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The western complex and the Asian consciousness-the meaning of modernity/monotheism/Freedom-

Recently, I have an interest in Asian things. Basically, I don't have a strong attachment to my country or other countries, but I realized that I had a strong Western complex within me while I was thinking why I started to catch up with Asia. The complex of being born as an Asian, to non-Western. It might be thought that the present world is still composed of the sense of values in the center of Western Europe though it may seem to say quite strange at first glance. Global globalization is in a sense a strong aspect of cultural Americanized, and in some cities anywhere in the world you will encounter Starbucks, McDonald and Gap stores, and people who go the road In the hands of the Apple iphone or Google Android smartphone is clasped.They spend their holidays in Rome-United Kingdom-a shopping mall of American origin, and leaving a record in place of a diary is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that have been developed in Silicon Valley. You can say that we live in a system covered by the ethics of Protestantism and capitalism in the west of what Max Weber said, both mentally and economically. In the first place, I live wearing jackets and pants (trousers) and shirts from the usual, because I hit the keyboard of Romaji input, it is difficult to think that not taken into the world that has been westernized. To tell the truth, I think that there was a strong West complex in the Japanese after the modernization. is not it in the base of a strong hate and the repulsion to China, Korea, and Korea which is even now in the meaning of the West complex though the de-Fukuzawa theory of On the other hand, in some sort of hierarchy, they are more ahead of modernization than they are.On the other hand, an attitude to see the eastern culture of a traditional continent as a unenlightened and vulgar.

A strong monotheism of western and Ka弱ki the pagan Orient

However, I think the Western complex to be the average in the one which comes from a certain kind of weakness in Asia and the Orient which does not have the monotheism idea after all. It originates from the fact that it was Western Europe (west) with the monotheism idea to have acquired the modernization, and there is still a world in the modern model. Of course, there was an exception historically, too.It was the time when the pagan worldview was expected to produce good results. The 1980s was a miracle for the Japan, and the time was driven by Japan as No. 1/economic success as an economic animal and a trend of post-modern thought. It was an age when the discourse of Imperial Palace? Q Cola? Cojabe as an empty center of the place where Roland Baltic said was snob formalism Japan where the re-evaluation was said and it seemed to shine. It is, after all, a thing that leads to animism-pantheism-a pagan image.In that sense, it was a Spinoza-Deleuze. However, in the Nineties the strong leadership absence Japan companies fell, and the discourse of respect and approval of liberal diversity ended up being not filled with sufficient and diverse individuals. In addition, the 21st century starts from the war of Monotheism vs. Monotheism, and it has come to the post-to-truth situation which can be called strongly monotheism from the reactionary of the relative principle now. In this, I cannot help feeling weakness in the pagan one.

On the other hand, I am currently paying attention to the country of China at this moment. The reason for this is that the current situation in China is very similar to the Japan of the eighties, and the general public's mentality is that economic animal-buying, Japan as the No. 1 = strong Chinese economy looks like. However, China is a peculiar point in Asia, and the monotheism is strong. Originally, there is a secular religious consciousness of some kind with the people by the Cheonjeyeon-Tenshi named Heaven-Emperor-Dynasty.It is still passed down as a system of heaven-Mao Zedong-Communist Party. It is a country named China to be a certain kind of monotheism though it is made indigenous to Asia, and imperialism. In the future, the conflict between the United States and China, the west-east, will be intensified. It can be said that it is the confrontation of the East China as the United States of the world as the first power and the world's second great power. In a sense, once Japan is the emperor-Nishida philosophy-modern Arceus-eight Soichi-it seems like the repetition of having been opposed to Western civilization as an Oriental representative in Manchuria country. China, of course, has a strong complex against the West, as well as Japan. Will China's political and economic successes help Asia overcome the western complex?

Can there be freedom and democracy in Asia?

