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[Gotcha-capitalism-game]-values and rules-


A game named capitalism and alternative

Change the rules of a game

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Philosophy-betting-that you love

Pascal bets on the real existence of God, and Einstein says that God does not roll the dice, and Caesar acted that the endorsed was thrown, and Heidegger and Sartre were able to cast himself in the attempt. There is a definite crack between philosophical recognition and practice, and they should be controlled by dualism and cannot be integrated in a single theory. However, is there a leap between recognition and practice, and the leap prepared for death? It might be a thing of the bet exactly. The bet has a powerful and mysterious magic power for man.If you're a gambler, the red card has lasted five times, and then you'll feel the flow of black coming. It is a strange story.In a stochastic sense, there is no causal relationship between the events of the future and the events of the past.However, the person has found the flow there.It feels as if there is Hume's sense of discomfort or the one not hello. In a sense, life itself is a gamble.Of course, we're not dealers, so most of the time we losing from the start. It is also a gamble to love others. We cannot understand their feelings.Will you respond?Or will not betray? If love is free, any love will be good.But what if you ask someone? Sartre's said, "Angaje" is the same etymology as engagement = love. To love is to throw oneself, and to say that it is a bet. However, it can be said that the bet is an advance to the control of the situation grasp and the probability, and the possibility, and it is a problem of the subjectivity. In a sense, it's a good thing to not miss a chance to commit, but on the other hand, you have to get out of the game without continuing. Ultimately, the worst way to gamble is to be romantic and adventurous. The first thing to do is to calm down and enjoy the cool game.The flow changes in the course of time.Or, the chance might come. I hope the bonus lights lit your game. Have a nice play!!

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Identity and Nationalism

There might be violence which cannot help admitting to man respondent. It seems to be related to the maintenance of a certain kind of identity. Violence is the same as the desire to attack or dominate others, especially in a self-evident crisis.

It is reading "Various problems of the Meiji criticism" of the criticism space. There, the colloquial agreement of the Japanese is written that the translation is fundamentally origin rather. It is said that the translation of the Turgenev translation of Futabatei Futabatei and Soseki's translated colloquial sentences are origins. Colloquial and nationalism are in a big complementary relationship. In writing about nationalism, there is Benedict Anderson's ' imaginary community '. It is thought that the modern state? Q nation? RIS caused by nationalism is approved by the member's sharing "joint fantasy" according to there. Anderson asked for the development of publishing capitalism, a factor of the establishment of the modern state nation it is said that the newspaper plays a big role in the spread of the official language of? Q Nation?, and the colloquial agreement of the secular word is widely deadly and contributed greatly to the formation of "Community of Imagination". If there is Japan nationalism which denies the origin of the translation of the colloquial agreement when thinking about the origin of the colloquial agreement of the hirugae, it comes to happen that the phenomenon according to the nationalism that the translation was born by the colloquial agreement of the origin happens. This is a strange paradox.

It might be the same one of Upanishads's art man and Brahman's Bon I calmness and Plato in the combination of the Micro Cosmos barrel? Q I? Q Cosmos barrel nation state?? or the salvation of the Kingdom of God by Hegel, a Christian dialectic. That's a relief.

If another view of nationalism is done, the one that it was replaced from? Q religion? Rand is the origin of? Q nationalism when the rule form by power from a religious state to a secular state changes from the early Modern age. And, after that, the one which became validity shifted from the logic of the nation, nationalism, to the logic of capitalism. From the second half of the nineteenth century to the twentieth century, the above move has resulted in excessive movement. In the twentieth century, Soviet-type socialism, communism, and fascism, National Socialism, and Keynesian, "revised Capitalism (National Capitalism)" emerged as a counter to it. And each was disintegration within the twentieth century. Since the 1990s, it has been a monopoly of pure capitalism. It was globalized by the development of information technology and traffic technology. The nation and the religion seemed to die out. However, globalization has brought about conflicts among ethnic groups. And the 21st century began with a conflict between a religious state and a capitalist state. In the twentieth century, there was a socialist-state vs. capitalism-the ideological confrontation of the state. The 21st century began with a confrontation between Islam-state vs. Christianity-capitalism-state. Or, it might be said that the relation of the religion-capital-nation was reconnected at this time.

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Japanese ecriture/Parole and Chinese

It has already started in 2018 although it was a little late. Personally, I'm thinking of learning a little language this year. A certain linguistic revolution (development) might have boiled up though the object of a past interest was a concept. I started learning English, Chinese and PHP a little bit last year, but how much can I accumulate this year? By the way, when I studied Chinese a little, I found out very well that it was about Japanese and that Japanese is a separate language with a completely different flow of written (Ecriture) and spoken word (parole). The imagination of the content attaches considerably if Ecriture is obvious because the Japanese and Chinese have a common base of kanji. However, in spoken language, there are mutually imported and imported words, but it is completely different from the basic sound and cannot be heard unless it learns. The Japanese is in another flow as the voice language because it existed before the import of an ancient Chinese character if it thought. The Chinese have a structural character and Japanese have a lyrical nature. The Chinese character was abcdunavailable to the system operation by the bureaucrat mechanism from the time of the import to Japan in ancient times.This would be the beginning of Japan written language. On the other hand, the Japanese which originally existed remains as the spoken word.What remained in this record was poetry and Japanese poem. The Kokufu culture flourishes concurrently with the end of the dispatch business of Tang in the age of peace.At that time, the character which based on a Japan climate arises.In that sense, hiragana is a Japan Japanese. The story of Genji and the story of the Heike has a profound effect on subsequent literature. However, the language which embodies the swelling of the one is too natural and not suitable for the system operation. Therefore, Chinese writing from China was used as a abstain official language, and the Chinese writing occupied the position of the education like Latin in Europe in the Edo period. Being imagined from here is inconsistent of the colloquial movement in modern ages.Japanese, the written language and the spoken word are not combined. This has also influenced the construction of philosophy.It is said that the style of a daily language and the philosophy book is connected in the West in the Germany and the France.But Japanese is not. The part that the scene of literature and the criticism played in Japan the role that the modern philosophy in Western Europe played was large.This might be in the language which shakes between the structure and the lyrical because of the disagreement of the colloquial of the Japanese. And I think that the origin is a difference in the source of written language and spoken language, Chinese-mainland Chinese characters and Japan–that is, it is the languages of the speech languages of the island.

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Visit "Design Festa vol.46".

[Embedyt] v = Vzefexv3bo4 [/embedyt] "Design festa vol.46" visit. The Japanese had the feeling that the one like systematic abstraction was assumed to be weak, and the strength was demonstrated in the area like a certain handicraft and the craft. This approaches a certain kind of pantheism Japan spirit though it becomes a topic in recent years the current of the modern thought of object. It was feeling that there was something in the thing. The attachment to such a thing and the relation to the thing were in de-festivals. The Japanese view of the world is not a world built by a creator like the West, but the idea that there is a living world and there is a spirit in every detail. It allows the relationship between people and things. On the other hand, some of the details, such as crafts and handicrafts, were carefully crafted at the festival, and on the other side, many characters and illustrations were displayed. The character is a variety of girls, animals, robots, strange things. In a sense, they might be some kind of symbol. What is strange is that we have a fondness for the characters and, in some cases, even love. And that kind of affection drives people into production activities and collections.

The Japanese should do is to make a theory of Zeami or Oriental martial arts and dance and tea ceremony body theories, making use of monozukuri and character-forming power, and making the Geisha Robo and the Electric sheep.

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I think of the present day from the nine people of Zama bodies.

If you think about the victim's feelings, it might be better not to put it into words. However, a social reality exists in the reality. A nine-person body case of Zama is seemingly just a bizarre murder, but there is also a feeling like the case which arose in the Japan modern situation. The exhaustion and mental breakdown of people due to the feeling of obstruction and oppression in the system. The absence of a place of relief for it, such as religion or some kind of community. A destructive impulse that is opposite to acceptance using social network connections and approved remedies. And Takahiro Shiraishi was a reference to the world of the brainwashing of Kathleen Taylor. It can be said that the method of the event not summed up which had been talked about 22 years ago was diverted, and it might be a statistical, AI, Love engineering method. However, the fact that it happened in 2016 "the murder of nine people in Zama" was followed by the disaster victims of the Sagamihara facility in the year 2017. Do you see this as a part of a mere anomaly, or a problem related to some kind of historical structural unconscious? In retrospect, there was a ressentiment in the case of the 2000s.Inequality society, losers, hope is war. However, the event in recent years feels that it is not only it. The case that the weak was the target of the crime.or hate climb. This is likely to be a continuous hate speech in recent years, and it is made to think about a deep-rooted problem of the structure of the exclusion of modern reason and the maintenance of the identity by it. Hate speech = hate crime and Roundup = When the ideology of the death of the pore is linked. Is it the age of the oppressed to make the difference between the self and the weak, and to leap to superhuman transcendence by making the sacrifice as an offering which burns the Ka弱ki in addition?

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France Watch the Human Treasure exhibition.-The Magic of objects-

I visited "France National Treasure Exhibition" of Ueno. France Human Treasure Exhibition release Http:// I Frankly, there is a tendency to dislike and understand the bourgeois worldview. However, the object that they made as a country of the culture, the country of monarchy, and the center of Europe with a dark Catholic color had the beauty which certainly wrapped up the person. The mystique which drifts with the form of the curve by the flow line, the elegant way, and the reflection of light. The delicate beauty of the surface that has been carefully processed makes you think of the creation of nature by? Q God? r Will the technology imitate God? And, it is eros filled behind the beauty shown in the table. Sensuality fragrant with mellow. Is that the magic that governs man? It's easy to forget, but it's the Fechizumu the object has. The fact that people feel eros in things. Thing God worship. The person, reason, cannot be free from the thing.

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Read Ⅰ 6 Russia modern thought. -Again, seeking humanism and inherent sex-

It is not the most developed and advanced country to see a bigger movement in a situation where the times are changing drastically. Rather, there is a big movement in a country that is trying to back the delay with some kind of stumbling block.The Germany Russia Japan in the imperialism age might have been so. And now the Russia is also trying to get over it, just like a stumbling block. Then, it might be from modern thought of the Russia to be seen one part of the countenance in the future of the 21st century again.

Philosophy as a modern thought has one problem left behind in the twentieth century. It is a problem of "Arceus of the Modern age" which has been forgotten for a while. It might be the present that the fever of Arceus the modern Age by humanism migrant the situation of a modern thought history is revived. It is a consensus of opinion that the perfection of modern philosophy is Hegel. The Arceus from the second half of the nineteenth century to the first half of the twentieth century was the philosophy of the so-called anti-philosophy of modern thought, such as Nietzsche and Marx, Heidegger and Russell. The modernized world of the nineteenth century had a problem. In order to overcome it, the Grand project, which was planned and implemented in the twentieth century, was instituted with the aim of modern Arceus based on the anti-philosophical ideology of the Soviet-style socialism by ⑴ Marx-Lenin (communism), ⑵ was a fascist nationalism such as Nazi (National Socialism), and ⑶ Keynesian modified capitalism (state capitalism). It was self-evident that the above-mentioned ⑴ Marx-Lenin and ⑵ fascism were toppled in the twentieth century. And, it might be a fact that only the corrected capitalism (national capitalism) of ⑶ goes beyond the intention of the remainder and it is a reality now after the system of ⑴ and ⑵ collapses and it leaves. However, the time has come when it is necessary to look carefully at the problem and return it. To begin with, it was from humanism that Marx-Lenin principle and fascism appeared. A modern thought and a social system centering on a rational man become the one to alienate and to suppress the person rather.Because it was Marx = Lenin principle and fascism to have sprung up from non-objection to the inhibition. It might be clear that the problem of hate speech and terrorism which is the current problem is a source of humanism again if they are the one springing up from humanism. They are narrow, Niki, and Bolsheviks to sue the ideal way of human nature. Hate speech or terrorism is humanism?Nonsense!Sure, that might seem nonsense. However, let's quote the Japanese as a typical terrorist, and the word of Shigenobu Fusako for instance.

