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I watch the movie "Distance to you, 10,000 kilometers" / "Goodbye, my Manhattan".

Yesterday I saw 'Distance to you, 10 thousand kilometers' and 'Goodbye, my Manhattan'. Both of them were compactly assembled Ryosaku around 90 minutes.

"Distance to you, 10,000 km" [/ embed] There was a point that it would be out in compliance and privacy everywhere, but although there are things in terms of setting, Some things such as "Someone's threat becomes a business" or "A person of fate does not have to be alone". This work is especially so that only duplication of the last scene is intentional "Your name is.It is at the origin of creation how to create a situation called "love of passing" in the era when the Internet spreads and people are connected instantly to anyone anytime anywhere. Nonetheless, "Your name is."I made a situation with a fantasy that shifts time because it is also called animation, but this work is a setting that narrowed it to the limit while guaranteeing the possibility that can happen in reality. Contemporary cutting was also good, including oil pipeline monitoring, robot remote control, crossing the US and North Africa and the border.

"Good-bye, my Manhattan" [/ embed] "Good-bye, my Manhattan" It was good. I put "Gifted" in the 10th bass last year and that was very good, but there is a selfish alienation that Mark Web says somewhere the family draws straight to this point It was. That's why the work of the work in this work, the appearance of the youth, the streets of NY and the story of Lou Reed at the beginning and BGM etc, can this work be seen again like "Summer of (500) day"? The expectation expanded. From the middle stage to the last time there are words and phrases as if they are playing symbolic words and the tolerance and hero of the city called NY in the stages of the main characters and the stage of the main character so that they will lose sight of the talking source I am spurring the feeling, but a decent punch comes along as I am surprised at the end. It is possible to chew a story that gathers beautifully while biting its punch line.It was a good script. However, it seems to have been said that Mark Web became a writer who draws family, as it is not quite like "Summer of (500) day" shape, rather calmly settled in an extremely "gifted" story I think whether it was a definitive work.

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I watch a movie "Mind and body". [/ embed]

"Mind and body" A man who gave up lonely lonely and life. It is the dream of a deer to combine them.The story of love where illusion and reality intersect. <STORY> Slaughterhouse in Hungary, a suburb of Budapest.Mary, who works as a substitute staff, is not good at communication and does not get to work. Endre of one hand-disabled boy care about her, but it does not mesh well …. The chance for such clumsy two people to quickly approach was "to see the same dream". A little mysterious and exciting love story of lonely men and women far from love.

I saw the movie "Mind and body". My heart was moved enough to enter the provisional top 5 this year. This movie is actually made of many contrasts, the dream and the reality are the easiest to understand first. Then, the idea of ​​signs and air and reality to life. The shooting is also handheld image captured from a human viewpoint and fixed and inorganic image.After that red and white color etc. Every element is roughly divided by idea and reality, and finally it overlaps with disturbing air. Even though this consistent structure alone is wonderful, Marlia of the beginning scene draws only the toes that came out in the sun towards the shade, scenes that catch the line of sight in the scenes of men and women, and scenes that delicately capture the way to cut it are beautiful There was no choice. Although this work is a romance movie, especially "romance" of love affair is packed everywhere. Marlia 's clumsiness and Endre' s weakness and cunning brews a lot of love 's signs and it repeats that it erases. The scene of the bathtub near the last is a painfulness that makes me want to honestly turn my eyes, but it has the best beauty. When thinking calmly, Endre has no appearance of getting worse after seeing the counselor 's chest, and apologize, decide innocence as an evil person with an arbitrary image, offending relationships with colleagues, insurance in own love He tried to hang up, or tried to bring back a woman seeking a relationship of the body soon. Nevertheless this love is beautiful, because there was a mysterious situation that Marea 's innocence and the two people shared the same dream. And what a mysterious human being and a realistic person intersected on the "reality side" is what the last thing she wanted to convey to the director 's truth that it was drawn with disturbing air.

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Watch the movie "Lady Player 1". [/ embed] This work is "My Movie" which is "novel".It is the story of a big big "I" of Spielberg and Halliday. While VR is literally a different future, it is only certain cultures of a certain age to color this world. The oasis world is, so to speak, a sole autobiography, and the player who reads and interprets it overlaps with the audience who tries to read this "lady player 1".Read carefully and pick up hints hidden in between lines.The main character 's holiday otter is like a researcher who carefully reads texts. I feel that watching this movie means that the force towards a small, narrow direction is creating a big one. Otaku boy who could not be connected well with the world creates another world and the personal memory of the maker is linked to the memories of many spectators. There is a tremendous extent in the small person "I". The burial to "I" is to create the world and to bring about connections. Or, an oasis is more like a "one" reality rather than a virtual reality. That is reality, but this is also reality.Either one is not genuine. That is to show the structure of the pluralistic existence of the world in a sense, it also clarifies that what we are seeing "now" is only one gestalt reality. What constitutes one gestalt is the reality. Of special mention about the video, CG is just one means and it is obvious that it is expressive only how to show it using it. The way the world looks from the point of view of the hero using the back technique that is the scene of the race was a bit unbelievable.

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Watch the movie "Chihaya-knot-".

[Embed] v = _rnbbfu9_eg [/embed] [Chihaya knot] conclusion of the best conclusion to the growth story of the three years and true Shimata one of Rui Sawa. The coolness of the karuta which is drawn by transcendence technique.The chest becomes hot in the figure of the master's word and the fat ahead which continued struggling. The heart trembled in the scale that crossed the frame of the club movie to "eternal" of succession from "moment" of youth. "In the phrase above," the Taichi which says, "It is not beat to him that it risked all youth" is noticed in ' knot ' "the one that Harada Sensei and Mr. Suo is clinging is far from youth (all Life)". The view of this work with Taichi opens to the big time which wraps even the life and it from the junior high school for three years. There was a motif of "the phrase above" that isshu the thoughts of a thousand years ago, but in the "knot", the perspective of conveying the present to the future has been added. To dole my strength to the surroundings, and to convey the memory of the part from the senior to the junior. Chihaya said to the juniors, "I thought it was a wonderful thing." Because it was felt that it was possible to do the one left after we were gone, and the time spent in the Karuta club became "song which remained for a thousand years ahead" of the Kanade. I think that it is strongly impressed by the conclusion because it talks about the time when this work goes over. I am dealing with the traditions and youth of extracurricular activities, but from there I have spread to more universal things. From a thousand years ago to this moment, from this moment to a thousand years later. The content of the song is deeply related to the story, but it is interesting that the interpretation of the character is added while respecting the original meaning.I am the only one who can see me now, and I will catch the "do".The existence of the competition Karuta gives a new life to the song. What song do we have to leave a thousand years from now, as this song has left over the millennia we have the power to hold the moment forever, "said the word of the film. The moment of club activity, the eternal song. The strength of the master is the tradition of the ministry, and it is suggested many times that the connection of the person involved in Karuta will remain for a thousand years. The time spent in Karuta is a song for the characters. It's universal, but it's a theme that you could only draw with Karuta. It is a cheer that plainly shows the change in the story and the interpersonal relationship. The "Rui-fight" which did not align easily represented the state of the team. Club Introduction (Taichi) → District Qualifying Round 1 (Chihaya Tsukuba) → District Qualifying Finals (Tsukuba) → National Round (Hanano) There was always someone missing. In parallel with the cheer of the Rui, the new team of Fujioka East is portrayed as an immature squad. It is a cheer of "Fujioka East fight" that the word of new "lost to three years of Rui" appears clearly.The air of that scene is unable. However, neither the new nor Fujioka East members were looking sweetly at the group warfare. There is feeling that Chihaya and Taichi are learning the group game which started envied.The shouts also looked at the north of the semifinals (those Slim's voice was turned inside out and miserable, but the new one was startled to see it). Feed tab and tag fit.A feed tag is an individual's story.Chihaya and Iori, Taichi and new. The combination of the tags is the team's intention, conflict and decision. The story of Taichi and Chihaya and the groups of the "Rui Karuta" are tied here.