Singapore seems to be called "the bright North".It is suggested that it is an autocratic politics though it develops economically highly. In a sense, it is a world in which the "wonderful New World" of the Ordaz Huxley has been realized. It would be a pluralistic that China, ridiculed as a George Orwell ' 1984 Surveillance Society, is aiming for in economic development. Recently, I saw ' Bahbari ' in India movie. It was the myth blockbuster which drew the ideal coming of the king. Then, it was noticed that the idea of democracy in Asia did not have the reality, and the rule consideration of King → people might be strong. However, it is likely not to be able to truncate such a rule consciousness of Asian countries only with the savage of Asia. It is different from the modern history experience, and Europe's having acquired liberty through the struggle, and modernized, and there is a memory of the trauma which was a colony of imperial powers in Asian countries. Therefore, it would be natural for Asian countries with controlled experience to put the emphasis on national sovereignty in favor of a strong power system as a nation, not freedom and liberal sovereignty. The only exceptions are Thailand and Japan.Rather, Japan the great powers, rather than the detainees, were the Kingdom of Thailand, which had been through diplomatic difficulties. On the other hand, liberty is not only the idea of liberal liberty, but also the libertarian-liberal-Hayek (Hayek is not libertarian), which means freedom of free competition. This concept of freedom is well received in Asia.Hayek seems to have had a big influence in the reform opening in China. It can be said that the people in Asia are living in the world of the Western "freedom" competition without being able to acquire "freedom" as liberty as the right. I will have to live with a complex feeling yet.

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2017-7 Month Memorandum

July 1,

Today, while staring at the roots of a tree at Mt. Takao, the rhizome and the tree were not to be contrasted as separate, and the nature of the place where they were integrated was received a mysterious insight.

July 2,

I like Coca-Cola. The sound of the sounds when opening the lid, the stimulation of the fragrance and the carbonate, the image of the summer beach and the Christmas Home party, the memory that I bought in the vending machine on the way back summer course, the memory drank on the slopes of snowboarding.

I like "consumption" more than "production" and "labor". It is preferable that there is a sense of unity of material feeling, physical, symbol, narrative, memory, cultural one, and life style. In the social (relationship with others) we do not like to acquire approval, establish an identity, or consume it for the purpose of being oriented toward a higher hierarchy, and it is a difficult problem to consume for "manipulation of representations" and "acquisition of symbols." As a rule, it is my personal prejudice that people should consume for pleasure and that it is a cultural and physical rooted thing. pleasure = To feel that something is wonderful, fun, and cool. On the other hand, "I want to be like that" for those who feel "something is nice, fun, and cool" (ornamental/witnessing).Want to equate something with self.It is troublesome that the desire (self-realization) comes to sprout.

I thought that the difference between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam was similar to the language of C, C++, and Java, but it was Allegorical. "Java is said to be 90% of the population is Muslim" "Computer language Java, which was named from Java Java Coffee."

July 3rd,

The sheep of ' adventure for the Sheep ' have sprung to the desire that it might be "metaphysics" if it says in the word of a Western philosophy and a modern thought.Something that inspires and manipulates people. Therefore, it can be named "Travel for the word". "There is no such thing as a perfect sentence.There is no perfect despair, "The end of Metaphysics," the 1960s, "The end of modern age was the" rebellion of the intellect "of young people. It was a progressive revolution to make metaphysics = Philosophy = Reason = reality. However, "I" notices the deception of their ideologue "word" in that, and begins the struggle/struggle with it. Haruki Murakami and the same generation, Kosaka of the whole struggle generation has said. "The best man of his generation is ruined or mid-crock," "Sheep."It is said that Shuhei Kosaka also became like the separation person syndrome. In the late days of the revolution, the atmosphere of the 1970s is imaginative. The Yodo hijacking incident in 1970, the Coalition Red Army incident in 1971-1972. In terms of culture, 1972 ' Wind Kitten ', 1973 ' Ice World ', 1974 ' The Wounded Angel ', 1975 ' Our Failure ', 1976 "Strawberry White Paper" again. 1977, when the Eagles sung the Hotel California, the next year, from 1978 to ' Listen to the Wind song ' begins writing. It was the story of the year 1970, when the metaphysical = sheep were away.

July 6,

What I don't understand is that I generally feel like I want to be something. An age that longs for someone.This is related to the self-help book of bookstores and business books, SNS and photo postings, and poetry. And that's what similarity to romanticism and totalitarian.

July 7,

I began to read a book called ' How is God different? ' and this is really interesting.The difference between the monotheism principle of Judea = Christ = Islam and the worldview of Japan pagans is understood. I had previously requested "absoluteness/absolute ideas", but that was, so to speak, the basis of God = existence. In this book, Oriental World View and Western world view = western thinking = Judeo-Christian monotheism = The difference of the history of Western philosophy is drawn, but there is also the future of Yukio Mishima as a concept of monotheism.

July 8th,

"What is the difference between gods and God?" was published 20 years ago in 1997, but after the examination of Yukio Mishima, a critical study of Shiba Ryotaro, Sakaiya Taichi and Watanabe Shoichi, followed by critical criticism of Nakamura Tian and Funai Yukio. Come to think of it, self-development (spiritualism) + business is a long flow. "Self-CAC Desire hypothesis" this is hot.