"Trim the parade."The Corps is a companion.I would like to extend my hand to the tearing if it arrives "if it is not for the corps to go well. To the revolution, comrades and friends.With blazing solidarity, until the day of victory.Good bye. "Weekly Yomiuri" April 15, 1972, the Red Army Arab representative Shigenobu Fusako

What is not to be accidentally is that they are not merely human beings who have been burned by hatred, but humanist who seek the original ideal way to liberate them from the oppressed system. The direction of the ideology such as the right wing and the left does not have a big meaning there. It is a famous story that the father of Shigenobu Fusako was the pupil of the right wing organization which was involved in the clan case though it is an individual concrete case. Rather, it is natural to think that it was a girl who devout to the human kindness which worked small kindness Movement, and led to terrorism in the place where this humanism reversed.

But the problem is Russia. The Russia the European reaction of the Eastern Orthodox faith and worship of tsar.Intelligentsia for the masses, Russia the country of terrorism by narrow Niki. And, it is a Russia to have constructed the ideal Utopia State Soviet Union by Lenin. The dream of the utopia changes into a nightmare by Stalin.Dystopia Nation, Red Empire. But the Soviets finish their history in seventy years. What remained later was a Russia which did not have the father as a Freud super-ego like the postwar thought without the meaning and the sense of values. What I felt during the "Gen 6" joint discussion was Russia a country of some kind of ideology and mysticism. The relationship between the idea and material in the Russia, the desire to break through the walls of the symbolic one, to touch the Holy One, or the Russia without the father–a Californian mystical thought. But this is the kind of scenery I've seen somewhere. It is a leap to transcendence by direct stimulation to the body of the parrot truth, and it feels the one connected with the guru Asahara 麻原彰晃 as the abandoned child. It was a case of 1995, more than 20 years ago. Now it is just one of the heart-warming legends of the Year 95. This is a similar phenomenon before the Union Red Army parrot.You can see something similar to the 1972 case. The Lynch case is not just violence from the hegemony fight, but the Roundup by Tsuneo Mori.By being beaten and distracted, the next time I wake up, I will be reborn as a communist.It was a leap to transcendence. And, it was a consequence of the age when the Masao Maruyama was beaten in the age without father. "The absence of a guardian to wrap up violence," but this may be trivial now. After all, it would be something like the assault squad led by Ernst Ikki, or perhaps appearing on the stage of history occasionally like the 二・二六 scandal. However, the appearance to which "Russia" of the dissident nationalist and the Soviet Union is connected like being in "loser's (POST) modern" of Mr. Norimatsu Kyohei, and the movement of philosopher Alexander Doogin and radical young people can be seen in a similar composition.The 1930 's aspectThe intention of seeking the ideal way.Its radical style is to move forward with innovation at a stretch. Is it a universality that repeats itself? However, if there is a natural way, what should be considered non-original?Here, needless to say, United States expression liberalism = Globalism = libertarianism.

The story of a new nature

However, the thought of Alexander Doogin, which is the center of the feature of the book, certainly has the power of convincing the person and attracting it. The chart and postmodern styles are understandable, and the Bravacky-like dysphoria of the world will give truth to the world. On the other hand, the Haar pre-Repin is like the return of Mishima Yukio, who has become an actor who plays on the stage from nothing but nothingness after the war. I think that it is good to say the post truth story of the country of world literature indeed.

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I think of it from Sartre's century. -Heidegger Problem Memo-

It reads the book "The Century of Sartre". Sartre and the twentieth century, it is a book written about the era and thought. 800 pages across, with no comments it is still reading about one-third of the stage, but the end of chapter 1 "Century People" was drawn about the idea of Heidegger and the problem as "Heidegger problem Memo" only on 50 pages. To read the text about Heidegger is that the danger of Heidegger's thought is both, and the danger is in the place that we must demand rather. It is an idea of original ideal way and a non-original ideal way.

Yukio Mishima has left the following sentences in 1970. "I cannot connect hope much to the future Japan.The feeling that ' Japan ' might be gone is deeply in the day when going as it is.The Japan is gone, and, instead, there is no inorganic, empty, neutral, middle-neutral, rich, shrewdness, economic power will remain in a corner of the Far East.As for the people who think that it is good still, I am not able to talk about the mouth, too "Mishima Yukio was also a writer who requested the original ideal way.

Populist and totalitarian do not appear in the dark.Rather, it appears as light as hope.It appears that it tries to reconstruct an original ideal way as the one to undercuts the current state of non-original. The problem is to be separated into the reformer and the non-original general public as the person who lives the original ideal way the way of appearance. Takaaki Yoshimoto was speaking the word "preimage of the general public".It is a unified idea, and the ideal way is not shown.It is difficult to express it as a constituent idea as the universal one.Or, "Tourist's philosophy" of East Hiroki might be the one to show near. To show the original ideal way for the public, and not to condemn the other as a non-original ideal way. For instance, the philosophy of "freedom" of Sartre becomes finally humorous, and the philosophy of postmodern "escape" has been exhausted, but the update of such a thought is requested.

Humanism/anti-humanism issues and modernity

I think that the problem of humanism/anti-humanism is a very big problem in the present age. In retrospect, we should have been thinking more seriously about the dangers of humanism. However, we might not have been able to sum them up, for instance, the Soviet problem, the Nazi problem, the communication red problem, and the parrot problem.Rather, is not it thought so?They are crazy, or they've been manipulated by a crazy man. The problems of the present day are of course linked to hate speech and immigration exclusion. Of course, there is a social problem such as economical or security is included there, too.But a more serious problem is that people who are complaining of hate speeches and xenophobia are acting on the idea that it is a way of being, rooted in humanism. It might be a conspiracy theory to assert that the system, the man in power, and the bourgeois are the fire's origin. The further problem is that people who pretend to be Liberals are countering the thoughts and actions of people who do hate speeches, just as evil and non-humanism.They are not non-humanism in fighting.Those are the manifestations of the humanism.If so, is it effective to fight humanism as a weapon?It will only be a battle of humanism, such as the Battle of the Gods. Weapons against the runaway of humanism.Then, the problem becomes whether the anti-humanism is taken out from where.

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Watch the movie Hannah Arendt.

[Embedyt] v = qnlq9rnnhck [/embedyt] There is a work that everyone should see. It's such a piece. A film depicting the trial of a Nazi official and the Germany Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt in the audience. But is this a trial?The Mossad, the victim's Israel, will kidnap and hanged the defendant? The act that drove the Jews of four million to six million people to death.Is the death penalty of course? However, it is not by the intention of the person concerned.Kidnap it, and sentenced to death. Will it be justice? How different is the world seen by those who are victims and perpetrators, and who are in a neutral position? The world is not equipped with an objective world outside of our consciousness.Each one sees a completely different world according to the standpoint. It is only a philosopher who is not extraordinary to be able to try to catch it at least objectively.Is it an unparalleled view of the ruthless?The act of trampling the victim's feelings? Romanticism like ' Sartre and Beauvoir Philosophy and love ' are not seen at all in the movie of the same philosopher. When the article of the same Jewish friend's hearing by the Arendt is made public, it is irritated angry away. Arendt speaks. "I've never loved a single country.I love my friends."Turned back they never turn around. Based on historical facts, it is a realistic content, deep and endlessly heavy. What is the meaning of facts and history for people? And what is honesty? As a non-fiction film, it is just a work that needs to be seen.

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On the keyword = concept of urban culture

There is a university and a faculty of the name not understood well. For example, the Faculty of Urban Liberal Arts in Tokyo Metropolitan University is so. What is urban liberal arts study?Or, there might be a person who feels the name "Metropolitan University Tokyo" like the phallus, too. This is a name based on the modification of Minobe.There are many questions in the name. And, it is said that the change is being considered in those names now. However, is it necessary to inherently in the current age if it sees the age of the present time again and is exactly a keyword = concept of "City education? And this is a keyword that should be more universally oriented rather than a field of study. What is education?Is it useful when it comes to society?How economical is it? The word "education" might already be a target of the criticism. Classical "education" is old, dusty, useless elephant, expiration date, this is certainly true.It is self-evident. It is only a deception, such as the discussion that it is important that no useless education is necessary. So, is education necessary?Not that. If we were to choose an anti-intellectual path that would make our actions and beliefs rather good, we would not have learned anything from the twentieth century, nor could we arceus modern times. Rather, we should sublation what we cultivated in modern times based on the experience of the twentieth century. Then, it becomes how. Looking at the present and looking forward to the future, I look back on the past as experience, what is the problem we have. The problem of immigration, the labor problems of the black companies, and the "Japan die" issue of the multicultural coexistence and LGBT, terrorism and tourism.Vanishing locality at the end of postmodern. It is a problem of the city that we are having. The world is urbanization.Even the provinces are urbanized. It understands if it sees ion.Starbucks, GAP, Louis Vuitton.What would be different from Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, Hong Kong S.A.R., New York, London, Milan, Bangkok, and Rio? We are already in the city wherever we are. If so, should we sincerely look at the problems of the city and imagine the next world in the age of immigration issues, the hate speech or the terror? And, it is not only statistics and AI to use it for that. Rather, the "education" backed by historical experience will be a tool with strength. Of course, it may be difficult to form the education itself as a concrete plan and a methodology. However, even if it is so, the value of? Q City culture as the base or the previous stage idea of "policy = city Policy = general policy" might not be the one to be denied. The problem assumed to be the object of? Q City education? Rand is clear, and it might be the one that the problem whether it is necessary to live with others (the one which is not the self) approaches. It manifests itself as an immigrant problem, multicultural coexistence, inequality, labor problems, urban crime, and terrorism as a social problem. It is a problem how to treat them, and whether the reaction of rejecting these is taken or is accepted?If you accept it, how do you accept it? However, the deep-rooted point of this problem is that, while there is a social reality, they are deeply involved and connected with the issue of identity and desire for approval, which is a bias in religion and ideology. Therefore, it is necessary to stand on the education various achievements such as the history, literature, and the history of thought development.

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Memorandum/Escape for the quest for existence

Memorandum for the existence quest

Heidegger's ' Existence and time ' is in his hands.

Since ancient times, the fundamental efforts of philosophy are aimed at understanding the existence of the existence and expressing this conceptually.

Heidegger says."The question of philosophy and metaphysics is," How is the existence?And that's it. However, this is not "existence" as "it is not" and "fluctuation" that it is merely a logical form or is materialized. Rather, it is a question of "what is" and "What is meaningfulness?"It is a question.

If there is no God, then everything is forgiven.

Dostoevsky's ' brother of Karamazov ' is Ivan's line.

If there is no God, existence precedes the essence.

In such words Sartre said. Or the last scene of Yukio Mishima's "Tenninkyo Guang," a sea of fertility.

But if you Kiyoaki from the beginning…… Then, there was no Isao.There was no gin-jean either…….

In modern times, the Renaissance was a pioneering of the humanities, and it started from a parting with God. However, Descartes did the existence proof of God, and Kant requested the existence of God from a morality and practical viewpoint though it was not possible to prove the existence of God by any method by the theory reason. The God who says here is not a pagan god.It is God of the monotheism. God can say so.God ‹ creator › = objective = Absolute law. Furikaere The history of philosophy was like a Greece tragedy. The Temple of metaphysics which started from Plato and Hegel collapsed from the basis of the comb. The temple of Apollo was swallowed by the cries of Dionysus. The Shiosai landscape changes the scenery.

Besides, maybe even this I…I came to the place where there was no memory.

Sumerogi is a human being graces

God is dead.

On the other hand, Marx and Lenin of the Jew who did not have the God believed in an objective, most accurate science and the history. Dreaming of a free and autonomous human utopia. And Stalin who was the believer for mother's dream of becoming a pastor also is devoted to communism which throws away God. Bukharin's murmur.

Cova, why do you need my death?

The Adventure of words

The sheep of Haruki Murakami's "adventure for sheep" feel that it might be "metaphysics" if it says in the word of Western philosophy and modern thought. Something that inspires and manipulates people. That's why the story can be named "Adventure for Words."

There is no such thing as a perfect sentence.Like there's no perfect despair

The end of the "1960s" modern age of Metaphysics was the rebellion of the young people's "intellect." It was a progressive revolution to make metaphysics = Philosophy = Reason = reality. However, "I" notices the deception of their "word" in that, and begins the struggle/escape with it ideologue. Haruki Murakami and the same generation, Kosaka of the whole struggle generation has said.

The best man of his generation is ruined or mid-crock.