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Watch the movie ' Holy Deer Killing '.

[Embed] v = kibzpjs4gaq [/embed] saw "Holy Deer murder." I was too addicted when I saw the previous "lobster" directed by Randall Moss, and of course it was the best year for the introducing of the year, but I couldn't honestly rave about whether the hurdle had risen too much because of that. One of the reasons is that the plot was too simple.The previous work ' lobster ' was a perfect balance between the bizarre Buri and sophisticated visuals and music, with the story rolling at an accelerated pace to no one intended. This work is also the best stylish for shooting and music, but the Rue Chen story is too simple, and there is no big twist in the end. On the format of revenge, it is unable to express the weakness of human beings who do not have the judgment of the family's brittleness and good and evil by using the lines and endings of the verses.It is not nestled to the pain at all ruthlessly fearful. However, it was regrettable that there were no magical in the setting of the big yuan's inability to walk and to die.The story progresses so that it betrays it or the setting collapses, and the remainder is confused and I wanted to enjoy more the orchid-moss world of a beautiful picture and music.

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After the final episode of the drama ' Anne Natural '-the thought that lies ahead of reason and ethics moves people-

The other day, Anne Natural was so short that it was the end of a long journey. This work is a great response from each district, I think it was a masterpiece to remain in the history of TV dramas personally.I will explain the charm and the novelty. One of the essential elements of this work is the screenplay. Akiko Nogi, who was in charge of the screenplay, won the Fuji TV Young Scenario Award in 2010, and is generally classified as a young writer.As a screenwriter, her name came to be known as the reprint of 2016.And [to flee is a shame, but it is useful] two work.The air-flying Public Relations office and the Library war in the screenplay of the original, it is nogi that there was a reputation from before, and she decided the popularity and ability by the ability that the original cartoon common to ' reprint… ' and ' escape shame ' was dropped into the format of the television drama. It was this work [natural] that challenged as a complete original work such nogi. The response from the first broadcast on the screenplay was greatly increased, "as if you are watching a high quality overseas drama."Indeed, the turbulent of the first to reach the truth and the sprinting was more than the standard of TV dramas so far.It might have been a new challenge as the writer of the Nogi to compose the riddle Mystery of one story complete in the setting of forensic. However, the appeal of the script of this work is not limited to it.In addition to the aspect of the social drama that reflects the personality and social situation of the deceased until the investigation of cause of death, the story focuses on the personal "thoughts" of the characters from the point when the truth is revealed.To tell the truth, it is the best attraction of this work to continue drawing this "thought", and the "desire" which connects with the inside of the characters deeply becomes the presence toward the end which cannot be persuasive without a clear feeling.It is this work that had kept a high standard in many elements, such as the mystery part and the current story, comical conversation play, but also noteworthy is that I drew the characters ' thoughts '. Personally, I thought that this story was originally the beginning of this work, and that he put his strength into drawing the emotions of the Misemi Mikoto, the main character.Therefore, after solving the case, I was paying attention to the lines and performances that Mikoto pour. In fact, I made a note of such a thing in the impression of the two episodes.

This drama is a work for Satomi Ishihara.

In recent years, Satomi Ishihara is acting on the ground the hero of the cartoon by lowering the real resolution to extremes such as the movie "Attack on Titan", "Shin Godzilla" drama "The Play" (3 → 2.5 dimension), and an excessive deformed performance.Her mechanical acting is so impressive that he dares to squeeze a lot of emotion hidden in man and express the most suitable emotion on the spot with a single switch.However, Satomi Ishihara plays the main character from a different approach to this work.The trauma of the past, which was prepared as an element to elicit human and complex emotions (the memory of her upbringing and childhood, the only surviving in the four family briquettes suicides), reveals that she is still carrying a heavy cross.In the situation of absolute death of his subordinate Kubota Kube told the fear of death and obsession with life, a look similar to the resignation and words of gratitude to the Iura new Chudoji that became a lifesaver, the Mikako of colleagues and the real Shoji Ichikawa [Rice go] [ If you have time to despair and sleep eating rice, such as attitude and Akkerakan, the spirit that it wants to draw the human inside of Mikoto is transmitted from the appearance that many feelings such as sadness, strength, and brightness confused in such a short time emerge.I think this drama will be a masterpiece if we can catch the Mikoto of the mind in this polite depiction. In the first place, "thoughts" to be drawn in the riddle of one complete story, at most motives of the culprit, to draw a tsumabiraka to the subtleties of emotion that the hero is based on the truth of the case there is a risk that could become the noise of the story.Especially if the scale is devoted to the complex development to solve the case like the first time.However, this work is to overturn the norm at the risk.The reason for this was that there was an ending that could only be achieved by drawing a personal "thought" that was delineated by facts and ethics. Even more surprising is that even if you are ambitious enough just to draw the "thoughts" of the hero and Mikoto, this work will change the object that portrays the feelings from Mikoto to Chudoji Kube while the story progresses.Of course, without slowing down the quality of the riddle part of the story one complete.It was five stories in the middle of the story that became decisive. Below is the impression at the end of the five episodes.

No sympathy.

