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They travel Taiwan-Excursions in Taipei, Taiwan province, Republic of China-

From August 24 to August 28, I traveled Taiwan. Looking back on Taiwan trip, the awareness of culture and historical trends was great. The trip was five days and four nights, but Taipei was bigger than I expected. The whole picture of the trip was the following schedule. I stayed at Haneda Airport from midnight the day before and took off to 05:30 at the Tiger Air on LCC. On the first day, we arrived at a hotel in Kunming near the Ximending station.Stroll around Yongsan Temple and Taiwan the governor's government. On the second day, the Palace Museum and the Makoto Shoten of the world's three largest museums.Night Market. On the third day, we ate at the head office of Ding Fung, strolling through nine in the evening, and night view at Taipei 101.Try Taiwan massage. On the fourth day, I spent the summer vacation at the beach in Changsha Bay.Try foot massage. On the fifth day, I went home in the afternoon.Back to the everyday. It is not enough in the feeling of a casual stroll like the Hong Kong S.A.R. Travel, and I think that it was good for a few days to enjoy it.

Taiwan as a legitimate "China"

Taiwan was Chinese besides the desire.Or, it was China as a lost hometown. The scent of the Chinese dynasty and its mellow culture drifted through the unbroken. And, the climate of the South was wrapping the fragrance. Taiwan, if you look from them, they are rather legitimate China. At the Palace Museum, the culture of the ancient dynasty was inherited.There were a lot of histories of Qing which was not only the history of the Han people but also the country of the origin and the Manchurian Race country of the Mongolian race nation and was talked about. Moreover, the one talked while strongly connected with the flow of the history was about the Buddhism.From ancient times, China was a country where Buddhism Mori. In particular, Mahayana Buddhism, which showed the heart of the Bodhisattva trying to save the Buddhism, which was based not only on their own liberation, but also for the salvation of others, flourished greatly in China. And, the Mahayana Buddhism might have been related to the reign of the emperor in each dynasty.There were many Buddhist temples in the Taiwan.It is a temple which was influenced by Taoism seeming China of course. It was that many gods of Guan, Confucius, and the Taoism and the emperor were being given at the same time to have caught eyes in those temples. There were many miya in the Taiwan.The temple is a religious institution honoring the emperor. In Japan, there was a connection between the Emperor and Buddhism from ancient times. It is said that many Shinto and Buddhist Buddhism, such as Kasuga Taisha, were gods Shinbutsu. However, it seems that such a culture of Japan was not the original at all, and a gala culture of the remote part of the east. In China, Buddhism was accepted in conjunction with Taoism, and the dynasty culture associated with Confucianism was also associated with Buddhism as a Mahayana Buddhist reign by the emperor. It was the center of Culture, China. The museum said that Buddhism as a Chinese culture is linked to the culture of Tibet and its flourishing country, which is not only India but also esoteric and famous. It was a region which was suppressed from the Chinese Communist Party and was opposed by the comb spiders. On the other hand, the Taiwan (Republic of China) saw the existence of the Takasago family. They say that they were gentle natives who appreciation agricultural crops with the sound of music. Taipei also passed a little away from the center (even though Taipei is far wider than the image of us who lives in Tokyo), and the people of a simple expression burnt on the day which seems that it might be Takasago tribe.

Taiwan and Japan

However, the Japan had occupied the Taiwan by the Shimonoseki Treaty which had been exchanged after the Sino-Japanese War. The age was an age of imperialism. The Taiwan the Governor-General's office, which was completed in 1919, is still being used in public affairs. Many buildings are still in the area around the governor's office. The military facilities used by the Japan military have now been utilized by the Chinese army. According to the man of the guide says such a ghost story during the term of imprisonment will also be whispered. "Mikiri in the middle of the night and heard the sound of boots.When I fell asleep during the Mikiri, I was yelled at by a Japanese in the voice of a superior officer."The Kukai was enshrined unexpectedly when you find a quaint temple in the shopping district while strolling around the governor's government. It is the Palace of Taipei in the vicinity of the West Gate station. It was spoken by the grandmother who seemed to be good at the Japanese when the shutter of the camera was cut while looking at the image by chance. She was born in Showa 4 and is now 88 years old.It is said that it went to the national school in the age when the Japan ruled before. She talks in the Japanese that he does not usually talk, and said that it was a shrine of the Japan where it once enshrined the Daishi. It is said that the temple was changed by the National Party which ruled the Taiwan after the Second Great War, and it was made the Heaven's palace.

The Taiwan of the Chinese Nationalist Party

The National party will then withdraw Taiwan by fighting the Chinese Communist Party in the Kuomintang Civil War. Chiang Kai-shek also felt as being handed down as the leader of the National Party though there was an image of Sun Yat-sen if it said the Taiwan and the Nationalist Party. Looking at the pattern of the coins, 50 yuan and 10 Yuan Sun Yat-sen, 10 Yuan and 5 yuan, 1 yuan was depicted a portrait of Chiang Kai-shek. I also wanted to see the National Party's history, but it was closed because of the renovation of the commemorative exhibition setup.I want more if I have a chance. The Taiwan is that there is still conscription now. There was a military shop called the military Police supply store in the town. A surveillance camera was installed in the city.