It's a sheep escape. It is said that Shuhei Kosaka also became like the separation person syndrome. Everyone lost the words they talked about. After the end of history, the ends of the revolution, the feast. The 1970s is reminiscent of a bitterly and barbarous landscape. 1970 "Yodo Hijacking Incident", 1971-1972 "Coalition Red Army Incident". In terms of culture, 1972 ' Wind Kitten ', 1973 ' Ice World ', 1974 ' The Wounded Angel ', 1975 ' Our Failure ', 1976 "Strawberry White Paper" again. The following year the Eagles ' Hotel California ' was sung, the year after the "Dhaka Air plane hijacking", Haruki Murakami started writing the maiden work "listen to the song of the Wind" in 1978. The novel, the end of history = The collapse of the kingdom of ideas = a year away from sheep, the story of 18 days starting on August 8, 1970.

Escape to Stray

I have a lot of interest in hallucinations from a involved, and I think that it is the one that the recognition and the existence of the world are. And the Huxley, Timothy Leary and the hippie movement were the ones who predicted it. By the way, it is said that there seems to be a tendency that the person generally holds the delirium after the operation though it heard from the elder sister of the nurse. In such a meaning, I think man's consideration to be extremely unstable and to have floated. I believe that this instability of consciousness is something that we must not forget in our relationship with the world. I think that it will lead to the runaway of certain kind of suppression and reason when this stray is thrown away and it is biased to fixation by reason (logic). Therefore, it will be able to be said that only the instability of this consideration is humanism. Moreover, is not it a state where the fixation of the stereotype by the experience epoche logic is lost, and is near the state of consciousness that this consciousness floats? And, if the center of gravity is put in the state, it becomes the one ranged to yoga etc. if teleology, and the center of gravity in a linguistic direction on the other hand might become poetic. Is it in a sense similar to the situation that post-modern envisioned? Shuhei Kosaka who had acted in the liberating district was talking about the weight of the post modern in the past years later. However, the desire wants to dream about the Tower of Babel rhizome.

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Thinking from the "Ghost Body"-Umezawa Umezawa x East Hiroki talk show from "Gen-5" to "vision to fingertips".

Participated in the Haunted Body event at the Aoyama Book Center in Erlangen 5. The ' Gen 5 Ghost body ' was a book on the theme of representational cultural theories such as theater and painting. At the event, we were able to hear the talk by Umezawa Umezawa of Plum Lab and Mr. Hiroki East. The center of the topic might have been visual rather than the body. No, rather, I got the fun from the venue by interpreting in such a perspective.

About Visual

Mr. East talked that the sight was different from other sensory instruments as for the influence of the material speed etc., and the story that the sight was supplemented by the brain a lot in addition. What does it mean that the sight is a special sensory instrument different from other senses? It was felt that it might be related to the intention of Husserl. Certainly, the sight does not accept the situation statically, the object is caught from the intention of the Husserl, and the impression obtained from the object afterwards is drawn in the symbol as one gestalt. It might be able to be said that it does not accept the stimulation of the outside simply (empirically), and the one which should be drawn is chosen and the symbol is formed. Moreover, there was a story that philosophical sight had a big meaning. This is a personal impression, but I feel that it is connected to objectivity = Hegel = romanticism, subjectivity = Heidegger = existential principle. Historically, when they were mixed, some kind of Rhapsody might have sounded. Or, how is the third viewpoint expressed if there is an aspect other than subjectivity and objectivity? It is thought that the third aspect does not have both the aspect which has both cart and the other side on the other hand, and might the cart be a viewpoint of not separating. Like a dream, where the unconscious sees the world. In fact, it is not a sight and therefore should not be called a viewpoint, it is not to be recalled as if the sense is integrated or it is a sight by the memory.

Subjective and objective–or "viewpoint"–

"Subjectivity and objectivity" problem was aporia that a modern philosophy had. It starts from the Cartesian, and "subjectivity and objectivity" are the problems of the recognition theory until Husserl which becomes the start of the British experience theory of Hobbes and Hume and the Germany idealism, and phenomenology was invented. When we think of "subjective and objective" from the perspective of perspective, the existence of objective itself is still skeptical. Is there a point of view away from subjectivity?The view of the world is based on a subjective image.Even if you are looking at the objective. The image which looks at the world from behind the glance from the back is assumed. The perspective of the TPS in the game.The view of the world at the same time as like a dark body.Is it an objective point of view including the subject? However, such a viewpoint is only an image of the possibility to the end.Of course, it is possible to make such a viewpoint by using the image technology in the present age. It would be a situation like this. Myself peer the display while filming himself.Peer the display it was projected on.Peer the display it was projected on.Peer the display it was projected on.Peer the display it was projected on.Peer the display it was projected on.Peer the display it was projected on.Peer the display it was projected on.Peer the display it was projected on.Peer the display it was projected on.Peer the display it was projected on. Repeat, repeat again.A formula that makes a computer system down, like a nightmare without end.Perhaps this is not objective. No, it shows objectivity in the meaning of not arriving.Objectivity is nothing but the point of view of God, the creator.I think that it might be so that objectivity was desired in the west. The absolute impossible point is called transcendence, and keeping seeking there is not bad either.It's like a light that never disappears, chasing a betraying idol.And there is a utopia. On the other hand, if you are looking for an exit there are three routes at the moment.The singing voices of the Deconstruction, the deconstruction, and the androgynous angels. It is connected to the Revolution, and? Q Postal Deconstruction is connected with the virtual world, and? Q The voice of the Deconstruction Angel (Hybrid Life) is connected with the body.Of course, there was a challenge of a physical revolution before, and the revolution is strong the body and the relation. Personally, I want to push the voice of the Angel of the androgynous (hybrid life). That's because I'm color blind.Green?Blue?The perception of some color is weak.As Goethe also says, the concern for the philosophy might make the person irritates to the color."Bull is just a rogue that was shown with a red cloth spread out.The philosopher starts frenzy only by becoming the topic of the color.Because I like listening to music, there might be that.Or is it still affected by the devotion to the former Ordaz Huxley? And a ghost body can be a virtual body in other words. In a sense, it may be possible to imagine a virtual revolution.

About the body

It is possible to think about the body as the interface of the inside and the external. Umezawa Umezawa said that the mastery of the sound game was useful for the subsequent painting, but it would not be possible to internalize the intrinsic transcendence using the body. To be connected by physical expression of existence. Heidegger said that the word was the abode of existence, but the body is the abode of existence that contains nothing and fluctuation. In this event, Merlot-Pontiac ' eyes and Spirit ' was touched. Phenomenology receives the impression that the relation to the sight and the body seems to be strong though Sartre is also so. If you think, recently, "Giacometti exhibition" was opened in the museum in Roppongi, but the body of the sculpture made by Giacometti was awfully thin, and the women whom he loved had a rather plump body. And, there is a place where it is felt that he was talked with the existential principle and sartre something symbolically somewhere. Anyway, on the day of the event, I walked from Gaienmae to Aoyama, but I was able to objectively see my body reflected in the show window, and I was reminded of a keyword. Diet.

The third way of perspective

However, if the current situation and the technology are taken into consideration, and the direction which can have the third point of view other than the subjectivity and objectivity in the actual, does it become an aspect of capturing one world simultaneously with multiple eyes? and to integrate and reproduce it. Umezawa Umezawa's work would have been made from such a viewpoint.It also has the memory that the description that the aspect always changing is made though Sartre had the novel "Road to Freedom". On the other hand, the subjectivity has the one connected with the body. Will the VR technology be a device to experience and empathize with other people's subjectivity, viewpoints, perceptions and worldview?

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On the twist of lateral confrontation-or innovation right wing, Heidegger, Mishima Yukio

[Embedyt] v = 5fxlzu22dqw [/embedyt] last night, ' Abe away?To say something about the cabinet remodeling live broadcast "Higashi Hiroki X Tsuda Daisuke x Natsuno Takeshi X Miura"] watched the smiling live. Apart from that, Tsuyoshi Natsuno, "the right wing and left-wing discourse is opposite" "The right wing has become conservative left-wing aiming to reform" the twist of the left and right confrontation, "the problem, The problem was raised how the power diagram was changed so. Certainly, it is so.Right-wing = Maintenance, left-wing = innovation is a common sense. In the program, it was said that the power scheme was repainted through the transition of the radical movement and the Cold War in the 1960s and 1970s. However, I want to catch about this? Q Right and left confrontation from another side here? Q?? It might be to catch the flow in a certain age through the leather Shingui which flourished from Taisho to the Showa era and developed. A leather Shingui appeared about a century ago from present. As a typical person, there might be Ikki which wrote Okawa Shumei which became an israrm researcher and ' Japan Remodeling Bill outline '. If you think about it, they may not be the right-wing image that we would imagine with "hate speech". Certainly, the one including a socialist insistence was not few in them. However, they were exactly right wing. And, the one person who supported them was young people from the poverty farmer who received the stir of life to the Sanriku great tsunami, the world crisis, and the Showa Tohoku Large famine and the Great Famine. There was a Russia revolution and World War II, and there was a great Kanto earthquake when the age of Taisho and the Showa era returned. The spectacle drawn in the age may be similarity to the present of the September 11, the great East Japan earthquake = The Fukushima nuclear accident, and witnessing the emergence of the Islamic Country (IS) and the rise of populist ideology. Then, is the direction thought to be drawn? Up to a certain stage, in the era of globalism (imperialism), it would be the right wing to rise up to solve the problem that the age fraught. It might be not mysterious that the right wing as the existence with the logic and the action power/execution power grow up in such a situation at least. And there are things to remember in relation to this.It is the drama "My Friend Hitler" of Yukio Mishima. The drama (or in history) depicts the incident in which Heidegger's Germany nationalist Assault Corps (SA) has been purge by SS. A similar event was happening in Japan.It was that the Ikki and the imperial sect which had risen had been crushed by the control sect. If you think about it, Yukio Mishima had something resembling a Heidegger existential philosophy. In his later years ' silk and discerned ', a person named "Okano," who prefers the poetry of Holderlin, is devoted to the thought of Heidegger.He was a cynical bystander, but at the end of his work he began to face his commitment to society. Or, the thesis which had been drawn there was contingency of existence and an absurd none though it was possible to realize it well when reading "Sea of fertility".There was emptiness in the center of Mishima Yukio. Mishima, who wrote up the Sea of fertility, is going to get into the garrison of the Self-Defense Force in Ichigaya, but Yukio Mishima performed there in the drama "My Friend Hitler" Might have been the ruin and tragedy of a man with Heidegger's patriotism, such as the frame of the assault Corps in.

I was pains in the frame, and I had a feeling of empathy and a Japan sentiment.

Moreover, there was something which overlapped with the young person officer who was sentenced to be shot by the 二・二六 case and Ikki there. 二・二六 incidents have determined the annihilation of the imperial faction. On the other hand, the political remark power of the control sect will be strengthened.From there, the Times accelerated.

The naturally, the bureaucrat, and the real house are ground to the right wing so that the intellect and the theorist are attracted to the left.Therefore, the right wing is weak to the theory, and it is always a seed of suffering that the idea is not acquired.The characteristic weakness of the left is that the theory cannot actually be infect.

E. H. Carr ' Twenty Years of Crisis ' 1939

Left ⇔ right wing, innovation ⇔ maintenance, I was thinking about the problem of the twist of [left and right confrontation?], but I felt that the confrontation image of "left ⇔ right wing" was already only a seeming vanity. Rather, the actual, human ⇔ system, and politically speaking disparity correction-equality ⇔ dominance retention-will not be free. Certainly, the story of E. H. Car is too classic, and it is a story in the age when the position of the theorist and the intellect existed outside of one system, and it might be a place where so-called modern and present are different. Or is there a way to defuse this situation? I thought that a lot of cult/sect generation and mushrooming would change the way of the system though it leaps. And there are plenty of media platforms to make it. In the meaning, the tree of the post modern → rhizome diagram was correct, and those problems were the affirmative of the relativism without the nucleus, and the person was not too strong so. Therefore, the story and myth of identity is necessary, but there is a post-truth situation in which it is possible to produce it. Therefore, it is not necessary to deny the post-truth situation too much, and, of course, the system also uses this situation, and the restriction might paradoxically only affirm the control by the system.

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Chiba Masaya "study philosophy for the upcoming fool" read.