The story unfolds in five episodes.A glimpse of the feelings hidden in the Chudoji from the story of aiding his revenge is made to appear the person in the same situation as the Chudoji who lost the loved ones.After the culprit is revealed, the lines are suppressed and emotions precede.In the world where the yardstick such as reason and ethics does not function, the "thoughts" and "wishes" of the Mikoto and Kube are made to stand there attractive.It might have been an oath of Nogi that the story was not approved only on Mikoto's feelings any longer.There are discrepancies lines to pay attention to.The word "The man who killed the person should be prepared to be killed" of Chudoji.This is an important line which continues to the second half that the danger of Chudoji is expressing.In light of Chudoji's behavior, Mikoto wants Chudoji to speak the past.5 talk is tightened with such words of Mikoto.I want to touch "lemon" of Yonezu who is the theme song of the drama here though the story is deviated a little "because it does not sympathize".This song MV was published 2/27.It was an impression that it was a good song in the late stage of the drama until the MV was released, but when I saw the MV that was published, I was convinced that this song was sung by Chudoji's "thoughts".The yonezu of the MV is reminiscent of the Chudoji.She is Chudoji's late lover, and her high heels yonezu on the MV.In this way, the theme shifts in the second half of the drama to see how the Chudoji of the UDI lab Mikoto the "thoughts" that have been held. It was Kube who was the subordinate of Mikoto that became an important role as well as Chudoji.After seeing the first time, I was uncomfortable with the fact that Masataka Kubota performed the Kube.I had doubts that a good actor would have a passive role that would not seem to be involved in the subject.But as the story progresses, Kube's presence grows.In particular, the conversation between Mikoto and Kube, which was seen every episode after the case was resolved, comes to be able to look strongly at the two "thoughts".It is felt that complex feelings have been revealed more than the conversation with Chudoji in the word of Mikoto which talks to match the temperament of Kube's original shadow.Mikoto expresses his own ' ' Thoughts ' ' in a conversation with Kube and pulls out Kube sentiments.As a result, it is established as a strong story guilty the painful position of the Kube. In other words, this work was due to an extremely advanced script that Chudoji emotions through the incident and drew Kube emotions in some conversations after the incident was resolved. And the final times.Udi story goes toward the challenge of keeping the lab alive and Chudoji.The two elements of reason, ethics, and thoughts that have been drawn so far are the key to the end.Mikoto is confronted with a forensic weapon in order to question a person suspected of murdering 26 people without tampering with the reporting papers.This leads to the recovery of foreshadowing that Mikoto to overcome the trauma that was shouldered by mother.There was some discomfort in her obsession with winning or losing, but perhaps this is a sign of the pride of her trauma or as a forensic person.However, he is not the kind of person who can easily make an appeal based on her reason or ethics.The final trump card was the emotion that I had drawn so far.She defies the culprit with feelings beyond the facts.As a result, a certain word of Mikoto is the trigger of the criminal's confession."I sincerely sympathize with you" sympathy is the meaning of empathy and compassion, and it is an expression that can create misunderstandings at first glance.However, in five episodes, Mikoto said to Chudoji, "No sympathy," and said to the culprit in the final "sympathy from the Heart" was used in exactly the same way, needless to say.Of course, it is the meaning of pity.It is precisely because I have carefully drawn a multitude of complex "thoughts" of the characters, and people were moved by the lines that were placed on them.I can say that it was the last of the masterpiece. The drama of the cool of this time is not easy to rank with complete ryosaku, but I think that the world of the story "Anne Natural" that Akiko Nogi drew was one out of it.I'm looking forward to her next work.

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Watch the movie "Chihaya-knot-".

[Embed] v = _rnbbfu9_eg [/embed] [Chihaya-knot-tie-] watch. I thought it was absolutely good from the potential of the phrase and the phrase above, but it was ridiculously wonderful! I've never seen a story where such characters live their work.There is color in the breath of each person. The way to draw the theme is excellent in the axis of infinite future. The use of silence, slow motion animation is perfect like the previous work. As for the sound, I paid attention to the details of the paper ringing.All the actors were perfect.The theme of succession seems to be looking at Chihaya of the phrase on the phrase of the above and the forward of the Kiyohara fruit gaya here.The Queen is as eccentric as ever, but the source of her strength, "which is genuinely loving Karuta," was a well-grounded criterion.I wanted to see more team-streams including meat buns and a desk. That's five billion points, isn't it? It is good even if it is just a solid betta once in a while. Study and club, youth.Youth is one of the few things I feel good about.It's good to know a little about everyone.

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Watch the movie "15:17" to Paris.

[Embed] v = p_ty9cju9oy [/embed] It is a movie as strange as it thinks.How is such a story like the reproduction drama of the television so interesting, and can it cry? "Movie based on a true story," a gimmick that shakes the genre, it is the best one shot.But endure the re-appreciation.The more you watch, the stronger your emotions become. I did not like the advertised "based on a true story", and I thought that this work might be the work which drew the people who had encountered the indiscriminate terrorism in the documentary touch. Alternatively, although there are many interesting works that have the strength to be based on the actual story and can be completed by itself, it was unpleasant that the person who became the model of the video at that time finally came out in such a work.If you look at this, you will feel the relationship between the fiction and the story, such as the only reproduction of reality to the end. However, when I think about it, "15:17, Paris" is doing a fairly experimental thing, but it is terrible not to make it feel like it.It is reflected in the time which can be called the reality without the movie and the documentary. The movie suddenly flies to their past with the story of one of the three groups beginning to start.In the age of an army OTA child, the youth of the young friend who repeated the failure without going well to volunteer for Para Rescue corps, and three childhood familiar Europe travel reunited after a long time.The time that the three have spent is drawn by various talk methods, and it does not arrive at the important "event" indefinitely. I spend a lot of time in the work in Europe Travel, the road movie of people really Normal ("movie" is not even suspicious, just a reflection of tourism), but somehow very good. A normal young man, just enjoying the trip, was thrown out of the story and the real time was shown in front of the pop. I felt the difference between the weight of being a true story and the lightness of being real as it is.But at the same time, these series of scenes are the dizzy of the past events. The highest climax in a sense is the scene of the medal award."Actual footage flowing into the last", "the person appeared in the end role" to take the classic advantage of the movie, and hit a gimmick to upset the falsehood.It is also extremely casual.It has laughed instinctively by a strange impression of this scene. The definition of the hero has changed considerably in this movie.There is not a heroic person, but a moment in his life when he becomes a hero.In that sense, it may be said that this casting is also in line with the theme that ordinary people become the characters of the movie.

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Drama ' Kiss of Todome ' final episode

[Embed] v = joxyet-nfr0 [/embed] drama ' Todome Kiss ' final episode. It was great.I love the drama of the people who spilled out from the world of the table that Izumi Yoshihiro draws, and I think that this work was a masterpiece which fights 1.2 in the work group.The original screenplay is also great. The elucidation of the mechanism of Leap, the main character, the purpose of taro, and to tell the truth, it returns, and the setting is prepared a lot, and it is nobility consistent in not only the means to draw the theme interesting to the end. The theme of this film is unquestionably "love," Love is the seep of the meaning of the love that you have. Leap to get a big money entry the weakness of the opponent with the ability to kiss the deal conveniently and rewrite the past.The last thing that Mong Taro chose to do with his love was not the round of the money or the ability of kissing, but the anai of his kiss. The Anai returned to the past has no memory of the Mong Taro.It advises that the ability is never used for the person like me in the Anai and it leaves the place.As a result, the feelings of the first love born in him end up not to us.The story closes on the scene as if he were to live frivolous as ever thereafter. "The past cannot be changed", "should not change the past" in the first and final times, he looks as if nothing has changed.But in him, there was a love that couldn't exist in the past, and a heart that believed in it, and I think that being frivolous was completely different from the past.

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Watch the river's edge.