Culture of porcelain and Chinese characters

In the Museum of the NPM, the culture of pottery and Chinese characters was greatly treated as well as Buddhism. The relying of the culture of China might be large by this pottery and the culture of the Chinese character. Pottery is a typical craft and art from ancient times. They are of course made by craftsmen, but it has a natural atmosphere too. China is the soil and mud.Kneading it, shape it, bake it, and tint it. But, they are soil, and if they avalanche shape, they will return to the soil. We are the soil and mud, too.We, too, are the existence of a part of mellow nature which returns to the soil. or kanji culture.They are very different from the European languages that are influenced by Latin and Greece words.The European language is a phonetic letter.For example, the Roman alphabet has no meaning for a single character.As Derrida criticized, the language of Europe is a speech-centric principle and acts mainly on the narrative. It says or the element of the width of the interpretation by the reader and play is not wide in the language of Europe. It is very logical. On the other hand, the kanji culture is originally a ideographic character from Hieroglyphics. They symbolize one character, a symbol, and so on. On the other hand, it is not suitable for a strict logic construction in them therefore. It will be able to say like this.Kanji is a symbolic metaphor of play.It is clear, and there is room of the interpretation very much if it thinks about the classics of the Chinese writing.However, they are mellow therefore. They do not speak out of logic.It includes another story while it does not talk.

From it

I spent a lot of other things. I bought a foreign book that the cover was redesign in a Makoto bookstore. In the White Sha Bay, the blinded of local high school girls and boys have been seen in the sun. In the night market in Shilin, I bought a street-style T-shirt and a cap. In a carpool taxi on the way back, I became friends with Barry from San Francisco. All the girls were cute. If all girls are nice Taiwan girls……

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Why we go on a journey-everyday life outside

Why do we go on a journey? However, it might be variously in the travel. In a sense, travel would be the pursuit of freedom in some form, the expansion of ego. The journey of the tragedy of Oedipus who escaped from the Birdungsloman and Corinth which calls for the dialectic travel and Goethe's freedom of Hegel's absolute spirit. On the other hand, the travel might be the one to break up with encounter and meeting with others, and to feel the human. "Kogarashi kitten" and "Matatabi" of "The Dancer of Izu" of "Tourist's philosophy" and Kawabata Yasunari of East Hiroki or Kon Ichikawa. I have always been uncomfortable with keywords such as travel, travel, and sightseeing. There were some kind of longing, contempt, and ambivalent feelings. Why travel?What is the purpose?What do you enjoy doing? To begin with, I wonder whether there is a destination of the travel targeted at the man of the Adult Society (apart from manners and bars). Or does it mean moving physically?Which is more distant, travel and inner trip? However, in May, the outing was unexpectedly several times. Travel to Hong Kong S.A.R. Macau S.A.R., stroll in Oizumi town Brazil town, travel to Izu Oshima, Mt. Mountain. If you live in the capital, but travel is not bad. Certainly, it is possible to touch the world outside the everyday imagination. For example, the back alley with the smell of dried Hong Kong S.A.R.. Dim sum of old people living like cats in the downtown of Macau S.A.R.. Brazil workers living in apartments, soul food, and Catholic churches. The scenery of the island that the dancers were living in. It's something outside our daily lives. But it is for me, and for them it is everyday. I am here, they are there. Maybe they are us. Even such a thought is crossed. Or a crater of dormant that is dark and does not see the bottom. A trail at 6pm without a person. A sinking twilight is reflected.The sunset is approaching.Will you reach the top? No, it's not everyday.

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The "Small Journey" begins, "The reason why we go on a journey".

This is about the beginning of a "small journey" before lesson on a reckless journey.  Suddenly the other day, the new single was released in the 19-year Buri of Kenji Ozawa. Also appeared in the media, such as TV on sale, the voice of fans rejoicing in the comeback of Kenji Ozawa, who had been ahead of the activity on the stage in recent years became a topic around the net. Unsaid, I am one of them. There is a song "Why We go out to travel" in one of his representative tunes.After more than 20 years of release, such as being used in TV commercials covered by a number of artists, the popularity is still constant. There is an event that inspired me to have a deep fondness for this song.It was broadcast in February 2010 that a radio program called "Kenji Ozawa and his age". I was still a college student at the time, I have decided to work as a new social person in April at the end of job hunting, it was a feeling of impatience and had to do everything left to do in the remaining small university life.It was self-evident that despite the fact that the company I had been hired for was far from the industry and job I had hoped for, I could not expect to have much time or effort in my favorite things like college.When I think about parting with my friends who were with me every day, I may have felt more desperate than impatience.Do we really have any reason to go on a journey?There is a memory which follows the lyrics of "reason why we go out to travel" when it is good even if someone teaches for the reason.   

I pray for the happiness of those who travel far away. In this world where we live, there is a reason to go on a journey, and everyone scam a hand.

The above is a quotation of some of the lyrics of why we are traveling. If you read the lyrics to the end, it is clear that the "reason for the journey" is not specified in this song. Although they are not exposed to specific reasons, it is symbolically sung that a person may go on a journey and go on a journey, that is to say, "A brief farewell." I might have felt impatience to this lyric without the answer at that time. In the eight years since then, I have experienced some of my travels and parting with my work and career in society. As time went by, I think that there was a change of feelings about the travel.It is a matter of course, but to go on a journey will broaden the horizons and range of action, and on the other hand will not create a perpetual farewell.The reason is also so.It is not necessary to dwell on a specific reason such as this at the moment of travel, and it might be the interest of the travel to find the reason for the first time when looking back.When I think of it, I am pretty, and I can think about my journey in the future. It is fine today.There seems to be no need to read the weather.