I read the philosophy of study. I think that the theme that I like was treated more than I thought. Moreover, there was a place which connected to "encounter with the unknown-infinite Sekai and finite Me" of Sasaki Atsushi. That was also the beginning of the use of the finite to limit study. If the environment is imprinting by language, would it be possible to use a different language than studying? Although the term is regulated in the Code of the Environment, the Code of the environment is made of words. The way to become something different is to change the words you use. I entered the neighborhood of the different wording, and tried to use it while tasting a foreign body feeling the word which was not heard. At that time, awareness of the language of others and the substance of the word, another possibility opens. However, because the word is environment-dependent, it is necessary to continue to move from one nori to another. Such continual self-demolition is defined as "study" in this book. The keywords "irony" and "humor" are presented in the above. "Irony" means tsukkomi, vertical and deep digging. And, it hits the limit of impossibility of far and the reality deflecting. "Humour" is the shift of the bokeh, the horizontal axis, and the word. Far and excessive connection, I would be led to meaningless (nonsense) to say anything. Therefore, the excess of the irony is suppressed by humour, and it is necessary to keep aiming at a ironic glance for "pleasure sticking" is not absolute (there is bein possibility) though the saturation of humour is cut off by "pleasure sticking". It is always temporary fixation, and study is the one to continue doing. Is the reason of the strangeness of the reading feeling that it is a practical know-how book of study at the same time as the philosophy using the keyword "study"? [Amazon_link asins = ' 4163905367 ' template = ' Productad ' store = ' tokyofactoryk-22 ' marketplace = ' JP ' link_id = ' 9b7e3439-60a1-11e7-9ea7-452046934d78 ']

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Read the philosophy of the tourist.

I read the Gen-Ron 0. ' Hiroki ' is a critique of Mr. East's supervisor, and ' Gen-0 ' is the first issue. In addition, ' Hiroki 0 ' is a complete philosophy book of Mr. Azuma. The subtitle of this book is the philosophy of tourists. This is, in a sense, an update to the theory of Karatani's ' trans-Mystique '. How should we think and act whether to think about the current situation of 2017 divided into nationalism and globalism in this book?The vision is drawn to ask that. One of the core of this book is that we today perceive that we are living in two layers of modern and post-modern. Our culture today is greatly influenced by the development of modern Western. It has never been arceus. However, since the rise of post-modern in the 1970s and the Soviet collapse of the 1990s, we believe that we are living in a modern era after the modern age. The modern (absolute tree-like culture of modern times) was converted to post-modern (a relative rhizome culture). These developments are explained by using the concept of the Small world and the scale free of the communitarianism and libertarianism of a modern, post modern, American political thought, and Hiroki. And, the present age is captured so. Today we are living in two layers of modern and post-modern, both of which are in a world that overlaps both layers. On top of that, Mr. Hiroki presents "The philosophy of tourists" as a thought to harmonize the world of the different layers.And that's the form of solidarity that should be in the contemporary 21st century, and the post-multi-mailing. When I look at Mr. Hiroki's behavior in the past few years, I have never had a critical stance on a certain kind of movement.To the last, it is not the shape which should be originally. And, it seems to have been said that it is a problem how to rebuild a big story not an empty solidarity. This book was a work to be able to read the message to respond to it. When we look at the philosophy of the ' gen-0 tourists ' and ' trans-mystique ' on the desk, if the father and the space that the mother created is the family, the child who was born from it tells the story of the alien from the father. The dynamism of the criticism is felt that it is a scatter seed under a fresh family.

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Why is music not enough for digital?

Why is music not enough for digital? It is the essence of music. Music is the one to always aspire to transcend and to experience, and the combination with transcendence becomes pleasure for the listening one. It is liberating from the phenomenon, dissolving the consciousness, and letting the body in the flow of music. Then, why is music a desire for transcendence? The role of music is to liberate from the empirical everyday, and to experience a place beyond everyday life. It might be the meaning of denying the reality in a certain meaning, and experiencing the super-reality, and listening to music. The desire for the transcendence of music is evident when we see Christianity, India philosophy, Tibetan esoteric Buddhism and the Pure Land religion. There is a hymn that encompasses everything as expressing God's absoluteness and love for God, and there is Bach's melody, and Beethoven's ninth as a delight to the Lord. Or, as one of the Brahman of the life forms of reincarnation, there is the temperament of mantras as a physical generation sound in India philosophy and Tibetan esoteric Buddhism, and there is the sound of the chanting and the ringing bells as a dream to the paradise of pure Land religion. However, can you say that music in the current music market is not so? For example, the love songs that young children hear are not filled with the inadequacy of love in reality, and there is a love song that vibrates in a way that satisfies it. In that sense, there is no change in music for the purpose of recalling and experiencing some kind of dream and non-reality. Music is not enough to be digital, the problem is the physical experience of the music. Let's think about the graphic image and the ebook. When you see a movie with a lot of modern graphic images, who does not remember the reality? Or, when you read text in an ebook and recall a story, what trouble is that digital? Of course, what obstacle will not occur as a radical problem though it depends on the development degree of the digital technology. Because they are directly jumping into representations and ideas. The digital which the logic of man invented does not have a low affinity with the representation and the idea. The problem is when it has physical contact. The sound of Digital zero-ichi is difficult to bring about an affinity sound and a physical experience. A lot of peripheral meanings are included in the wave of the sound, and the fluctuation property which cannot be converted to zero Ichi or has and nothing is included there. It is the nature of nature, which is said to be natural, and similar to some kind of humanism. In such a meaning, the logic of a materialistic sphere which keeps wandering repeating the providence of nature which exceeds man's logic and generation annihilation might be a transcendent one for man. And, there might be a sound with fluctuation as necessary for the transcendent experience.

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Haruki Murakami read "Knight Commander".The idea, the metaphor, and the post-truth beyond

It's hard to talk about your favorite writer. It may also be folly to write unnecessary criticism to the works of a great writer. Nevertheless, I want to write a sentence. Haruki Murakami [Knight Commander of the idea Hen/metaphor] I read. Needless to say, it was a masterpiece. It might be able to be said the masterpiece of Haruki Murakami perhaps. First of all, it can be said that it was a challenging attempt to draw a visual painting in the novel. Moreover, the existence theory of the fluctuation which exceeded the having and nothing which is the feature of Haruki Murakami work and the composition of the story felt a big depth. However, the biggest difference from previous works may be that the main character is "father".

■ Idea and metaphor

First of all, I want to think about the idea and the metaphor attached to the title. This is some kind of philosophical concept. The idea is an absolute idea, and metaphor is a play of differentiation by the language. It was the one that Haruki Murakami's novel had drawn so far. It is a novel of the loss of the idea and the self-restoration, and it can be said that it was a struggle/escape by the metaphor. From there, what story will be spun out.That was the problem. The writer, Haruki Murakami, is sure to be a writer representing the post-modern. And, the appearance passed the defeat of the Marxist student movement at the end of the sixties and the self-determination of Yukio Mishima. "I" was folded to the front teeth of the riot squad members, and was able to view the speech of Yukio Mishima in cafeteria in television, and to write a novel suddenly while watching the Yakult vs. Hiroshima at Jingu Stadium in 1978. And since the 1980s, the literary world will be swept by its post-modern style and unique style and narrative. It was a great walk to reconstruct the story from the loss of the absoluteness story. The early work, the song of the Wind, and the pinball of 1973, The Adventures of Sheep, and the Norwegian forest, were the ones that made you feel the unspeakable sadness of the idea loss deeply. The sheep is missing. In the end of the world and the hard-boiled wonderland and Dance Dance Dance, the relationship between the post-modern possibilities of the world and the high-capitalist economy was skillfully portrayed. It was a declaration of a schizoid getaway.

I'm going to dance, but I have no choice but to dance.Everyone is impressed.If I do so, I may be able to help you.That's why I dance.Odorundayo as long as the music lasts.Ongakunotsu Kukagiri.

Since the 1990s, his style has become more profound. Declare a commitment to society from the effects of the sarin subway incident and the great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake. In 2009, he gave speeches on eggs and walls at the award ceremony of the Israel Literary prize and explained the social meaning of the novel. And, in this work, it is my sense that one paradigm advances from there, and it began to spin a novel story.

Paternity drawn by Haruki Murakami ■-Echika for the construction of a story-

It is that the hero became a father to have catching interest in this work. It became a father of the child who did not understand whether it was "child of the truth" either. Mr. Haruki Murakami has no children. In addition, looking back to Haruki Murakami's work so far, no memory of the hero was drawn as a father. Of course, the hero of ' south of the border and west of the Sun ' was a man with wife and children, and the beans was sure to have been able to conceive between beans and Satoru, and the child in ' 1Q84 '.And, I think that father was drawn in the relation to father who was Satoru and NHK collection clerk. Speaking of Haruki Murakami, however, the story of a single hero is close to the image of the development of dating and sex with women while involved in the case. This work is simply not so.Yes, it is.This is a big difference between this work and the previous work. And, I think that this can be said that it began to spin one new story from "Struggle/escape by the loss of the idea/metaphor". From the conclusion, in this work, by becoming a child who does not know or a real child not the acquisition of the idea as truth, but a transformation of the worldview of the world by metaphor, in the relationship with others "true story beyond the Truth" It is said that it arrived at the construction of. In addition, in previous works, the story was spun out in relation to the reality and the possibility world. But this time, after overcoming the relationship, it can be said that the story was spun out in the real world. There is no truth in the real world.But in that, you find the true story. I think that this is the creation of the story which should not be put away in an easy word such as post truth etc. This work was a large feature that was composed of the elements of Haruki Murakami's past works are sprinkled. In a sense, this will be a work of Haruki Murakami's total results.

Listening to music with ■ Records and cassette tapes

In this work, it is a description of listening to music that was anxious again. Of course, it is usual to be drawn about music. The thing I was curious about was listening to music in anachronism and irrational media such as records and cassette tapes. Of course, the rehabilitation of the record and the cassette revival are small in the past several years. But what does it mean to listen to music with outdated records and cassette tapes? Then, it is thought that listening to music by the record and the cassette tape is a declaration of some Achitude of some meanings. In a word, is it antithesis to the society which became "post-modern to the animal"? It is a challenge to the loss of the story, no database consumption of content, and all criticism of the socialist society. The world where everything is an equal value and is worthless. A society that is curated by picking up everything from the database. The ruin of capitalism and engineering will lose the story and be a criticism to the society shaken by the loss of the truth. Of course, music is the one which contains the story of the song. However, records and cassette tapes are media that cannot shuffle and play. And that creates meaning. They have a side and a B side, and each is developed as a composition of the first half and the second half of the entire work, and a big story is drawn in that as a whole work. By the way, I have purchased a cassette player and a lot of cassette libraries under the influence of this book. I cannot help feeling the size of the influence that the story gives to the reality.What a relief.

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Cultural talk Radio Life "beyond the post-truth".

When you think about post-truth, you might have a ① technical side (technology/lifestyle)/② political and economic aspects/③ historical and ideological aspects of the situation that created this post-truth of the present.

① Technical aspects (technology/lifestyle)

First, the technical aspects are the spread of the internet, smartphones, and social networking services over the past 20 years. The spread of the Internet has made it possible for anyone to disseminate information in a place different from the media and papers presented so far. However, because the information is published without peer review, it also contains uncertain information. There, where the thing that should be called the copy and paste of the Internet is added, there is a mass production of copies and Simulacrum. In the past ten years, social networks have been added to the market and share the content of expressions that appeal to emotions.

② political and economic aspects

When the political and economical side is seen, it is an age of information warfare now. From a clear and economical perspective, marketing is a far of how much users can see and acquire a user's mind-share. It is highly practiced that the knowledge of statistics and behavioral psychology is used to appeal to the user's mind by using the advertisement more than the contention.It is an information war exactly. And, it is an age when the information warfare is practiced politically now. Since the use of nuclear weapons in World War II, the full battle war between the nations has become impossible. If we use nuclear weapons, we will have too much damage.Therefore, from the second half of the twentieth century, it became the age of guerrilla warfare and terrorism. However, guerilla warfare and terrorism are a major aspect of psychological strategy. In a word, it becomes a target of the strategy how the general public is applied to the ally, and how the enemy's transition is lost. As a means to achieve those goals, the technology of Internet media has come to be utilized very much in the present age. It is in the information war politically and economically in such a situation in the present age.