Watch the river's edge. Posted on 2018年3月17日

[Embed] v = 5lbn2ejhqoq [/embed] saw ' Rivers edge '. Shibuya Humax Cinema, I think it was probably the previous time friends saw. Personally, I think it wasn't bad, but the expectation was high, and there were annoying places. First of all, the composition is unkind in a good meaning and a bad meaning.At the beginning, some of the scenes that are the key to the story are reflected in bits and pieces.The patchwork composition had an influence on the overall composition. At first glance, the story seems to be patchwork, but it is probably related to the age setting.The setting of this story in the age before the separation of the communication achieving, the cell phone which accelerates the division does not appear therefore.However, I think that it did by the composition to make it a presentiment. The most important thing in drawing this story is to recreate the view of the time. The effects of the occult boom and ' full suicide manual ' from the 1970s, and the fear and impatience that exist as unknown.The wound received by slipping across the opposite bank of the river and the sense of the life.I think that the way to cut the sense of this age was very good. I think the difference between the characters in this story and the young people of today is whether the body is accompanied or not.From now on, the real-world communication is a perfect analogue, but in the inevitable impact, God was the scene that was seen only by some young people before they were flattened to find a place to pray and believe in the details. Nikaido, young promising actors at the beginning there is a limit to compensate by imagination only this might have performed it firmly understood, and it is regrettable that it was not seen as young people in the early nineties personally.I can not say anything because I do not know at all about the social situation or the era of the time until about 1995 I honestly.

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Watch the movie ' Endless Poetry '.

[Embed] v = bmzf3sr-ic0 [/embed] ' endless poetry ' is a very strange movie, but the story is quite simple. After it emigrated to Santiago in Jodorowsky adolescence, the friend and the lover are obtained, and it talks by the fantastic character and the Surlealistic image of "Portrait of a Young artist" until the self as the poet is established and it leaves for Paris alone. It is a novel of Latin America writers to associate it with seeing "endless poetry". For example, Arenas's "Celestial Before dawn" and Borges's "Borges and Me".Recollection of the jumbled boyhood of the former fantasy, the latter is similar in terms of the dialogue between the past and the future of the poet, but not only that, but the way in which the film is expressed, which seamlessly portrays reality and illusion, is a subjectively exaggerated narrative of events It is the one mentioned as a feature of so-called magic realism in South America.I think that the closest one is to the autobiographical arenas, where the autobiography is left Behind, and the self as a memory and poet is depicted with an explosive illusion. This movie is quite a strange autobiography.Visual images and people are not just wacky.The present Jodorowsky himself appeared, talking to the old self.I thrust myself into the parting scene with my father, and it really encouraged me to hug him.Instead of remembering, they are living again.As if the past is the current progressive form. He is reunited in fiction with his father, who was not able to reconcile his repressive with poetry.Revive, overcome, and accept in your work.It was the fault and restraint of you that brought up his own qualities as a poet.Finally, I peel off my father's mask and hug him. This is a very moving scene.Reconciliation with the father which was not able to happen in reality consequence by the act of understanding and the irreversible past not drawing the desire that it wanted it so. One of the impressions that remained in this movie is exaggerated, and the Jodorowsky of the lover who beat a man who has hitting if it thinks whether the mother who speaks like the opera singer, and it drinks 2l beer at a stretch and shows the chest in public. It is likely to have been such an impression exactly in the subjectivity of Jodorowsky the Hisahiko woman Stella (a real person) was likely to hold your Itimots when walking together.When expressing that it is true for experience, memory and emotion, the narrative deviates from its true likeness.It is simply an exaggeration.The reason why the good compatibility between autobiographical works and magic realism is because of the theme of memory and subjectivity. The other is that metaphors and symbolism have a body, and everything appears in a tangible way.The crowd who put on the mask and the skull which does not conceal the appearance insist on existence as an element of the screen as a character though it is a synecdoche of something everyone.Metaphors are no longer metaphors.The circus starts suddenly if it is said that I am a clown. His son's Jodorowsky and his present Jodorowsky, Ling and real land, real events and exaggerated mental landscapes, dreams, life and death, the ones that are not supposed to meet, align themselves in a single screen with equal reality.I am puzzled by the realism peculiar to this work born by the exposure of the fiction and am impressed. It was possible to feel the affirmation of the expression vivid and lurid though it was a movie not understood again.They affirm their old ageThey affirm an urge to the artsIt is positive to live.

"Learning to Die happily"

"It's not a sin to live myself.It is a sin to live as others expect. "

There is no meaning, it lives.

"Old age is not any humiliation.Seru everything.Seru Sex, property, fame, even herself.You become one butterfly, you are a butterfly that emits light.Its existence is full of light. "

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Watch the movie ' spiritual Bolsheviks '.

