in a complicated era and sensibility is sharp in its own way, Kenji Ozawa was always present as the darling of that era, I like it. This is close to my absurd, but of course it is the result of doing some research. Although these different fans and anti-layer people are a cursory glance, I will return the story forcibly, but last Thursday Ozaken "Good!It is a translation to appear.I was looking at it with nervousness at the company. The tension and discomfort that Ozaken brings in the micro environment of the company is transmitted, and I'm anxious about the senior of course.But it's not as if you can see the gun because you are ignorant like me, I think that there was a person who had taken the posture like the prince like the former (described below) the person who sent the glance, and an easy-to-understand ironic immersion, too. I use Twitter in real time at the same time (what am I doing at work…) The result of going to fecal the air of the Society general more, "Oh, Ozaken (Ozawa, Ozawa-kun, Prince) is on TV!That is, I feel like I was the most responsive to meet the news simply Bright. I will write this later, but I feel that this reaction is the most similar to the first consumption of Ozaken, which began to appear on TV in 1994. I think that it can be evidence that there is still a way to be seen that has not changed in those days, I will follow the chase.Of course there is a feeling of a pale tension, or rather than a sense of tension, "now" and try to get around the tune of the great, such as the perspective of the sense of advocacy. In other words, I think Kenji Ozawa, who went on TV in Buri 16 years, could even interpret the fact that he had completely dominated the time of the people who had been influencing various fields for sixteen years. Here's a little personal story. I could not after Ozawa Kenji in real time unfortunately. When I think about it now, "moment" came out in 2003, so I was one year high school.No matter how many young people in the countryside, I wonder if they can't make excuses that they didn't overlap the generations. Even if you chase the "moment" in real time… There may be a thrusting, but perhaps now "moment" and go back to the history of Ozaken while listening to Ozaken in the "moment" at the time of release, at least " Now "I have a hunch that the feelings of Ozaken have been different forms. I would like to mention it in the last one, but I would like to name it "dare" problem of Kenji Ozawa. Well, as a result, what I can do now is to daydream about what I thought when I listened to "Meteor Bebop" in my first year of high school.My "once again" at that time was definitely love Otsuka. Further tragedy strikes me as history. After all I'm going to spend until the end of the teenage years without nearly touching the existence of Kenji Ozawa. Of course, "Tonight is the Boogeyback" and the number of extraordinary cover, Yuko Ando's "Why we go on a trip" I remember I thought easygoing good. When I finally succeeded in confronting an artist named Kenji Ozawa, I think I was already around 20 years old. The chance was that I heard the sound source of flipper. The feeling of pounding when I learned that there was a band of Oyamada and Keigo Ozawa, first album "Three Cheers for our When I heard the Side of the fallen feeling (the sense that I have to say it is fashionable to know the trap), I still remember really well.There is also a memory that overlaps with the time the friend was taught Belle & Sebastian, I wonder if there are people who can do such music in the Japan, and that Ozawa and Oyamada knew in the proper nouns were doing this kind of vertigo."Exotic Lollipop" is a song of less than two minutes to catch a rampage in the wild and diffuse the emotion, but I hear when I want to mess with the repetition of spilling down. Then, the third album "Head of the World Tower" (Dr. Head) Beach Boys and Roses, I was surprised to see the effects from primal in their music, which would be ridiculed as a rip-off altogether.It should be said that this is a solid admiration and interest to imitate the flow of Manchester at that time without the difference. I was able to listen to some kind of objectively in a time lag and still somehow, but I was just imagining the reaction when I heard the music writer at the time of the funny.Probably not breathe, this is a place that can only be cast inevitable that it is different. I'm not too familiar with it, and I'm sorry to write this in front of a music-loving friend in the first place, but to get a grasp of the whole story I might be wrong, I'll try to delve into the music a little bit. Because there is a possibility that it is wrong, "fake historical conception" please think. Dr. Head (91 years) when you organize a time-series and interesting, compared to the primal "Scrimadelica" and Dr. Head, Dr. Head is actually about two months earlier. But Movin ' on up and the Sound of the music in the doctor's head is like a super (Flipper already roses I have a feeling that there will be a time-axis confusion here because I'm trying to sample the first or The music that was called "Shibuya system" as typified by Flipper or Pizzicato Five in the early 90 years, it is said that it was based on a broad range of insights from black music to New Wave is one of the key words, In other words, a quote music made on a super-knowledgeable person who consumes them. I think that it is a definition of the Shibuya system, and I think that it led to a great trust to the people who had a discerning ear at that time.Worldheritage has succeeded in saving those who enjoy music that was still minor at the time by spitting out the influence of its immense musical knowledge to the fore. Not that I was chasing in real time, the development that does not go out of the region of the imagination continued, and, including the supplement of the music theory to complement it, I provide the material which I used as reference to write this this time here. Please ask if you are interested.It is the one of the times of my favorite cultural talk radio life of Kenji Ozawa