③ historical and ideological aspects of history

And, considering the historical and ideological aspects, the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 90 years and the loss of the big story, The fact that we were unable to produce a quarter-century (a large) narrative from that time has made a significant difference now. The end of a Marxist big story lost the momentum of the thought of post-modern thought as the counter. And since the 1990s, the liberal ideology as a thought without a story has become the mainstream. It was exactly relative to all values, and the age of the conversation without the end. And, it might be able to be said that the Trump president appeared in shape like the return of fascism as Napoleon III appeared as the return of Napoleon in the situation which can be called a vacuum state of the story. It was the one that the appearance of an emotional nationalism which appealed to the populist ideology, and exactly meant opening of the age of post-truth.

The ■ Of the cultural system we can do to counter this flow of post-truth

In this post-truth situation, I think that the resistance to ① technical development/② politics and economy is not the one which becomes it easily against it. It does not create a difficult meaning to hold down this flow. We should take advantage of technological development, and accept the political and economic situation, and I think that we should try to deconstruction. I think that what we should do is to talk about a fresh story, and to construct it in the flow of ③ historical thought history. I think that building a common big story in an age without a (big) story is to create immunity to emotional thinking like nationalism. In other words, I think that it is a serious factor that does not have a (big) story swallowed to our weakness and post-truth.

■ What should we do?

So the question is, how do we make a big story out of the current liberal and endless dialogues that we create? Here, we should reconsider the dream of the people of the non-democratic age where the revolution occurred Russia in 1917 of 100 years ago. Really, before being swallowed by a non-democratic existence. It is a dream of progressive, and a dream of utopia. In this modern era, the problem with the liberal and endless dialogues was not that people could not unite or create stories because they had no common sense of values. The modern age is also a time of diversity. In this age of diversity, do we envision any future, dream or Utopia in an era that does not have a common sense of values? I think it is important that we talk about and disseminate the dream of utopia, and involve people in the dialogue. I think that's the role of cultural talk radio life. The birth and post truth of Trump is a very real problem. It is a very important, realistic event. However, it is swept away by the flow of the muddy, and it is crushed in the serious flow of the reality when bumping from the front. We are a cultural system. That's why we use the story (fiction = unreal) to counteract it. Isn't it our mission to daydream and interact with Utopia and to struggle with post-truth? What is the story of the utopia that should be in the beyond of post-truth?

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2017-2 Month Memorandum

2017-2 Month

On the social side, the belief of a certain girl and the labor problem are talked about. On the economic front, a company with 180,000 employees changed from listing to two. In Asia, the dictator's brother-in-law was assassinated in Kuala Lumpur. South Sudan in East Africa is in confusion.

Parole and Ecriture

The difference between parole and Ecriture is that the context is contained and the situation is limited or not. While reading the theory of Derrida, I visited the photo exhibition of the Yokohama Museum of Art. A photo in which a certain moment is cut off is a subject of the message story, while on the other hand it becomes some icon symbol from that moment. The picture is a real record, yet it's an illusion-playing device. There is a relation of parole/Ecriture to the image not the word. The picture of Marilyn Monroe is the icon of a tragic beauty, and the picture of John Lennon and Yoko Ono becomes an image of love, and the sign of Coca-Cola and McDonald's is a symbol of capitalism. Not only the expression such as the word and the image but also our existence and the Act are in the relation of parole/Ecriture as the one that this aspect is hinted to actual in addition.

Freedom of religion/freedom of expression and parole/Ecriture

I think the freedom of religion and freedom of expression are the ones that invade each other. Both should be positive, but as a logical consequence, it becomes impossible to reconcile. However, I think that an easy policy conclusion that it only has to deny the negative expression should be criticized to give birth to the denial of speech. Here, the viewpoint of parole and Ecriture might be harnessed. In other words, parole should be fully acknowledged, but Ecriture should be open to criticism. In the freedom of religion, the subject of faith must not be criticized. However, a critical expression to the Ecriture of the Act and the expression of the belief should be admitted.

About a girl's faith

If a very bright girl has a very purified spirituality that is really religious, even if it is a very dangerous thing, It is a white existence like the sheet without the dirt, and, on the other hand, it is unstable and an existential ideal way, and I feel the Miwaku.

About fake news

Fake news is a problem.But even if it's a matter of creating a story of lies for some purpose (PV earnings and income), all stories (such as the legitimacy of a nation) are fiction. There is no information that does not include some kind of ideology, propaganda or commercials. In a world where physical disputes are not justified, information disputes are never lost.If it is, I think that there is no way that false information flows. If so, we must be aware that there is no objective information, and we can put everything in parentheses.

Learning History Stories

If there is a meaning which learns the history, I think that it is enumerated for the reason that person's idea takes the method of the bricolage expression. Native Americans and natives of the world use mythology as their wisdom.It is a story which has been collage by the experience though it does not have the logic as no deduction, induction, and dialectic. They can be linked with the myths and problems in life and help to solve them.This is because humans can extract a certain kind of symbol and structure between the story and the reality. If so, the meaning of learning history would be to have a rich lineup of models to be connected with reality.It's also a actual.

On the century of the picture

The twentieth century was "century in the picture".However, the image had been monopolized by the mass communication and the nation. The 21st century will be a true "century of imagery".Gutenberg's letterpress printing machine used to universalization the production and distribution of character information.Now, video is produced and distributed on mobile devices and the Internet. In the past, partisan and religious groups or unions issued institutional papers and fought propaganda.In the modern times the picture is used.Remember, it was from the beginning of the 21st century. The production and the distribution mechanism of the image which has been monopolized might lose the power in the future.And, the industry which accompanies it also distributes. On the other hand, the main source of micro information will be strengthened.In the process, universal and level information is dismantled and differentiated, and information that is more relevant to the target and needs is transmitted.All information is converted to a message directed to the user.Everything is content-marketing.The truth is no longer worth it. There was a great deal of friction in the transmission of information by type.Because the receiver was required to be active. In the information transmission by the image, understanding by active and logic is not needed.So to speak, it is accepted to the sense. Therefore, logical integrity is not necessarily necessary.The important thing is that the recipient has an interest and empathy.

About configuration

It's hard to define a configuration, but the following three are important factors. ① Message transmission ② Logical expansion ③ spatial and temporal expansion

Situationists and Postmodern

When I think about the thought of the twentieth century, if I bring a situationists after Marx, I feel that it is connected smoothly by postmodern without puzzled to a rupture. Thinking about the present, postmodern also has no longer breathed. In the end it's strong nationalism and populist.A young and opportunistic conservative. I think that the essence was a practical thought and a theory as well as situationists when thinking about postmodern.The theory of Struggle/escape.It was the one that it was necessary to throw it with all effort. However, after the end of the cold War, postmodern was incorporated into the system through the reorganization of the university system.So we lose the dynamics. And it was tied to social policy.The dynamics lost postmodern, leaving its relativistic aspect to generalize by liberals. As a result, the meeting is not going to dance.Twenty years are lost. Next, history repeats itself. As a tragedy at first, the second, as a comedy, recalled the ghosts of the past.

Mac and capital theory at Starbucks

I have noticed, "Mac at Starbucks" "Mac" is a "jobs Mac" is "Marx's capital Theory" in the Fifties and sixties. "Conscious high system" is not a problem of high or low, but it is to think and act along the system built into some kind of paradigm.

On the basis of values

It becomes phenomenology existential atheism, and the base of the sense of values is difficult when it is a thought process which only "logic/reason-true/consciousness" is based.It is only understood by the person who understands, and not shared. This means that there is no such thing as a point, but it cannot be stabilized. It is important to make the point "line" and "face".The thing like the collapse by contradiction is avoided because there is that in the Trinity theory that the Christianity is thought to be terrible. So, another mechanism based on sensation-body/sensibility-lust-pleasure/unconscious in addition, a mechanism based on society or virtue is created, and it is good to base the place of the movement of the story-sense of values on the mechanism of about three.

About Trinity

Christianity has the concept of Trinity. When I heard it for the first time when I was a college student, I couldn't understand it and I didn't know it well. It was anxious somehow after it had read the book "TRINITY" of the new one Mr. Nakazawa. Afterwards, the Trinity thought somehow whether it was a strong logic. However, it came here, and I understood why the Trinity was strong. All systems involve contradictions.Like Gödel's incompleteness theorem. When we think of only one system as the basis, absoluteness will collapse due to self-contradiction and everything will be made relative. When the basis of two systems is self-contradictory in one system, everything is left to another system. It is like the conversion from the phenomenological existential principle of Sartre to humanism Marxism. According to the three systems, it is stable because it does not collapse by self-contradiction without being inclined to any one too much.

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(draft) Tomabechi Hideto, "brainwashing Hara"/Nakazawa Shinichi "Tibetan Mozart" read.

Even if it says too much, it is not as good as France movie lover, so I don't say much lately, but I really like the writings of Mr. Hideto Tomabechi and Nakazawa new one. They are basically positioned as opposites and have a parrot as their point of connection. Socially it may be an outsider.It might be located like a certain kind of agitator both from the person of the standpoint opposite to thought and a critical person. However, I think that both are extremely radical thinkers when abstract a social reputation.There are verses which are seen to be both psychic and occultism, but that is not the essence.The external existence of modern scientific knowledge is injected into the inside of the philosophy and the science, it is applied, and it injects it to people of Ichii. In a sense, the parrot was the polar point of modern thought.No, that's just a case.It is a runaway of the heresy in the society.Or, some say it's just a bug. However, it was impossible to base the root one in the logic alone at present when the imperfection of the logic of modern philosophy and the science became clear. I think that the basis when it talks about the world is sociology and business in the present now.If you go to the bookstore, there will be a flood of self-help books on social studies and business books and the relief of the people. But look back.How was it before that?Of course, it was a post modern, and it was new red.But has it really reached the masses of ichii? Rather, it was a occultism, a UFO, a tsuchinoko, and a great prophecy of Nostradamus that had reached the masses. It might have been the one pegged to the cultural anthropology and folklore that people had obtained instead of the philosophy and the history which existed in the end for people who requested the story after the Marxism declined. I wonder if it was a parrot incident that this flow had been cut. Those, the one that the occultism as the outside existence of the modern science were investigated radically was a parrot. And, the point that they stood out was making the one rooted in the body of yoga a root of the thought and the activity. I think that the twentieth century started from the point where logic collapsed. In the eighteenth century Kant had presented its inherent contradiction of reason and logic, but logic was still believed.And, Hegel completed the system of logic, and Marx connected the logic to materialistic historical conception in the 19th century, and applied it socially. It was Lenin to have practiced the theory of the dialectic materialistic conception of the Marx.In 1917, the Russia Revolution.The Soviet Union is born.The first socialist country.Scientific Utopia.The dream of mankind. But in reality, they were bankrupt from the beginning.The scientific and philosophical logic was not able to adapt in reality immediately. Then, the disappointment to the science spread.1914, the First World War.1939, the Second World War.Science drove people to misery.Science, which is supposed to provide a happy life to humans, has afflicted people. In 1930, Gödel's imperfect theorem was announced.It became clear that the King of Science and the contradiction were involved in mathematics. 1968, the May Revolution in Paris.In 1969, the Yasuda Auditorium incident.In 1972, the Asama Sanso incident, the Marxist tale, rapidly loses its power.The demise of the big story of Rio Tar. In the sixties, however, a new truth was being born.Hippie culture on the west coast of America.It was rock, LSD, and Oriental Yoga. Rock, yoga, LSD.The common essence is the encounter with a physical transcendent truth. The truth exists outside of a realistic, social, daily life.And through the physical, we encounter the truth. This quest tied the occultism and physical internal experience as an external existence.The new age is in the flow. The failure of Marxism as a scientific and logical existence.And the end of the story accompanying it. The alternative hope went to cultural anthropology, folklore, and physical rock LSD yoga. The parrot as a result of the new Age, occultism, and the final consequence. Therefore, it was a big event in modern thought, and having appeared as an actor to the event was Nakazawa Shin one and the Tomabechi British person.