[Embed] v = t5re5n1rc1k [/embed] A man and woman who were gathered in a facility where the appearance and age were various.It becomes circle, and it listens to the story that one person in the inside talks.What is being told is an eerie incident that occurred on the verge of the death of a prisoner.When it ends, the young man of the participant says, "After all, it is thought that man is the most scary" in a dull way.Then, the mediumship who is the center person of the meeting Masuri Basu him immediately.Mediumship's partner glasses man says, "It's word."It is said that the Reiki which has gathered with great pains by careless remarks has been scattered.After that, the man of the spectacle calls, "Let's Sing the Bolsheviks party song at such time" toward the participants, everyone in the place stands up, and begins to chorus the Bolsheviks party song in front of Stalin and Lenin's portraits, and ' spiritual Bolsheviks ' The title appears on the screen. Honestly lol. I thought this movie.I do not understand.This movie, however, is very interesting. When I tried to think about this movie, the first thing that came to mind was the word "it leads to mystery." This is a movie that literally tells the story of mystery.However, most of the scenes are just a few of the characters sitting and listening to the stories.Is this a movie?Anyway, it talks to the embarrassed. In the work, in a very limited and simple space, the characters are talking about their own experiences of ghost stories.It is said that all the collected people have touched the world in some shape.Mediumship and the man with glasses, who are hosting the association, are their own psychic to the participants?By making them talk about their experiences, they seem to be trying to call something that does not become a world.In the movie, a lot of mysterious phenomena happen, and, then, there is ruin, and a new "spiritual Bolsheviks" will be made to see the birth of the beginning.I feel like this was roughly the synopsis.The story is a very simple structure that starts from talking about mystery, and ends by the appearance of mystery though it is a story not understood well even if it writes. Each person talks a ghost story, and the grotesque happens when the last story ends.This is Hyakumonogatari if it says. According to the brochure, there was no element of narrative in the original plot, and it was a story about trying to summon spirits through confinement and torture.In other words, the ritual of summoning something was the original concept. In addition, this film, which is the perfect form, used the Hyakumonogatari as a ritual.It tried to talk about mystery and to call mystery. Moreover, it is not confined to the story, and it is trying to call the mystery which tells the mystery of the work including the expression of the image and the sound in this movie, and the meta-gimmick which involved it to the outside of the movie. So what is the mystery in this work? The commonplace phrase that the living person is scared is being rejected first and foremost.In addition, the production of the kind which surprises something suddenly jumps from the shadows and the sudden loud sound is eliminated as much as possible in this movie (personally, it was very thankful…).Since what I am doing in the work is like a treat, I know that I am genuinely trying to scare the supernatural.It seems that the portrait of Stalin and Lenin is hung, and it is really trying to summon their spirits. However, this is a little tricky.When the message from the world after death came out in the story, Asano (man of partner glasses of the mediumship) denies this because there is a possibility of the residual species which floats in this world which does not become proof of the reality of the world that the garbled thing goes out.Furthermore, in the endgame, the mediumship uglier that there is no such thing as the world, that there is no choice but to call the creature, and turn over all the stories. I think that the ghost of someone who died is also a rational and descriptive story in a sense.It is not even a ghost that the true truth is not known. When we think about it, we can feel the existence of something not only of the spirits of the dead, but also by the participants. What I thought was particularly interesting was the story of Mediumship. It was felt the scale feeling of the one crawling the ridge of the mountain, customs contraindications, and such an appeal short and simple though it was a story that it was likely to encounter the one not understood in the mountain and to receive the dislikes.It is also interesting to have witnessed "something" that was likened to Doyle's fairy photograph.Is it the existence pasted on the layer different from this world? Here, the following lines of the cartoon of Sugiura Hinako were recalled."It is not necessary to ascertain the true character.That is something I don't know. "It is a title "One Hundred Stories" here, too. In a word, I think that this movie is dealing with fear which exceeds the human intellect which is in the opposite pole of "man is the most scary", and "the one not understood" of a different world not even "that world". Then, how does this movie tell the mystery, and is calling the mystery? What I felt when I watched it was that the grotesque in this movie would come under the impression of something. The building which becomes a stage is encompassed by a variety of noises such as the sound of the bird, the operation of the machine, and the life sound of the town.The more you concentrate on the narrative and the more Shizumare the listener is, the more aware the sound is.A monotonous and inorganic sound, a whisper sound, a lapping and a cat's walking sound.While listening, it is strange to think that they are all really natural sounds.What is it that sounds like footsteps?Life sounds and said, but the setting should be a secluded place.Then, why is the bustle like the crowd heard?In addition, it is not clear whether it is the one in the screen or the sound in the theater and the uneasiness is also created. Moreover, when the participant of the blindfold is talking, the appearance of the experiment is reflected in the angle like the surveillance camera, and the grain of light is occasionally swirling in the dust which dances.This, is not it a guy named Orb familiar with psychic photos? Be's a arose laugh of a man who was heard mingling at a time when all the participants were laughing.Even so, the mediumship who suddenly started laughing will be wonder. By the way, "The barefoot Woman" who often shows up comes in the blackout and the darkness of the night. The expression which makes it to something like this gives a real feeling by grotesque.On top of that, it's also a pleasure to look at every corner of the screen, listen to trivial noises, and seek fear. I think it depends on how many scenes you want to talk about, whether or not horror movies are attractive.Because it is the art of vision, it is important how much we can express on the screen what is not the world, what is abnormal, and what is frightening. In this movie, there are a lot of layout of the screen which seems to be likely to appear, and to lurk.Mirror, darkness, shadows.The presence of a barefoot woman is hinted only by the glance of Yukiko who is talking with Nagao.Mita (the first man I spoke to) is afraid of peer in the bathroom ("Was it really a doll in the closet?"It's a strange feeling to ask a mirror.There is a place of grotesque everywhere. I think the feature of this movie is that something is happening on the edge of the screen.This is not limited to the fear production, and there is a hilarious scene named Nagao who shows Yukiko of the first participation in the Bolsheviks party song anthem at the beginning.In the scene where Kataoka (the girl of Asano's disciple) enforcement the entire participant with a handgun, the figure of her approaching the other person shot was reflected in something like a metal plate.In addition, the center of the screen was mirrored to Stalin and Lenin's photographs and other participants in the scene which sudden as Yukiko in the endgame was obsessed with something, and Yukiko who walked away pad had been projected to the edge of the screen.It is also interesting that the light hit the face of Yukiko at that time and the face was blurred.Is it connected with the story of Nagao that it was blurred by all means even if the face of the woman who came out in the dream is seen well?The Ghost remembers the story that the face is not clearly seen.(By the way, Yukiko's high-speed chick walk is quite interesting) when watching horror movies, I want to shut my ears as much as possible, but this work tells me that horror movies are painfully to listen to and enjoy. This movie is a complete story in the small space of a room of the factory.This space is a barrier, and participants are not allowed to go outside until all ceremonies are completed.The audience is watching the characters in the dark of the movie theater telling stories.When it does so, it suddenly notices a strange thing.The characters who listen to the ghost story and the audience who watch it.I have heard that neither of them will ever change.It comes here, and the meaning of the movie which talks about the ghost tale story is understood.It synchronizes the situation of the audience and the characters, and brow the inside and outside of the screen.Rather, the movie theater is trying to embrace inside the barrier.As a result, we who are watching will Awasare stand in the place of grotesque without respondent.The noise in the screen and the distinction of the sound in the movie theater are hard to attach, too and this impression is strengthened.If that's the case, the moment the movie is over and the film is dark, it may be time for the last candle in the Hyakumonogatari to blow out. It appeared at the end of the movie, and it remembered a mysterious liberating feeling more than the fear in the appearance of the walking left because it was not able to be touched because the thought and the historical thing such as honesty Bolsheviks was not understood at all.It is the one that it wants to scatter the grotesque in the world.

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Watch "Blank13", the first feature of Saito and director.

[Embed] v = cbwgxqy2wze [/embed] I have seen the first feature "Blank13" of Saito engineering and supervision.That's good. The impression that it was made carefully to every corner in the short scale for a feature of 70 minutes.It is a fetish for the art of Saito's film.From the comparison of the size of the funeral at the beginning, how to merge the recollection, how to use tools such as bicycles and baseball, and how to pull out the individuality of the name actors to solidify the side, even though we continue to select the most solid choices in all over again, It was keenly to be a solid because of the person who loved the film, and it was very comfortable to watch. It was an inorganic, dark, cold impression at the beginning, and it seemed to be a warm picture though the exact same scene came out at the beginning and the last. I was able to feel that the world has changed a little in this one hour, so it was good. There are a lot of good scenes including the funeral scene. In particular I felt the flow of unbroken beyond time and space, the scene that is taught the open stance of Yaegashi to father, the face of Takahashi life during the funeral to remind me that it was reminded by chance, The nearby stadium and the mother who was there just before the cut. The situation of old times is transmitted only by connecting with the picture without the line.I thought it was a very movie. The last scene that Yu Nene Matsuoka rounded his hand and applied it to his belly a little it was said that it was said that it was Takarada-kun who was sleeping when she was good at her and she was pregnant Nene Matsuoka.

Takahashi's life and Aoi Morikawa are going out with a story like that, the cult drama [Princess Maison] seems to be in the spotlight."Kaemon" is also so, NHK's funny drama is perfect for nurturing love.

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Watch NHK Premium drama "Heisei Makioka".