special. It is very interesting. The terrible of Kenji Ozawa will come along with their heated discussions. Http://, well, I think some people do not listen, let's continue to talk for those who read so far. First of all, to explain the whole story of the radio the story "The hope of fundamental consistency in the transformation of the Ozawa" was started by the hypothesis of Atsushi Sasaki, from beginning to end, "Kenji Ozawa" and "we Kei have consumed him" created " It has been confirmed repeatedly that there was a time.It was also very clear that it was an era that emerged. And, I am listening to this, and the reason why it came to think that I did not come through the Ozaken, and to write it like this is Wellingup. What is it?I wonder whether there is a person who has the charm talk with the age like the Ozaken when writing easily in the present age. This time, because of this discomfort or impatience, I dare to use the person of Kenji Ozawa to the fullest, I will think about such thoughts. In the story about Kenji Ozawa, which will continue a little more in the future, a certain era of his, which would have been a hint to unlock this event, suddenly began to appear on television and was sprinkle the atmosphere of a force euphoric " Focus on when it's not funny to be taken as a manic state ", by organizing how the thoughts of Kenji Ozawa and how he was consumed by the age of the people, and how he was able to talk about the era of Kenji Ozawa and his age, I think that I will proceed while taking the structure of the limit when I replace it with the present age. Well, it is a story about the Ozaken from now on. As an indispensable element in the story of Ozaken, it is likely to become a topic of multiple character (which has repeatedly changed).Ozaken has the impression that he has always changed his character with the music he produces.If you listen to it through the album, you can somehow understand it after the chase. And as I said I will take up the era of Ozaken earlier, I will take a look at about 98 years since the time of his second album "Life" that the change appeared most prominent is not on TV. First of all, I think that there is a thing called "the East University graduate" as an indispensable keyword to talk about the character of Ozaken. Of course, I know that the rare knowledge of music or the icon of fashion has made people who love only one thing in their faith. I think that there was an added charm to the part that it was generated based on the brand of University of Tokyo still. Ozaken suddenly went to TV in 1994 ("Life" recorded 800,000 sales, in the three years since then, the year when 15 singles were released in succession, it seems that the University of Tokyo is a socially open age, It seems to be said that the year when the "University of Tokyo Splendor" has come to be recognized again.(There seems to be a concrete example, but if you are interested, please check it yourself.)At that time, Ozaken said that he went to the University of Tokyo without going to the cram school in downtown Hey× 3.In a word, Ozaken used the card of University of Tokyo very well for the self-production. It is that the anti (man who is single-mindedly bad of the Ozaken) was a considerable number of times by it because it did not unwrap such a thing on the television and the mouth. It is that the anti-condition was wide-ranging (from the one of the chatter which simply attaches to the nose to the one that the Ozaken in that Flipper age made sense of euphoria like crazy and it said lovely and it became sick). The "Life" (duplicate, but not thought from the time of the Flipper pop and the melody of the song of the euphoria of all the songs), Ozawa Kenji played a complete break, the girls at that time who recognized this "Life" for the first time and were so quick to support him The Prince.In other words, the biggest swing of the character, which was more familiar than before, led him to break and win new fans and anti-virus. Of course "Life" before the character strange, in other words, there are a certain number of existing fans who know that the old elaborate music and its base were suitable for the cutting edge of foreign countries (i.e. people who love the Ozaken of the Flipper ERA).Such fans are extolling to be able to have in the world, and to be pampered by the television and to have seen Ozawa Kenji in a complex feeling.It seems that there were two forces at that time in the aggravated fan who wore such a complexity, and frankly, it cools down to Ozaken, and it is whether to defend Ozaken still. As a result, but I can not even look back at the time I was doing self-produce to a place that can be used to effectively use both of those at the time Ozaken I do not think without permission. It will be repeated confirmation, but I think I will organize here again that the fans of multiple layers were to carpool to Kenji Ozawa, who became widely known in the world at the time of 1994. Specifically, the female layer to call him a prince from a solid point of view that appeared on TV suddenly as a pop star in the effort of character change in life. It consumes the fashionable atmosphere of the Flipper era, and I want to be convinced Kenji Ozawa that only I know still, it is the olive girl layer of conscious high system. -Shibuya-based representative flipper of the music mania who wants to defend the talent of Kenji Ozawa, but also feel the sense of discomfort after life (this is a quote from that Western, I would not know people who would understand) Flipper had been immersed in the ironic even in the first name of solo [dog Barking is the caravan proceeds] in the lyrics to the song-ish voice and circle or God and I was tinged with the religious change and watching interesting, In addition, such as the layer that was curious about the character strange that I'll share his happiness in life afterwards. I translated into four sections, but it is a firm proof that the attitude of anti-Ozaken is committed to the other than this, I do not know the atmosphere at the time, so I gathered together while quoting