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A blind alley of thought

At a certain time, it is likely to wander into a cul-de-sac.I can't find an exit from where I got in.If it is a physical space, there is still salvation.If you can get past the wall. Error in information space.Repeat redirect, 503 Error Service Unavailable.A blind alley of thought. The philosophical question is, in a sense, a forest without knowledge of the bush.And, it is surrounded us if it notices without even stepping into the foot. A question to existence, a question of value, and a question of objectivity.What is essence, what is beauty, and what is human? Is there any answer or not? I have wandered into a cul-de-sac of thought.The trigger begins with realizing that all phenomena can be interpreted freely by words, in good and evil.Everything is defined by human interpretation.In other words, there is no value in the world itself.Everything is made relative. If the value is not fixed in the world, the logic and the recognition of man will define the world. Then, does the basis of the definition exist for man?It is not possible to base the definition if there is not something absolute.Absoluteness would exist? Absoluteness would exist?On a daily basis, there seems to be no absolute sex.However, if there is no absolute, it will affirm that there is an absolute denial.Logical contradiction. Or, it can be said that the death is absolute inevitable for the person.This is what is absolute, people say. But death means no recognition or interpretation.If the absolute one is nothingness, everything is nothingness.It is not possible to base it. They may be ideological delusions.It is sure to be able to acquire an objective fact if it observes it scientifically.It might be realistic to put it on the basis of an objective fact. But what is the basis for objectivity?It is only subjective to recognize objectivity.Can objectivity be grasped objectively to observe objectivity? There seems to be no exit in this forest. An excellent adult spends it in a smart attitude of not tackling such a problem from the start. Common sense people know the middle ground.They are opportunistic but clever. Then, how foolish should we tackle such a problem? There are probably a number of ways.Therefore, this is my opinion, and the important thing is to add paragraph 3 and paragraph 4 to the binomial confrontation of the idea. For instance, the existence of the presence of absoluteness is a binomial confrontation whether there is an absolute sex.The dichotomy is a trap.We must not forget to consider the paragraphNo, non-and non-nil. And, it should not be forgotten that logic always encompasses contradiction.Antinomy (Antinomie), imperfection theorem.The logic is not the one which can be fixed but the one in the dynamics like the dialectic of the absolute spirit that Hegel says. In addition, it is to accept the nothingness like Sartre, and to get freedom.There is no value in the world.We have no value.Everything is relative and arbitrary.That is why I am the only one who can define everything, and I am free to define it. At that time, the cul-de-sac does not already exist.It was a space of the fiction.The logic of the fakes has been shattered.All oppression unleashed.The OS restarts at that time and the person can talk again.

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Do people dream of utopia again?

It is not a neutral opinion after all, and it is not possible to examine the event of the Soviet Union collapse or the May Revolution or the Russia Revolution or the Red Army Faction, and to read the book of Marx, Lenin, Sartre, and the course sect. I think that it was an age of reactionary after reflow of Marxism. The Marxism and the Soviet-style socialism certainly caused a big disaster in the world.But it was a decisive factor in the absence and dysfunction of democracy.To begin with, the introduction of socialism in the developing country was not the assumed one of Marx. Socialism is a kind of utopia assumed to be a consequence of contradiction by the development of capitalism. The problem is not that the counter and the liberal to capitalism abandon the hope of socialism and the Utopia, and deny it. People are creatures that use language and reason.It is an existence alienated from nature for that.It is a bug in the system of nature, and it is said that it is cancer cells.That's why we ate the fruit of wisdom and banished paradise. However, can the language and the reason be thrown away? The person who dies in a traffic accident exceeds 4,000 people a year in the country.One day, 11.3 people die.Therefore, will the car be banned? There were Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Fukushima, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki.Is it possible to forbid the use of nuclear power and the development of the nuclear physics? The twentieth century was a socialist testing ground.The epic experiment produced a tragedy and a catastrophe.However, can a person abandon the hope of utopia, equality, and happiness?Can people live in situations where they cannot draw a vision of hope or ideals? However, the ghost of the twentieth century has no progress or meaning, as the former left-wing and socialism are the real recoil of romanticism. The past must be reflected.The results of the experiment must be analyzed. Hope is waiting to be realized.Face the reality and grasp the situation.Hypotheses should be established, discussed, and realistic measures to be whom.

History repeats itself.Once the eyes are as tragic, the second time as a comedy.

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Alcohol and unconsciousness

In the past, I was all to hear the story of multiple personalities, and I was surprised to hear the story of delirium recently.However, it is a common story to lose true character by alcohol, and to act unconsciously. It is a certain story to walk home unconsciously becoming sleepy. Sometimes I am surprised by the unconscious behavior that appears on the surface, and the fact that the unconscious is the base of the action. The unconscious behavior moves smoothly.It is because there is no suppression by consideration, and it is an animal, materialistic flow. Consciousness is a restraint to regulate and to restrain the action, and the nature might be unconscious. When young people go on a journey in the guise of self-search, it goes out of the common illusion of everyday, and it might be able to be said that it is an adventure to find the consideration of materialistic Brahman from among nature and the harmony of consciousness/unconsciousness as the art man. There is a problem of divergence/disharmony of unconsciousness and consideration in one of the phenomenon that the problem goes out to man's character Hirugae. For instance, isn't the refraction when the young person and the originally bright character are built into the bureaucratic organization having the complex which reads the self-help book A problem of such a kind? Considering that, the role of alcohol and drugs is not merely a means of liberation from daily oppression, but rather as a means of observing the unconscious nature of the self. The person who becomes bright when drinking is good if it act to shake usually brightly, and man who becomes dark act usually shake it dark. The problem might be that there are a lot of eccentricity people, and the confusion arises in the society.However, it does not matter, and it is the one that the individual precedes the society.

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About the absolute moment-or the overcoming of nihilism-

It came to talk about the classics education and the philosophy and thought while drinking sake to make friends with an elder woman recently. For example, Kant, Hegel, Heidegger, Sartre, Freud, Jung, Plato, Marx, and Yukio Mishima. In a word, it chats in the tavern about the essence, existence, and the dialectic. I think that it is a way to drink extremely correct sake. In addition, metaphysics itself is a kind of alcohol for some people. However, I think it is extremely rare that a friend like this is able to live as a normal businessman, not an academic world, not an elite. The reason for philosophy and thought is to be seen that it is the one that it is not insufferable, the shady one, and the threshold is high, and the real value is likely to be generally said. It is too anachronism in the present age. It seems that the experience "absolute moment" which feels that it has come across something which exceeds the value in logic and daily life is often done to the person who is still absorbed in the philosophy and thought though it felt when talking with her.From there, we can feel the need to pursue the metaphysical essence further. For instance, it might be so for Socrates to have received the word "Socrates is Greece one sage" in Apollo Temple of Delphi. Or, the triumph of Napoleon to which Hegel won the fight of Jena Auerstadt is witnessed, and having expressed, "it passes by the world spirit rides on the horse" might have come across some meanings which exceeded the phenomenon. The writer, Yukio Mishima, heard the imperial of the end of the war in 1945 in the garden of his relatives ' house. And, it is said that it heard the end of an absolute, non-daily ending of the war in the life with the family, and felt a blank feeling to pass a mysterious impression there. It might have been a moment when it had come across something for Mishima, and oneself is talking that it kept questioning it after the end of the war.The last scene of "Tenninkyo Guang", the final volume of the "Sea of Abundance", would be a clear record of the transcendent moment. Her "absolute moment" was when she was descends on a boat in the Mekong River while traveling Thailand.She told us that she had experienced a mystical experience of feeling love, as she saw a moment of muddy in the sun. Nature seems to imply some message to the person. Listening to the story, I also remembered one moment. I came across the "absolute moment" at the age of 20 in college. At that time, I went to the country public university on the edge of Tokyo, and lived alone in the cheap apartment in Chofu. You probably think it was autumn.It was not going to the university easily, and it was a stroll by smoking the camel cigarette while hearing Bob Dylan on the riverside of the Tama River by ipod Classic.At that time, the future was not seen hopelessly.It was melancholy to think about the unit acquisition and graduation, and had given up without the concern from the start.I hated thinking about becoming a member of society.Anyway, it was free and wanted indefinitely. When the sun went down, I went home, melted the nutmeg into vodka and drank it in a mouthful, and smoked a mixed hydrangea that was lying on the sofa and dried.At the time, he was devoted to the hippies of the sixties, such as the Ordaz Huxley and John C. Lily.The melancholy feeling became somewhat calm, too, and it was uplifting. One day, a strange image appeared when drinking vodka while burning the incense of Chang Dan in the bathroom which turned out the light.In front of me was the universe.It was nothingness, a chaotic metaphysical universe. Looking around, people continued to walk in the car in the universe.It was like a hamster in the wheel.No matter how much you keep walking, you will never move forward.It just keeps the wheels spinning in the void.Nevertheless, people were constantly walking.I could not understand why people keep walking.There is no meaning even if I keep walking.I asked everyone why they kept walking.No one answered. Then the sun appeared.It was a crazy bright, pure white sun. The sun began to expand.While increasing the heat, it continued to become even more huge. Everything was wrapped in the sun.Everything was burnt to the sun. The wind blew.At that time, I thought that living was such a thing. When I finished talking about the experience, it's probably the devil's Whisper.She laughed. But I was feeling refreshed somehow. I finally realized it. This image is just tracing someone's story. It was Friedrich Nietzsche's ' Zarathustra '. Nietzsche was active at the end of the nineteenth century and died in 1900 the year before the 20th century. "Nihilism is the biggest problem of the second century to come, and this is the ' disease ' of civilization.He said. Now it's 2016. It has been almost ten years since then. Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature. I become a person of the society and also have the consultant in The imitation. I still live alone in a cheap apartment. Will civilization overcome "disease"? Certainly, there is a sign that the age of relativism ends. However, it might be only a reactionary.

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Pollute the canvas, the black wetting-the flow of global populist rise before us, and what attitude we should face-

There is a world-wide sweep of populist nationalism. It can be said that it is the politics of the mass-inciting type which involved nationalism and economical home remedies principle. The move has shown a clear stream as of 2016, and appears to be a triumph of Trump in the American presidency, rightward of European politics, and a radical reign beyond the human rights and laws of the Philippine President Duterte. This factor is considered to be an end to a number of social and situational issues, such as the economic crisis in Europe, which represents Greece Spain, the failure of immigration policy in Germany France, and the impasse in global globalism. But the main factor here is the sweeping of populist I want to raise it if there is a problem in the decline of the current of the thought and the philosophy of the present age and the base for the relation of the intention to be generalized universally in people and to be shaken. This is an abstract, ideal hypothesis, and it is only one problem institution.  

■-Ratha (blank state) as canvas of ISM

In the corporate HR, the company is said to want new employees who have graduated from the university for proper employee training. This is, in a sense, an example of an example of a simple new graduate student who is not influenced by other companies ' culture and customs, and shows that it is easy to teach and to dye in their own culture. In a word, it is in "white canvas if it paints the picture". In the Russia of the 1990s, cult religions have spread rapidly. The cause is the collapse of the Soviet Union in the year 1991. Because of the collapse of the Soviet regime, people were not only confused by the situation of their political and economic turmoil, but the values and ethics of socialism that they had believed in the past were beaten. And unfortunately, under the Soviet regime, religion was being suppressed.The culture had been lost though there was Russia orthodoxy as the belief in the center of the sense of values of Russia people before. Therefore, there was no religious immunity in the Russia after the Soviet collapse, and the cult religion had expanded rapidly. Hirugae want to think. Do we who live in the present age have the immunity to some ISM really?  