Yesterday and today, NHK has been re-broadcast [Heisei Makioka]. I could not see it when I was doing it at a premium, but I saw that it was good for my seniors and baked it, but it was very good.He is a very good writer, especially Ryuta.Originally, the person of the theatrical field did not seem to write the drama so much, but thought that I wanted this person to draw more drama. According to the title, there is a "Makioka" of Tanizaki in the base, and has replaced the age setting in Heisei. In 1992, the story starts from the story of the bankruptcy of a long-established company with four sisters born, but the story progresses in the world view like the Showa era, a few years after the collapse of the bubble should have been wearing the illusion of Showa nilly, It might be a message as the story that only the hint that the tragedy of Heisei starts from there in the sun world which cannot be thrown away in the age of Showa era though the bubble also collapsed instead of the era. "And one month later, the great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake struck Kansai.  It is the beginning of a long, long lost era.It becomes the testimony that the last of the drama had been tightened by such a narration. Emoto began to play the Itakura, how to draw each person was also very polite. Yuri Nakamura was especially good if it said by four sisters. Camera work such as zooming in and out was good for the atmosphere.

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Watch the movie ' Cat '.

Watch the movie ' Cat '. Posted on 2018年2月18日

[Embedyt] v = jpjoggqpe6u [/embedyt] saw the film "Keisuke" directed by Yoshida Cat. The previous work ' Himeano-Le ' was certainly a shock, but I did not think that it was a masterpiece up to there personally. However, the work ' cat ' was truly splendid. Although the work of the family and the parent and child is a theme often, I think that the work which drew straight up to "brother/sister" is unexpectedly unusual. As a story, I'm just depicting the daily life of two pairs of brothers/sisters, but the underlying is the poor feeling that can only be put on Yoshida Keisuke, and jealousy and inferiority complex emerge in distortion.If you thine the flow of the previous work, this tension will explode somewhere, it will not be irreparable, but in this film many times such a thing continues, it does not end up as it is. The reason is clear, it is "brothers/sisters".In the words of killing or dying, at the end of the actions that betrayal and envy cause, the "brothers/sisters" should be depicted.It can be gathered from the last words."No change" when good and bad, the relationship of "brother/sister" is always imposed on each other. It is not possible not to be conscious of it. The respect power of just the same as the strain repulsive energy is asleep to man who is always raised in the vicinity. It was a very simple story, but it was so convincing that I could hirugae in my life and leave what I could think of. Soon, my sister will have a child. Will I be an uncle?

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Watch the 牯 (Courince) juvenile murder case.

[Embedyt] v = p0kphc7zne0 [/embedyt] saw the ' 牯 of the boy murders ' that were not seen last year. I say presumptuous, but unquestionably a masterpiece of kitai that remains in the history of the film. The first thing that surprised me was the shooting technique.How to draw characters and how to take the Town 1 cut one cut is calculated exhaustion, the world of the story in four hours I feel like I know everything. The strength of the story inevitably increases by piling up the cut calculated thoroughly. The theme of this movie is the conflict between the adult and the child who is caught in the situation of the Taiwan from the end of the Fifties to the Sixties as well as the narration at the beginning. It is not a college student who was the center of the student movement of the Japan in the same period, but there is a shock that junior high school student is a hero, Moreover, the lack of the way of the story of a miserable event which has happened as a result in a vague uneasiness and hope stands out even if a concrete purpose is not found. I was able to do a lot of empathy in small four of the hero. Of course, the situation of the background of the event that he caused and the Taiwan at that time cannot be separated, but from the middle, only his eyes were seen, and the peaceful daily for him was wished heartily.Therefore, I felt his immaturity to be very painful. If you look back, except for the fatale that was perfect, the obvious evil to the family and friends is difficult to find, rather than the daily collapse in the town of the good man is strong and unbearable.Personally, I thought that making the scene of the case last was the most unpleasant and intense impact, but I was also shaken by the fact that the family and the town continued to describe the day after losing him.It was a perfect four hours without unnecessary scenes for one second, such as the flashing lights of electricity, the longing for the West, the Christian motifs, and the city where infrastructure was in place.

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Thursday drama [BG-Personal Guards ~] First time/Watch the second episode.

BG-Personal guard-first time.

Since "Eimhome", but Kim Tak came to play the hero without a sense of hero, this work is pretty sober as the protagonist played by Kim Tak. The technique of trying to suppress the access of Kim Tak with the precision of the balance and the plot with the co-stars is no longer novel. However, it is hirugae and here is a aim of the tele-morning. Now the tele-morning drama is the most successful to capture the viewer, only to see the numbers.The result is that the drama itself has abandoned the novelty and complexity and is only aiming to maintain a stable and high quality.This work can be seen as one of the big currents. Yumiko Inoue's screenplay is hard to think of, and can be expected to continue to the end with outstanding stability.The theme of the private security, NHK's "fourth security" has been drawn in particular because the contents of the work, etc. If you are interested in the story, "Dancing…" Yanagiba-the standpoint of Eguchi-kimura, reminiscent of ODA. There is no way that Kim Tak in this age is an ordinary development that will deepen the relationship while the elite's opinion on the police officer, perhaps the audience is looking for there.It is an iron rule of the Teletext drama to be able to answer it kindly, and I want to appreciate the appearance to perform the honor student including around brazen.

"BG-Personal Guard" Episode 2

It is transmitted that a very luxurious making, but the coarse of detail stands out.You can make the scene of Ishida Yuriko of the popular now needless to this story, or you can escape in a way that can not be a subject of the guards, wearing high heels.It is the one to think that the rough development which disregarded such a detail continues. Because Kim Tak's access has been neutralized well in the settings, the reality of the personal security in the constraints that I made well and Kimura-Eguchi, but I would enjoy enough to liven up the story in relation to Saito.

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Friday drama "Anne Natural" Episode 2/Watch the third episode.

Friday drama ' Anne Natural ' episode 2

This time it was content to delve into the past and the current status of the hero and Misemi Mikoto to perform Satomi Ishihara more than the first.Looking at this episode, I thought this drama was for Satomi Ishihara. In recent years, speaking of Satomi Ishihara, the movie "Attack on Giants" [Shin Godzilla] drama "Reviewer Girl", such as to act on the ground the hero of the cartoon by deliberately lowering the resolution of the real (3 → 2.5 dimension) acting that has been deformed in excess of was conspicuous. Her amazing technique of limiting hundreds of complex emotions within a human being and providing them in a way that is best suited to the place with a single switch has been a topic in various places. This time, it is showing that it plays a complex hero quite opposite.One element that brings it out is the trauma of the past. The memory of the childhood that survived only four briquettes of charcoal suicide is the element that can be touched every now and then including this time.At that time she shows that she is still carrying the cross.In addition, her current sadness, strength, and brightness emerge from the appearance and the expression which connects with surrounding people. The attitude of fear of death and obsession with life, told the juniors played by Masataka Kubota in absolute death situation, look similar to the resignation and thanks to the Iura new senior acting on the rescue, and then Ichikawa Real Mikako colleagues and "Meat line" and the like and Akkerakan, It is expected that a lot of feelings jumbled in a short period of time want to draw this hero. If you can catch the thoughts of the hero in this polite depiction, I think this drama will be a masterpiece that is unparalleled.So I personally do not agree with the part of the weekly magazine commenting, which was in the last. I want Akiko Nogi to believe only one point of the expression of the one million street of Satomi Ishihara.