July 13,

In the old days, it was unbearably exciting and sad in the summer, but what was that?Now I don't think about anything anymore. Blue Sky, cicada voice, Mirage, Summer festival, fireworks, Mitsuya cider, summer of kin Cho.

July 18th,

"Avant pop" is a feeling that I, 20 years old, and I of 30 years of age are all interested in it. In other words, cyber punk and the writer, Elvis, France the Surrealists, who began to Thad in the age of reason, and beat the Bataille, Rambo, Dadaist and the poet, Artaud, Genet, and even the era. And, it is just one existence ranged to the lowest of the genealogy of the artist to the Sex Pistols."Avant pop" p.081

July 20th,

I have had a lot of interest in hallucinations since ancient times, and I think it is something that is really involved with the recognition of the world. It is said that there seems to be a tendency of delirium in general in the person after the operation though it was heard from the elder sister of the nurse if it says so.In that sense, human consciousness is extremely unstable and floating. Moreover, I think that this instability of consciousness is something that we must not forget in our relationship with the world. I think that it will lead to the runaway of certain kind of suppression and reason when this stray is thrown away and it is biased to fixation by reason (language). In such a meaning, the floating of this consideration might be the one near the state where the fixation of the established concept by the language was lost and the Epoche. And, if the center of gravity is put on the body and it is teleology, there is the one ranged to yoga etc., and it might become poetic if the center of gravity is dared in a linguistic direction. It is in a sense similar to what the post modern aimed at.

July 22,

For some reason, three sets of cassette tapes of Lou Reed were sold for 1300 yen at Disc Union. I bought a cyber punk in ' avant pop ' because it was written in the genealogy of Lou Reed and Burroughs.

July 23rd,

It was understood that a lot of people went to the state-of-the-art symbolical topos "GINZA SIX" in the age when fitted to the trap of SNS and the selfie or approval.It is not satisfied certainly.Even though there is elation and beauty. I think that it is very interesting that a book becomes an object.As a situation.

On the age of "book" and photogenic space to be an object – Instagram, SNS, Lifestyle –

July 24th,

Scam Women's Association was also a photograph and an object after all.I think that the talent which separates the object from the context of scam as Ecriture is wonderful.

July 25th,

Death from overwork, "defeat death because it could not be summed up" is horrible. Thinking about "All struggle, Mishima incident, the Red Army, and Aum incident" is still one of the ways of Japan thought and criticism.It is to think about the meaning "emperor, Manchuria, and the defeat" in a certain sense. Or, it might be a problem related to the farming culture, an island country, a Japan myth and a religious view (the one like a simple animism).

July 26,

The "Crazy people" in the red and the parrot. I think that the attitude which does not look straight at each one unanswered to the thing like the illusion of the hope which existed before the problem and that was not from the beginning might not be good.

July 28th,

People crushed the oppressive story of history and reason and were deconstruction and liberated.Nevertheless, why is it that people get tired of living in a symbolic world where the light flies and scatters freely?Or, the thing is called to worship the God or to live in the myth and the story.

July 27th,

I began to think that the stage without the story, such as cosplay or the night pool or the Scam Girls ' Association, is Ali.

The issue of approval is people are supposed to be diverse and full of differences, but in the end they will live to get closer to trying to identify a certain kind of symbol as a role model and a longing self. Or on the other hand, there is a philosophy that everyone should be equal, nevertheless, they are put away by the deceptive one such as equality of the opportunity, and it is assumed that it is the rule of the game to aim at the point where it is layered after all.

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On the age of "book" and photogenic space to be an object-Instagram, SNS, Lifestyle-

The 19th century was the era of realism, but in the technological and artistic aspects, the birth of cameras and the start of the prosperity of photographic culture.The camera was a device to cut and freeze the reality of the moment. On the other hand, Photoshop and snow have now become the days when photos are processed.It is not a reality, but a representational dream.

Went to Ginza six, which opened this year. Ginza is an international commercial space with the concept of life at Its best-filled life. The contemporary art of Yayoi Kusama which colors the space, and an Ivy shop bookstore that nodules the Japan culture and art were characteristic.    However, what is the "best-filled life"? Also, how does art and living lead to it? Or, what is the meaning of the existence of the Book of paper and the bookstore in the commercial facility though the book is advanced electronically? And what does the state-of-the-art commercial facilities symbolize in our time?