■ Post-modern and liberalism

What kind of thought are we living in? "A normal person, I am not a principle.I do not have thought, and it does not lean to thought.. It is the same as the fish that swims in the water never think about the sea or the river. However, the person is sure to think by his head with some kind of world view and to live. Because there is a hard called brain, there is an OS of some thought, and it moves the software for the life. Let's grasp the present age by the history of thought again. There are two ways we stand today. It is post-modern and liberalism. In the 1980s, in the field of modern thought and philosophy, France philosopher Jean-François Rio preached "the end of a big story" in Postmodern Conditions (1979). The "Big story" is "Religion", "history", and "philosophy" as the base that people used to be the basis of the validity of things and the standard of good and evil, and the function and the role of them are finished in the present age. The France of the 1980s was indeed the post-modern centre, but at the foundation of postmodern, there was a total denial of rigid and doctrinal Marxism. It said or it was a post-modern that the antithesis to "fixation of the sense of values and the sense of values" of the Marxism valued "relativistic and individual independent freedom" if it got it. And, the insistence "the absolute standard etc. are not decided, and everything is relative" which generalized this post modern is not the one to give us what strangeness of the present age.We are exactly in the extension line of post-modern (although it is greatly faded). Another, in the 1990s, the political economist Francis Fukuyama of the United States, in the End of History (1992), "democracy and free economy finally won in the international community, and then the development of the social system has ended To maintain the peace, freedom and stability of society indefinitely. This means, "the era of repressive, violent and non-democratic politics like the Soviet Union is over, and the liberal society will continue from now on.It is the one. And this so-called liberal "oppression and violence should be condemned and all should be democratically developed through mutual discussion."It might be the one shared for us of the present age that it is a universal one. If there is a thought in the present age, these two arguments (① "absolute standards are not decided, everything is relative," ② "repression and violence should be condemned and all should be developed democratically by mutual discussion.It is considered to be one that has been universalization. The consequence of this thought is "perfection of a perfect relativism." ① "Absolute standards are not decided, and everything is relative," The logical consequence is that the flow of "all claims are forgiven, therefore there is no meaning in all claims." ② "repression and violence should be condemned and all should be developed democratically by mutual discussion.From the end, the endless discussion is created and no solution is produced. In a sense, it can be said that it was an age of ultimate relativism that only an empty discussion like the age of the sophist of Greece existed at present. And, "Perfection of a complete relativism" is a problem. The compass points to the north, but it becomes impossible to show the north as it goes to the Arctic.And you lose all directions.  

The weakness of ■ relativism and the rise of ISM

The further problem is that it is extremely difficult for people to live on the basis of the ideology of relativism. Historically, the age of relativity certainly would have existed. However, it can be said that it is almost none that the relativism controlling the main stream of thought. Who could build a cards on cards? This is easier to understand than to imagine personally. Is there a person who does not expect the fate and the God when the lover has the sickness and the death imminent to the family? In a word, the relative principle is buried when some crises are expressed, and some absolute thought is requested. And, in the present age, all ISM has already been lost, and, therefore, people do not have immunity to the ISM. Who could have doubts and objections to the populist ideology? Who can deny that we have already been entwined in the unconscious?  

■ What to do

In conclusion, there is no such thing as a populist ideology. It is your freedom to accept and to refuse. However, if we confront a certain ism, what attitude should we take strategically at that time? There are three policies. ① history, thought, and democratic basic knowledge to be taken and shared. The first is that each of us will be able to share information and discuss the issues and history of the present day. First of all, knowing, this might be indispensable. By knowing something, you come up with something to question and to improve some situation. However, the difficulty of this policy is the difficulty of "knowing properly" in the first place. And it is ultimately difficult for everyone to know and discuss. Knowing it takes time and is a roundabout. The development of the antithesis and the discussion to the ② ism the second is to form the dissenting opinion against a certain ism, and to challenge the fight. In a sense, it is a practical act. The difficulty of this policy is that the opinions on the "flow" of opinions are flowing to many people. Nothing is so scary as to defy the tide. The reversal of the deconstruction and the result by the clarity of ③-ism is to analyze, clarify, and develop a certain ISM, and show the future direction. All principles and systems inevitably involve contradictions. Therefore, it does not oppose a certain ISM, and the machine is found in pushing it. However, whichever policy you take, the first thing you need is to stop being a blank canvas. They have doubts, they know something, they experience it, they pollute the canvas. To have a principle is dangerous, troublesome, and troublesome. I want to cite the words of Shakespeare's witch at the end.

Dirty filthy dirty Clean is dirty dirty slipping the sky dirty in the fog let's go flying beautiful now.

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For example, if there is a perfect sentence │ about the synthesizer

I think that if there is a perfect sentence, it must be contradictory in conflicting notions. Of course, it is not a problem only of sentences originally. In all things, such as how to put away ideas, lifestyles, and work, there is a fundamental problem in how to coordinate conflicting concepts. For example, when you think about it, Apple, a technology company, designs complex technologies that can confuse people from a human perspective, such as a user interface or lifestyle. We continue to develop high quality products. In their case, the opposing concept is technology and human, and people are praised for overcoming the conflicting areas and deriving new ideas.   Back to the story of the sentence, what is the conflicting concept. For instance, concrete sentences and abstract sentences, realistic sentences, and an idealistic sentence. Realistic and fanciful things, rational and emotional, tragic and comedic things, personal and social things, creative and destructive, spatial and historical. There are bright things and dark ones, there are some things that enlighten and mislead people, some of which are heart-tickling, like a 15-year-old spring, and some sentences make you feel disgusted that you are vomiting in the face of the toilet with a hopeless hangover. It is certain that various one exists though it is not possible to say that everyone is good or easy each everyone is different. Countless conflicting notions exist in countless relationships. Then, it will be not possible to think about everything by one evaluation axis. I think that it is necessary to think about the plural always at all. I want to check it again. If there is a perfect sentence for the question, the following two items will be true. It is a contradiction between conflicting concepts, which can exist countless in all possibilities, and in fact there are countless sentences that seem perfect for me. If you look at that kind of thing, there is a feeling that the image swells up very excited. I want to tell everyone what I think is good. About the Wikipedia synthesizer item.  

The invention of the synthesizer is not an event in which someone invented something for the first time in the world and the results were later spread all over the world.In the history of electronic instruments for over 100 years, a lot of people repeated trial and error, and sometimes almost the same thing was re-invented here and there, while the accumulation of technology and the refinement of concepts progressed, along the way, across the stagnation of war and the generational change of engineers, Since the 1960s, it has become a current form of rapid development along with micro-electronics. The starting point dates back to the end of the nineteenth century.The first was the system that applied the generators and telephones (music Telegraph (1876)), and then a huge system was built for the Wired music distribution (the transmitter (1897), 200 tons of weight).In the early twentieth century, when the vacuum tube was invented and the practical research of the radio and the talkie became full swing, the musical instrument which applied the radio Technology (Theremin (1917-1919)) and the ancestor of the sampler which applied the talkie technology (Optophonic piano ( 1916-1924)) appeared.At the beginning of the 1920s, a low-frequency oscillator for musical instruments appeared, and an electronic instrument was played on a ribbon controller or keyboard (Martenot (1929), second generation, 1928).These instruments, as a result of later improvements, are now considered to be the ancestors of synths, but at the time of their appearance it was very simple and not a synthesizer. In the 1930s the basic elements of the synthesizer Desoroi (Filter/envelope/additive synthesis/polyphonic), the early synthesizer era kicked off (Nova Code (1937)).However, the filter at that time since the passive circuit is the mainstream and its effect is moderate (6db/Oct.), it does not become a means of making powerful sound like the 1970 's analog synth, but rather other synthesis methods and pronunciation methods, (harmonic addition synthesis and sub-harmonic addition synthesis, It was often used as a supplementary instrument for the sound adjustment of the musical instruments using the pronunciation mechanism of the live instrument.The instrument, which appeared at this time, has a function and appearance such as Minimoog (Concert Trout (1936), Mixture Trout (1952)) is also an example. In the field of polyphonic instruments, the tone Wheel (English version) and the pick-up system were originally influential, and the Hammond Organ (1934), which achieved harmonic addition synthesis with a tone wheel, became one of the major forces in the field and maintained its power over more than forty years.In electronic instruments, a new instrument with a combination of "minute orbit" and "Filter Subtraction Synthesis" appeared (Nova Code (1937)), and a number of subsequent electronic organs were based on the same method.However, since the scale of the whole key pronunciation method adopted by many of the organ at that time was large in the implementation technology at that time, the individual sound synthesis circuit was suppressed very simply, and the ability of the tone expression was limited. Then, a small electronic keyboard instrument (Solovox (1940) etc.) appeared in a single tone for the lead playing which required advanced expression power.This is a small musical instrument installed near the keyboard of the organ and the piano, and the performance style has evolved into the preset synth which puts it on the solo keyboard of the electronic organ and the electronic organ later. At the same time, at the New York World Fair in 1939, Vocoda (started experiments in 1928 communication applications) and a keyboard-based speech synthesizer (Voder) were open to the public.However, in the Second World War that broke out in the same year, each country shifted to a war regime, Vocoda was used for military cryptographic communications equipment (Sigsaly), and American electronic instrument developers were brought to develop bombing guidance equipment and radar. Germany Electronic instrument Research base at Heinrich Hertz Laboratory, the professor who opposed the Jew exclusion in the office was chased by the employment, and the electronic musical instrument development of the world stopped. At the end of the war in 1945, the Germany's electronic music studio resumed its activities immediately, and the music conch rate, which clip the sound using a tape recorder Germany practical use, appeared in the France, and the new keyword of contemporary music An electronic instrument blew back the breath. Before 1950, computer music emerged as a computer that was a military technology spread all over the world.In the beginning, the automatic performance of the songs was attempted, and the next was applied to the stochastic composition and the sound synthesis using the high computational ability.In 1957, Max Matthews's music program was recognized as the originator of digital sound sources and software instruments, and later on, many research and development, including FM synthesis, was performed.In 1957, the "synthesizer" was the first to use the name "RCA Mark II sound Synthesizer".The basic composition is almost the same as the current analog synthesizer, and the output sound has reached the quality of the early analog DTM sound source. In 1952-1958, the "Clavivox" developed by musician Raymond Scott was equipped with a controller that diverted R.a.moog's theremin in addition to the keyboard, and later added a voltage-control sequencer.Moog later said Clavivox's circuits and sounds were much like the Moog synthesizers of the Sixties.

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"The door of Perception" Ordaz Huxley and Cognitive theory

About Ordaz Huxley

Recently, I really read the book of Ordaz Huxley in Buri Eaves. Ordaz Huxley is a British writer who is famous for the "Great New World" dystopia novel (George Orwell's ' 1984 ') and the "door of Perception" which originated from Jim Moriarty's band name. Historically, the "door to perception" of Ordaz Huxley was a movement by Timothy Leary and John C. Lily, the West Coast hippies and Harvard professors of the sixties, to the social movement that pursued the extension of consciousness by LSD. Have a big impact.

The door of perception

' Door of Perception ' is an essay and experience record that the Mescaline Huxley actually experienced the hallucination agent. The way of the relation between the appearance of the art and the person in the state of consciousness which used the hallucination mescaline is drawn and the method of existence exists in that. The Huxley thought that by stimulating the body, the filter of human perception and the filter of social bias could be removed to expand the perception. The person cannot grasp the event as Immanuel Kant says if it does not perceive the existence of the thing of the outside, and the recognition is done through the filter of understanding and reason. In a word, the person cannot reach objectivity, and all the people talk by the subjectivity. I think that it is unavoidable by all means to feel distrust and the deception in "common sense" and "conventional wisdom" in such a situation. But if physical stimulation can eliminate filters of human-specific perceptions and social bias, then we can experience the essence.And it seemed to be an ideal story.

The door of perception and cognitive theory

What I learned about Ordaz Huxley was through the doors (the Doors). I think it was the year I entered college.So it's time for eighteen or nineteen.It's more than ten years ago. The door of perception is originally a quotation from the following theory of the poet William Blake.

If the door of the perception is clear, Arawawa the reality of all eternity only in person's eyes.

When I was a teenager, I wanted to see "existence" and "essence". The reason is that I felt a strong sense of discomfort in the "conventional wisdom" which comes out in the class of "commonsense" and the law of people. The "door of Perception" of Ordaz Huxley was a vivid for me as a methodology to solve such a question.

On the recognition theory of modern philosophy

To begin with, I would like to look back on the perception theory, which was a central topic of modern philosophy, to think about the Ordaz Huxley. The reason is that the door which exceeded this recognition theory is opened is an illusion of "door of perception" of the Ordaz Huxley that I thought.

On the theory of Descartes's perception and the duality of mind and body

The modern philosophy starts from Descartes.The philosopher who represents the continental combination theory which is the main stream of the modern philosophy and Descartes ' recognition theory of the world are Cogito ergo sum [Cogito, ergo sum]. It is famous for the class of the society and ethics, and "I think because of me". I think, therefore, I have methodological by skepticism, if all the things in the world, including myself, are certain to be false, if the conscious action that I suspect is sure to be true, It is a method to organize the philosophy as a basis that only oneself of the place in which it is conscious like that exists surely. Descartes thought that the one like "subjectivity, Reason, and ego" existed in the foundation of recognition though the modern ages started from the Cartesian after all. From now on, it is a philosophy that represents the very rational modern age. The Cartesian recognition theory reaches the mind and body dualism. It is, "in this world, there is a mental entity which has the active which is called consideration, etc. in the soul, the spirit, the ego, and the mind and time apart from the physical substance such as the body and the material. And some of the mental functions (e.g. thoughts and judgments) are played by this mental entity, which is separate from the matter.That's the idea. In other words, the discourse is that the mind and body are separate. However, the residue of a medieval thought is felt in this method of thinking. It is a Christian thought.Descartes is a man of the early modern times of the seventeenth century. In Europe, Christianity has had absolute influence since Rome until the Middle Ages. They tend to think that the body and the soul are separate. It might be able to be said that it is shown that modern ages are on a certain extension of the Middle Ages that the residue of a medieval thought is contained in the philosophy of Descartes. By the way, I read this recently, but there is such a description when I read the writings of Kanji Ishihara of Showa 15 years.