Friday drama ' Anne Natural ' episode 3

The room was very clean. Last time, I wrote a change from a uniform character born by Satomi Ishihara that I expect from this drama, but this time it was completely back. The emphasis is placed on the story in a complete structure. However, Akiko Nogi a talk with Ryota Furusawa in this month's art Techo drama, "The story is visually, but I think how clever to put the back theme there," he said. It was too radical this time to get out on the front. Of course it is intended to rubbing the feelings of Mikoto, which acts as Satomi Ishihara, as a result, the structure of "rational man and the emotional woman" is made easy, but the flow is too delicate to treat the problem of the man and woman. In addition, Mikoto becomes emotional, but it arrives at the truth by substituting the emotion for energy. In other words, this is not the same as the stylized performance of Satomi Ishihara, which shows only the emotions of the number patterns narrowed down to the drama. Instead of focusing on the absolute conclusion, such as a trial, I would like to look at the Mikoto of the more gray areas and ask the audience for their complex feelings. I understand that it must be absolute truth to arrive at the doctor's story, but what kind of emotion is mikoto to the history and the final conclusions that lead up to it?It is a selfish fondness that it should make this drama more interesting.

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Introduction of the cool work in January, 2018 TV drama Rating

I had spent the first time of the drama with a splash in the effects of the flu hit. The theme of this term is relatively diverse, and the characteristics of each drama come out well.However, it is also true that there are a lot of themes and content seen somewhere. I think you can focus on making things that you don't care about or have seen. For now, "Anone", "Anne Natural", "maskmen", "The Girl", "The Family next door looks blue" is good.


"Anone" is not readable (that is, there is a story) feeling is unusual in the recent Sakamoto works.It can be enough to get away with it, but it's a fun way of not wanting to miss the key message.

Anne Natural

Although I have seen an article titled "Natural" as the goal of a high quality overseas drama, I cannot say that the setting and the structure have gone out of the range of the ream of the Japan of the past.But as for the first time, it was good to turbulent the story and to get to the truth.Akiko Nogi One of the things that the complete mystery of a story is that it was worth. Of course, it will add the point of social sect from the personality and social situation of the dead up to the subject, not only to elucidate the cause of death, but it is attacked by the sense of the continuous presence of the Japan extra.For example, the "criminal distortion" of the previous year was very good in that area, so it is a point for the future where uniqueness can be put out.


"Maskmen" is a fake documentary of Tele-East forte, but it makes me think that it will be exciting again when the performers change. The nature of the serious and the wild bomb as the expressive person of Saito works. The thrill of this combination is that it's easy to blotted the boundary between real and fake.

Girl in the Shadow

The "Electric Shadow Girl" is very stylish to take. The original view of the world has been brushed up in modern times, and it was seen with confidence while the Orthodox development.It seems to become the original development in the future including the last time, and I think that I can enjoy seeing as a man who does not know the original.

The family next door looks blue.

"The family next door looks blue" was a sincere drama that faced the theme of "The pregnant activity" though it was not expected the first time of the previous so much. Instead of focusing on the one point of a married couple who is not blessed with children, it is better to treat multiple problems evenly by placing people who have other problems around them. Because the individual problem is devised so as not to become heavy, there is no sermon smell (although it became a moment in the theme song), on the other hand, it is clear that it is the one that the timing of the dialog and the selection of words were selected to treat the problem. Because it tends to be missed in the drama of recent years such a polite and the seriousness, I want to see it firmly personally.

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2017 novels, movies, TV dramas, best 10

2017 novel (domestic) 10 best

1. "Beloved child" Rieko Matsuura

[Amazon_link asins = ' 4163906363 ' template = ' Productcarousel ' store = ' tokyofactoryk-22 ' marketplace = ' JP ' link_id = ' E6f62314-f789-11e7-a7bb-f1ad69c5fb4e ']

2. "Child of the Star" Natsuko Imamura

[Amazon_link asins = ' 4022514744 ' template = ' Productcarousel ' store = ' tokyofactoryk-22 ' marketplace = ' JP ' link_id = ' f2ee8ef0-f789-11e7-8e49-db81d3924279 ']

3. "Theater" Naoki Matayoshi

[Amazon_link asins = ' 4103509511 ' template = ' Productcarousel ' store = ' tokyofactoryk-22 ' marketplace = ' JP ' link_id = ' 0d1c8673-f78a-11e7-9606-970984fdcc77 ']

4. "From the top of the rock" Kurokawa Hajime

[Amazon_link asins = ' 4104444081 ' template = ' Productcarousel ' store = ' tokyofactoryk-22 ' marketplace = ' JP ' link_id = ' 2c7a00b8-f78a-11e7-921b-297caf4bca31 ']

5. "Sunday People" Jay Takahashi

[Amazon_link asins = ' 4062207087 ' template = ' Productcarousel ' store = ' tokyofactoryk-22 ' marketplace = ' JP ' link_id = ' 36DFBF07-F78A-11E7-8743-7B58C1EE8F1F ']

6. "Hosanna" Machida Yasushi

[Amazon_link asins = ' 4062205807 ' template = ' Productcarousel ' store = ' tokyofactoryk-22 ' marketplace = ' JP ' link_id = ' 3fc322e2-f78a-11e7-bc4b-c168c2de25c6 ']

7. "Inexperienced person" to the generation Yusuke

[Amazon_link asins = ' b077swsynw ' template = ' Productcarousel ' store = ' tokyofactoryk-22 ' marketplace = ' JP ' link_id = ' 4be1dbe4-f78a-11e7-b08f-2f8b48b979c2 ']

8. dot 』 Yamaoka mia

[Amazon_link asins = ' 4087711358 ' template = ' Productcarousel ' store = ' tokyofactoryk-22 ' marketplace = ' JP ' link_id = ' 5ee2f8f3-f78a-11e7-a7c4-f5b0a587ce58 ']

9. "The Yaegaki" by Taro Miwa

10. "Eggplant Shine" Takiguchi Yusei

[Amazon_link asins = ' 4103353139 ' template = ' Productcarousel ' store = ' tokyofactoryk-22 ' marketplace = ' JP ' link_id = ' 902ac978-f78a-11e7-a0a8-059440a5307a ']

2017 Movie Best 10

1.20th Century Woman

[Embedyt] v = 1h19wsoapts [/embedyt]

2. ' Bankok Nights '

[Embedyt] v = 9vniidac0m4 [/embedyt]

3. Patterson

[Embedyt] v = kpruzhc1zmy [/embedyt]

4. Visitors at 8 p.m.

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When they are really knitting,

[Embedyt] [/embedyt]

6. "Young lady"

[Embedyt] v = oemqxa5qxa0 [/embedyt]

7. ' ' Nocturnal animals ' '

[Embedyt] v = aundhjq3thu [/embedyt]

8. Manchester by the Sea

[Embedyt] v = c_kdsapybf4 [/embedyt]

The night sky is always the highest density of blue.