On the age of the "book" and the photogenic space to be an object

First of all, when we consider the relationship between the book of Postmodern and the society (structure), the text is treated as being ecriture from the context and grafted into a different context.All texts are copied and pasted, creating a world of hyper-text as a whole.Will it be a "floating signifiant" network? Almost the same thing can be said about the society. A variety of symbols and symbols are cut out, circulated as brand images and advertisements, creating a certain kind of cyber space. Especially, I think that the tendency is advanced now that the personal computer is completely spread, and the text is computerized. And in that sense, a city's commercial facilities would be the cyber space filled with just the symbolic brand and advertising. By the way, in the above "text is grafted into a different context as a ecriture is cut out of context," but it was written, "The book, Physical Thing" and "the contents of the book" is separated again, each is separate There seems to be a function for each. The electronic texts and the growth of the information industry requested that the value as the text originally inherent in it was leaked from "the physical Thing". As a result, "This" physical thing "is become an object. What people expect from the book, the physical thing, is not to envision the world by reading the text anymore, but to taste the chocolate Frappuccino in a world of hyper-text cafes (once it was a bookstore) It is to get "feeling filled with something" by looking at the object.It's just like a gallery or a museum. They may also see the image of the idea of life. This is by no means a denial or criticism, but the "paper book" has increased the fetish implications for the material while the text is computerized and loses one role. And, it seems to strengthen the presence as the object as a sign. This is an object that holding the impression of "glamour". However, does the image reproduced from the object have the power to tell the story? They are merely embodied symbols.Even if it was something of a fetish. People touch various symbols to stimulate their daily lives, where there is a divergence between existential and virtual lifestyles. In which people feel alienated and are not satisfied. To satisfy their alienation and existential fears, people need to tell some stories. When there is no story, the person will not draw the world which conspiring the feeling of the life only by the contact and the sign with the thing. Therefore, people act like they are the people in the story. And, it reflects oneself in the finder. Of course, photos that are processed like movie stars and Idol's Promaster will be posted in cyber space >. Indeed, a photogenic space dressed in commercial facilities and art like GINZA Six might be a stage device for people to live in the story. It feels like the reality has become a cyber-punk world of post-modern fiction. That's a perfect date, though.Absolutely fun.

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Read the five ghostly bodies.

I'm reading the "Gen 5 Ghost Body". Personally, I have always been interested in the keyword "Ghosts" and "body". This is because I was thinking about the existence and the possibility of "absolute" in my twenties, and how to teleology the reality that there was absolutely nothing that could never be true. He was also interested outside linguistic logic such as the Ordaz Huxley, Timothy Leary and John C. Lily. By the way, I think that it is a story based on reflection to a certain dialectic and the practice again when thinking, "Ghost body" as my guess. For example, there was a reality that the left-wing aimed at Utopia ended up in a place like the Red Army.There was a problem like phenomenology of terror there.Associations and opposing have been raised in the form of however, because it is a negative theological concept, it does not have validity, so it is necessary to have some kind of thought based on the fluctuation of existence. It was possible to say so, and the Enlightenment reason of modern ages was contrary to the ideal and was inhuman like a negative dialectic of Adorno in the pole. It might be a fluctuation of existence that modern reason had been overlooked. It is, for example, a kind of connection between the "other side" depicted in the story of Haruki Murakami.Or, there might be the one to similarity with the Echika assumed the family which exceeded the "blood relation (Fact)" drawn by the latest work ' Knight Commander's death '. The viewpoint that modern ages and the philosophy overlooked might be in the place where "existence" was defined by the language.Or, "Having and nothing" is not the existence detached to digital but the one that brightness and darkness continue in constant contrast by the analogue one? Back to the story of ' Gen 5 ', thinking was very interesting.Mr. Hong Eiryo's "imaginary body, the body, and" to the outside, "" The Unpleasantness of the law "drawn in was a very well-understood story, and people who use Instagram and snow apps drawn by Daisuke Watanabe's" haunt Ghosts on the Face " The story about consciousness made me feel something like the possibility that technology would give people a real change. The "Utopia and dialectic" of the joint discussion is purely amusing. By the way, I had thought to read ' History of the Russia revolution ' of Trotsky because it was Russia Revolution 100 years this year, but the half has already passed in 2017. The whole of the midsummer itself is beginning to show.

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Listening to music with records and cassettes, its meaning-fluctuation and narrative-

I was interested in the depiction of Haruki Murakami's "Knight Commander's murder" and listening to music. It is the point that the hero and the friend are drawn to listen to music with outdated media such as a record and a cassette tape. Haruki Murakami, there ("listening to music in the outdated media") what meaning did you draw?That's what I felt. The rehabilitation of the record and the cassette revival are small in the past several years. But what does it mean to listen to music with outdated records and cassette tapes? Is there something that we must not lose, something that we have lost before? Or, is listening to music with the record and the cassette tape a presentation of some sense of values and attitude? Then, what kind of values and attitude are the representations? Recently, I have bought a cassette player and a cassette tape library. What does this mean?