The mind and the thing are harmonious in the person. The righteous harmony is disregarded, it is biased on the other hand, and it is clear that the so-called mentalist or materialism is a one-sided reason for us who does not understand a difficult reason. However, the heart and the thing are not uniting of equality but the mind is the main, and the thing is a follower. It is a testament to the history of thousands of years that it is impossible to exterminate the war of mankind with the ideological power of thought and faith. The unity of the thought belief to the extinction of the war is absolutely necessary, and it is not to be doubted that it is the most fundamental problem.

The Japanese before the war seemed to have caught in the wind "The heart is the main and the thing is follower" (the mind and the thing are united). How about this though it is presumed that it is morality and the request of reason after all? Also, since Ishihara kanji is a person of the Nichiren system, it might be related. Or, modern Japanese people believe themselves to be no religion, but still live normally, "spirit" is the main presence in the body is the idea of sub-life is not a few scenes. If it is not sick, it might be difficult to escape from the conception that "spirit" is main and "body" is sub.

Hobbes, Hume and the British empirical theory of perception

It is Hobbes and the philosopher of the British experience theory to have objected from the front to the mind and body duality theory.I do not think about the body and the spirit separately in the empirical theory. It can be said that it is a philosophy by a neuro-physiological, materialistic conception when thinking in the present term. Hobbes said, "All recognition is a stimulus of the senses.I thought. For example, if you look at the desk in front of you, Descartes the desk is reflected in the light, and the reflected light reaches the retina and it is stimulated while it is thought that absolute universal "subjectivity and Reason" as Cogito recognizes the desk and "the desk exists". It was thought that the stimulation was transmitted to the brain, and it was recognized, "the desk existed". In addition, Hume advances the theory, and argues, "The ego is only a bundle of various senses such as the sight, aural, the smell, the taste, and the sense of touch". The subjectivity, reason, and the ego "that Descartes says do not exist in the first place when reaching here.

In my case, when I see most carefully what I call my ego, I always find some tangible perception (heat, coldness, brightness, darkness, love, hatred, pain and pleasure).I will never be able to grasp my ego without any perception, and I will never observe anything other than perception.

Having instituted existence of "cogito" (rational recognition) like this was a source of a modern philosophy.

On Kant's Perception theory

Well, on two cognitive theories.It was Kant to have integrated the recognition theory of the Descartes and the continent theory of mind and body duality theory of recognition theory, Hobbes, and Hume and the British empirical theory. Kant also said that the beginning of all recognition was stimulation of the sense.This is the same as the empirical theory. On the other hand, Kant objected to the fact that it received the sense of the experience theory, and recognized it as it is. In a word, the recognition has the filter though the stimulation of the outside is the same. The senses are processed by the language, the intellect, and the experience peculiar to man. And, Kant was to have discussed the recognition theory by the method that it was reason to do the role of the filter.

From the limits of recognition to the door of perception

It is not possible to remove the filter of recognition to man if there is a priori filter of reason in man like Kant says. In particular, the concept of time and space.It is difficult to draw a symbol without assuming this. Additionally, we are drawn to various customs such as social life and the education and are alive. In it, various prejudices are born, the view is narrowed, and the recognition is limited within the range of a specific ideology, the episteme, and the paradigm. In a word, it was a limit of Kant's recognition theory that we did not see the appearance of the truth even if there was a world of a transcendent truth in our outside. Kant was not able to recognize the thing itself. So, what can we do to see the metaphysical truth? For me, when I had such a question, I met the "door of Perception" of Ordaz Huxley. The Huxley thought that it was possible to stimulate the body to remove the filter of the human recognition and the social bias filter, and to expand the perception. At that time, LSD was developed, and it was an age when a lot of scientists and philosophers were surprised. In addition to the Ordaz Huxley, Timothy Leary and John C. Lily, the France philosopher Sartre, who represents the twentieth century, is also experiencing LSD. In the door of perception, the way of the appearance of the art, the relation between the person, and the method of existence are drawn in the state of consciousness which used the mescaline of the hallucination agent.

If the door of the perception is clear, Arawawa the reality of all eternity only in person's eyes.

The "door of Perception" of Ordaz Huxley and the movement of hippies on the West Coast have been the starting point of various movements, such as New Age. In the 1970s, the Marxist story that was the thought that had influence on society until then rapidly loses power.The demise of the big story of Rio Tar. People's consciousness flowed from there to the new age, the hippie culture on the west coast of America, the rock, LSD, and eastern Yoga. Rock, yoga, LSD.The common essence is the encounter with a physical transcendent truth. The truth exists outside of a realistic, social, daily life.And through the physical, we encounter the truth. In the Japan, the influence of eastern thought and anti-capitalist sentiment has exposed a strong negative side in the early eighties and 1990s. However, the system of the world has become completely virtual now. Where is the recognition theory which tears the mandala of this virtual world? Is there any door in the "perception door" of the Book of the physical recognition theory and the Ordaz Huxley?

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The philosophy of Shuhei Kosaka-all struggle, Yukio Mishima, Takaaki Yoshimoto, Haruki Murakami-

There was Kosaka Shuhei as a central figure of the thinker "organ sect" and "Marx burial sect" before. I read the introductory book of Modern thought through the writing of Shuhei Kosaka for the first time. Shuhei Kosaka was one of the people who had a discussion with Yukio Mishima in the generation who experienced all the struggle of the University of Tokyo. And, it was a rare person who kept summing up the problem of "the Red Army of the United Nations" as the responsibility of the generation. In their generation, "the Red Army" and continued to summarize the problem properly, Haruki Murakami and Shuhei Kosaka I think. In general, all struggle generation and baby boomers tend to be shunned. However, I think that the horizon that all struggle generations reached in the self-denial and the liberating district reached the important point in thought rather, and It was regrettable that it was not possible to summarize and to talk about it after all, and not to migrate to the next generation.

Mishima Yukio vs University of Tokyo all Struggle

The Adventure of words

The sheep of Haruki Murakami's "adventure for sheep" feel that it might be "metaphysics" if it says in the word of Western philosophy and modern thought. Something that inspires and manipulates people. That's why the story can be named "Adventure for Words." There is no such thing as a perfect sentence.As if there were no perfect despair, the end of Metaphysics, the "1960s" was the rebellion of young people's "intelligence" that happened at the end of modern times. It was a progressive revolution to make metaphysics = Philosophy = Reason = reality. However, "I" notices the deception of their "word" in that, and begins the struggle/escape with it ideologue. Haruki Murakami and the same generation, Kosaka of the whole struggle generation has said. The best man of his generation is a ruined or a mid-crock "sheep-out." It is said that Shuhei Kosaka also became like the separation person syndrome. Everyone lost the words they talked about. After the end of history, the ends of the revolution, the feast. The 1970s is reminiscent of a bitterly and barbarous landscape. 1970 "Yodo Hijacking Incident", 1971-1972 "Coalition Red Army Incident". In terms of culture, 1972 ' Wind Kitten ', 1973 ' Ice World ', 1974 ' The Wounded Angel ', 1975 ' Our Failure ', 1976 "Strawberry White Paper" again. The following year the Eagles ' Hotel California ' was sung, the year after the "Dhaka Air plane hijacking", Haruki Murakami started writing the maiden work "listen to the song of the Wind" in 1978. The novel, the end of history = The collapse of the kingdom of ideas = a year away from sheep, the story of 18 days starting on August 8, 1970.

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Haruki Murakami and Yukio Mishima

From Mishima Yukio to Haruki Murakami

The sheep of ' adventure for the Sheep ' have sprung to the desire that it might be "metaphysics" if it says in the word of a Western philosophy and a modern thought.Something that inspires and manipulates people. Therefore, it can be named "Travel for the word". "There is no such thing as a perfect sentence.There is no perfect despair, "The end of Metaphysics," the 1960s, "The end of modern age was the" rebellion of the intellect "of young people. It was a progressive revolution to make metaphysics = Philosophy = Reason = reality. However, "I" notices the deception of their ideologue "word" in that, and begins the struggle/struggle with it. Haruki Murakami and the same generation, Kosaka of the whole struggle generation has said. "The best man of his generation is ruined or mid-crock," "Sheep."It is said that Shuhei Kosaka also became like the separation person syndrome. In the late days of the revolution, the atmosphere of the 1970s is imaginative. The Yodo hijacking incident in 1970, the Coalition Red Army incident in 1971-1972. In terms of culture, 1972 ' Wind Kitten ', 1973 ' Ice World ', 1974 ' The Wounded Angel ', 1975 ' Our Failure ', 1976 "Strawberry White Paper" again. The following year the Eagles ' Hotel California ' was sung, the year after the "Dhaka Air plane hijacking", Haruki Murakami started writing the maiden work "listen to the song of the Wind" in 1978. The novel, the end of history = The collapse of the kingdom of ideas = a year away from sheep, the story of 18 days starting on August 8, 1970.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the times changed a lot. A big conversion occurred to "meaning", and all values and the view of the world were rewritten. The modern age which has trusted man's reason has ended, and the era has changed to postmodern. After the war Viet Nam, Nixon shook hands with Zhou Chou, and the students who gathered at the student meeting decided to get a job and cut their hair. While making excuses for not being young anymore. The modern was voluntarily ruined. Yukio Mishima shouted the emperor's hail and self-determination, and the students Geba through the inside of the mountain base. The myth of socialism collapsed, and Marx's authority was lost. The revolution became fiction from Hope.God died twice. The world was rewriting the code (meaning). And in the 1980s, the system of advanced capitalism, which is a new value system, is completed. In the meantime, Haruki Murakami just kept rejecting the system. Detachment with the changing society was Haruki Murakami non. He began to fight/flee by himself in the form of "value" and the "word" and "story" in the society. The distrust to the society has been clarified in such an episode in ' Norwegian Forest '.

During the summer vacation, the university called for the riot police, and riot police crushed the barricades and arrested all the students who were muffled.(‥ ‥) ‥ ‥ did not dismantle.A lot of capital has been dropped to the university, and it is not able to be quietly dismantled, saying that "yes, it is so" by the student's raging.And the people who blocked the barricade at the university were not really expecting to dismantle the university.When the lecture was resumed under the riot police occupation (‥ ‥, ‥ ‥) was lifted, it was those who were in the position where the strike was taught that it was the first to have attended.They came out to the classroom as if nothing happened, took notes, and replied that their names were called.This was a very strange story.The strike was still in effect, because no one had declared an end to the strike.In principle, the strike is still continuing because the university has just destroyed the barricades by introducing riot police.And they cursed or hanged the student against the strike, saying the energetic things they wanted to say in the strike resolution.(‥ ‥, ‥ ‥) They're scared of dropping units with attendance shortages.It was amusing to think that such a party was shouting the university demolition.Such a vile party will shout out and become small by the direction one. Hey Kizuki, this is a terrible world, I thought.These guys take the credits of the university and go out into society and make a society that is very vile.

After this, Haruki Murakami has influenced the Sekai system [end of the world and hard-boiled wonderland] and [The Chronicles of the threaded birds], while maintaining the relationship between society and detachment, unconscious/consciousness and self/ It will draw the story of the boundary line with the world. And, it intersects with a group of perverted madness which calls for radical, transcendence, and the holiness of the Revolution struggle and the student movement at a certain time. And since the incident in 1995, Haruki Murakami will be heading for a commitment (Angergeman). There are two things that are important. One is that Haruki Murakami has continued to show the attitude of denial to the system. Haruki Murakami continued to struggle/escape alone. It continued the resistance to the system regardless whether it was an inkling of silence or it was an obvious shape. And one more thing. The time to commit is coming.