the story that I heard this way, In the Ozaken of 1994, it is true that the interest from various fields was actually turned on as described above. That's why Kenji Ozawa (and the diversified fan who was consuming him), that is, I think it is possible to talk about the era that it is. And while writing about the Ozaken of the time and the environment that surrounds him, the thing that I have finally noticed is that such a human being who collects multiple layers of such a different person by one's power will not appear so easily.There are of course some times the background, but it is understood that the situation at that time might have been extremely unusual phenomenon.When I change the way of writing, even if I expect man like the Ozaken of the present age, a fundamental impossibility is caused in it. I wanted to talk about it when I drank with my friends from college the other day, I tried to say things like "people like Ozaken is not quite now," but a familiar music friend says, It was a thing that it was difficult to meet comparable to the impact that the flipper came out at that time even if it thinks musically. Establish a route that will be transmitted by word of mouth if you make some interesting music (this route we build in the university era, even with the activity of research on that reliable route), and bands comparable to the impact of the flipper at that time is quite , and the appearance of man with excellent and centripetal of music is difficult. Friends while talking about that but recently I had a chance to talk with a person who is a band-man while working out a certain famous universities, and had a little story that knowledge of the music of the band man was pretty deep at the same time. To talk about the music with the friend, for me to talk about the universe is not far from the end, because the conversation with such friends, that person can be expected to have been the owner of considerable discernment. But in this era, the knowledge is completed by being used primarily for my own pleasure, and I feel that the option of transmitting it to the external world is not positively adopted. I'm going to assume that there are hidden hints of people like Ozaken in today's era. It is the thing that talks about the time that the story of Kenji Ozawa is since the fans were surrounded by a number of thoughts and attitudes of the Ozawa Kenji at the time, as I say many times, it was possible, it is a character setting of Ozaken, In addition, I think that it was the generosity of the society at that time which made it possible to accept from a complex knowledge to a flat attitude. Even compared with the part of "knowledge" and "confidence" in the basis has continued to change the character as Ozaken, people today is not defeated by people at the time, no net environment is maintained since, The person of the present age might exceed the knowledge etc. But as soon as we have a signal to the outside, it is today's society that it is always fraught misgivings that it is enclosed in an easy word such as "flaunt" and "excessive self-directing" and "Approval desire" etc. immediately and it burns. Of course, I think that the movement of the diffusion which ink bad things bad, and is in the eyes of many people is a socially meaningful method in some cases, and there are a lot of people who are saved by this tacit social flow. However, the this social structure could lead to turning and "resignation to Egolessness", at least in this state of being handed down with the times, and the possibility that people can be shared with the times is very low I feel like. Whether the thing is good or bad is only an individual judgment, I thought that they were envious of the culture and social situation of about 20 years ago, and about ten years old who shared the feeling of air and the theme of Kenji Ozawa and the age. And I think I'm enjoying the confidence Ozaken until now, the era and talk Ozawa Kenji's presence also increases the sense of man. I do not think that there is no interesting person like Ozaken in the current age. However, unless there is a movement to liven up with the trend of people who want to become such a person or can become it, and the variation of the people who consume it from various viewpoints, I think that a peculiar man like the Ozaken at that time does not appear to us in the future, and I have a strange impatience and a bad feeling there.Even if it is said that it is an age, it will be till then. Even so, I was just thinking about such a thing that I could not forgive the star to be life-size while transcribing the complex situation which had been Ozaken to the former. Finally, I would like to quote some of the things my friends have muttered on Twitter last week, and I want to write a little about it.(I'm not allowed to be OK) "recently listened to repeat Ozaken, but maybe this is not good sign" I think you know if someone who likes music in the generation that does not follow the Ozaken in real time.I'm about to catch the air of this remark that I had to eat in the haste to feel great. It's my own interpretation, this "Maybe not good" (I can not say that it is not really good) Moyamoya, I thought that it is something that is due to the experience of not being able to commit in real time the history of music of Ozaken apparently.It may be that the Ozaken has gone out on TV after about 98 years, but because I like music, I will be able to take a view of how to Ozaken consumption. Ozaken is a subject that can be a habit of remarks (exposure of personal feelings) (there is also that a large group of fans had to carpool), even though there is knowledge as a choice, Honestly I did not come through in real-time I think that the reason is that we can only listen to the song of Ozaken, "listen to the solid." I thought that the "dare" was not able to hear the Ozaken when the Ozaken went out to the television in 16 years Buri this time, and it led to the one "probably good sign" which showed up this tweet. I've written at length, Kenji Ozawa, and I think it's best to reconsider. Https://