The sound of records and cassette tapes with ■ fluctuation

First of all, there is a painting impression somewhere in the sound of the cassette tape though it is understood to begin to listen if it says about the cassette.There is a feeling like the painting of the Impressionist school so to speak that floating the reality while being a certain two-dimensional there. The record is a vivid and realistic painting, but the cassette focuses on the sound of the mids and the background is somewhat fog, so I wonder if the impression is "impressionism". I feel the peculiar softness and smoothness there. Or, if the record is a photograph by the film camera, and the MP3 is a digital image, the cassette is a photograph of the texture near the film type toy camera and the Polaroid camera. To reproduce the texture of the toy camera and Polaroid camera digitally, it is popular among young people iphone/Android app such as Instagram, but it may be that the cassette is now attracting attention in such a sense. By the way, what is different in the sound of the record and the cassette and digital music? The difference of the tone of the sound of each media might be large the one by the method of the record (method). Records and cassettes record the wave of sound as it is. Record the sound wave as a physical groove, and the cassette records as an electromagnetic cord. They are analog media in terms of drawing the sound itself. The sound itself has been drawn, and the sound has richness. On the other hand, digital media does not draw the sound itself. The sound wave is converted to a cut bar graph and drawn, and the number is described in 01. It is a problem that many peripheral gaps fall out when converting the wave of this sound to the cut bar graph, further conversion to 01 is to convert all to have and no, fluctuation is lost is a problem. The methods of these records make a difference in softness and fluctuation.

Narrative of ■ A and b faces

Another important thing is the story. Once, music had a story.Young people believed that music could change society. However, there is a doubt whether a story and a thought meaning like before is enclosed in modern music. It is an age when the music in the cloud is played in the shuffle, or the music of the play list provided is heard according to the mood today. The story cannot be approved in such a context. It's just like fast food, something that's fast enough to satisfy some kind of craving. A society that is curated by picking up everything from the database. Ruin of capitalism and engineering, a society that loses stories and upsets the loss of truth. In such a situation, listening to music with a record or a cassette tape is an expression of the intention as the counter. In a word, is it antithesis to the society which became "post-modern to the animal"? It is a challenge to the loss of the story, no database consumption of content, and all criticism of the socialist society. Of course, music may be the one where the song itself depicts a story. However, records and cassette tapes are media that cannot shuffle and play. And that means a lot more. They have a side and a B side, and each is developed as a composition of the first half and the second half of the entire work, and a big story is drawn in that as a whole work. Do you remember the 2015 Grammy Awards? The speech of the prince who was the presenter called the reputation. ‟ Albums, Remember Those? Albums still matter. Like books and Black lives, albums still matter. Do you remember all the albums? The album is still important.I am listening to the music of the Prince with a cassette tape now as the album is important like a book or a black life.

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The city of Yoyogi, an angel full of wounds

I live in Yoyogi. Although I had been anxious for a while ago, there is a building (Angel building in the play) used for the photograph of the penthouse where the drama [Angel of the wound full] was lived in the front of Yoyogi. It's cool, isn't it?An angel full of wounds Lucky with fish sausage and Nabisco and corned. Today is a holiday, so what is that building?I stopped by the walk. First of all, the appearance is here.

Ukiyo-banare! Photos posted by Mr. (@ukiyobanarephoto)-

The building on the left.What should I say?I mean, there is taste.Wabi am Wabisabi. Let's take a look inside.

  Ukiyo-banare! Photos posted by Mr. (@ukiyobanarephoto)-


I like this feeling.It is Asia. When I go upstairs, there is a bookstore specializing in Chinese books.

Ukiyo-banare! Photos posted by Mr. (@ukiyobanarephoto)-

However, the upper floor was prohibited to be off-limits.Well, it is a story. The penthouse on the roof is truly not.

  Ukiyo-banare! Photos posted by Mr. (@ukiyobanarephoto)-


By the way, there is a standing sushi restaurant and a popular tavern on the first floor recently, and there is a person on Friday night easily.10 yen consistent with the Buri.Maybe it was in preparation. If you look closely, you will find a chair.Standing is not eating.)

Ukiyo-banare! Photos posted by Mr. (@ukiyobanarephoto)-

There are many ways to spend the holidays.