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Don't look back, That's Not Where You're Going (EP)/inga Copeland

Two of hype Willams like incarnation of the Internet cking the anonymity. The strange posture which suddenly raises a new song in Russia Word and tries to hide in the garbage mountain of the Internet. I watched the live last year, but I do not know whether there is or not in the place smoke is kindled, sounds like a modern version krautrock sound flowing. I like it.

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Eccentric Soul/VA

Soul Con series that goes out regularly from Numero. It is not bad in the jumble of good quality pops. This year, I have a lot of time to ask for the good and innocent sound of such a simple song.

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Feel Good/The Internet

It was better than expected. It is the best in the Ofwgkta faction which came out this year. Even when people come to the house can be used to feel fashionable, one piece I think I'm good enough to listen to a decent person.

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Nepenthe/Julianna Barwick

The new work of the Julian Nabawick which broke in the previous work. The technique has not changed drastically, and it is the music which is vague and blurry, but it feels great when I am able to enter the sound well. Drinking two cups of whiskey, and music.

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I'm Not Dancing EP/Trizah

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Acid Rap/CHANCE THE rapper

I can hear hip-hop and so on. This is the growth of the last few years. There are too many ryosaku in the free sound source, but I was very fond of listening to this. Come on, Cocobatar Kiss without saying difficult of four five