[Embedyt] Https:// [/embedyt]

10. Gifted

[Embedyt] v = T_ddhwxxara [/embedyt]

2017 TV Drama Best 10

1. Quartet

2. "People look 100 percent"

This voice to you

4. "Nineteen"

The only me who was born first

6. Code Blue 3rd

There is no such thing as a lie.

8. ' I am the Mari '

9. Ito-kun atoe

10. Emotion Line 8

(except WOWOW SVOD works)

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"Brothers"/movie ' Sanga nostalgia ' depicting contemporary Chinese drama novels

It was only a few hours left in 2017. This year has been a tumultuous year that has rarely been seen in recent years. The Trump administration was inaugurated in the United States in the background of a populist phenomenon, and the National Front led by marine-le-Penn was defeated Macron in the France. In Europe, the UK's prime Minister informed the EU of leaving, and the Catalan district of Spain declared its independence. Islamic countries in the Middle East collapse virtually. However, many protests have occurred since the American Trump President recognized Jerusalem as the Israel capital. In Asia, the Philippine President Duterte the extrajudicial murder campaign, and in the Malaysia Kuala Lumpur airport, the eldest son of North Korean Kim Jong Il was assassinated. Myanmar is in turmoil with the Rohingya of the new regime by the former bearers of the pro-democracy movement, Aung San Suu Kyi. And, the flight body jumps regularly in the Japan. On the other hand, the economic side was strong which seemed to be a bubble on the numerical value. The global economy has been booming across the board, and the Nikkei average has risen to a level before the collapse of the bubble in 1992. In addition, the price of the virtual currency soared tenfold to a hundred times. In such a situation, it might have been China to have held the presence and the coloring remarkably in the region straight to the international forum and the Chinese Communist Party 19th National National Convention. China today is gaining its presence as the center of the east, such as the former state of Manchuria-Asia-Pacific Prosperity area dreamed of the Soviet Union-Third international and Japan.

This year, I had a big impact on my trip to East Asia, such as Hong Kong S.A.R. and Taiwan (Republic of China) in the first half, and in the second half, I became friends with a girl from mainland China. She was born in China for almost the same age in 1988.We have a big difference in the world view and perspective. On the other hand, she who grew up in the socialist market economy and the development after the reform opening and the Amon incident (in fact, they in the same generation of China) will see a bright future. On the other hand, we live in the bubble collapse, the parrot incident, the lost 20 years, and look at the report of Lehman shock and the year of the fall of the village dispatched, looking for employment, I have seen the great East Japan earthquake and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident. What it looks would be different. The personal relationship is beyond the culture, the system, and the nation. It comes to hold the difference, and the sympathy gradually in the beginning the curiosity and the next. This year, I read and saw some of the works depicting contemporary China. What was particularly impressive was the "Sanga nostalgia" of the novels ' Brothers ' and Ja Chang.

My brother

"The existence of" the Zhang art plot which left a vivid impression at the Cannes Film Festival. The novel, "Brother," which was announced by literary, the author of China, which was a decade Buri, sparked a great debate in China.Frivolous! Soap Drama! Garbage novels! This book which became an explosive hit to yoso the criticism of the literary world was finished drawing without leaving the tragicomedy of the extreme, modern China 40 years of extreme from the economic power of the world second from a cultural revolution, and it is just big, Jie, work. Without reading this, thou shalt not speak Chinese people (and literature)! 1966–The Cultural Revolution started with Mao Zedong's hand. The two families I met in this age of terror jeopardy neighbors. The man took the gentle boy, and the woman was bringing a strong boy. The man's name is sung Shipei.The child's name is sung steel. The woman's name is Lee LAN.The child's name is Lee Wiggling. Two families became one, and two of sung steel and Lee wiggling were brothers. However, even this small family did not miss the Times.

' Sanga nostalgia '

The 68th Cannes International Film Festival Competition is officially exhibited! "Yangtze River" (Venice International Film Festival Gold Lion Prize), "Touch of Sin" (Cannes Film Festival Screenplay award) Master Ja-Jean COO latest work! Things that do not change over time-the feelings that mother thinks about the child, the bond with an old friend, and the scenery of the hometown where it grew up. All of them were filled with dear and melancholy, and the epic epic that the world gave tribute to. The past, the present, and the future.I keep thinking of you forever. In a corner of the rapidly developing China, the mother who thought about the parted son and lives in one hometown. The son is looking for the image of mother in the foreign land. The strong love of mother and child floats up and changes this world.A constant desire In 1999, Shanxi Province, Fengyang (Ruby: Fengyang). The Tao of the elementary school teacher had been sent the thought from two young friend of the Jinshen of the Llanzou and the businessman who worked in the coal mine. Eventually, the Tao receives a proposal from Jinshen, and the son Daolar. In 2014.The Tao divorced Jinshen and lived alone Fengyang.The death of the father who attacks the Tao suddenly one day. To attend the funeral, the Tao is reunited with the Daolar who live away. The Tao will know that he will emigrate to the Australia with Jinshen. Australia, 2025.The 19-year-old Daolar was unable to speak Chinese in his long overseas life. In a feud with his father, who loses his identity, he encounters a Chinese teacher, Mia, and begins to look for a faint-remembered mother.

Two dramas depicting modern China

Two works overlap in a big meaning. One is that both of these works were magnificent works which drew the present age of China. "Brothers" is a Chinese appearance from the Cultural Revolution to the present age, and ' Sanga nostalgia ' depicts the appearance of China between the 1990s and 2025. The speed of China's development is progressing at an overwhelming pace and speed different from that in Europe and Japan.The development has a new better future, but at the same time it also has to throw away the old. Among these two works were the separation of the glory and good old family that China's development has won. It is a certain kind of tragedy that director Keisuke Kinoshita drew by ' tragedy of Japan ' before. The other thing that was common to these two works was that the triangular relationship was depicted as the motifs of the work.Two men, one woman. Two men are friends, but at the same time they love one woman.A strong man and a gentle man.The woman finally chooses a strong man.(or choose.)If it is said, this might be a motifs seen well in the literary.The relationship between the teacher and K and her daughter is seen in the heart of Natsume Soseki.Haruki Murakami's "Hear the Wind song" and "Norwegian Forest" as seen in the triangular relationship. The two men depicted there might represent "the age of modernization and high economic growth" and the good old days (nostalgia). Is there a need for some kind of loss and nostalgia in modernization and high economic growth? The last scene of ' Sanga nostalgia ' was very beautiful and impressive. Still, music sounds, people continue to dance, and the Times flow. [Embed] https://YOUTU.BE/89X9PHPONZS [/embed]

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Watch the movie ' Kubo/Kuwakubo The secret of two strings '.

[Embedyt] v = t90hk4sy_he [/embedyt] The story of the story that speaks seriously about the meaning of narrative, the beauty of the image to rediscover the views and feelings of life and death of Japan culture , the music has been made to cry many times. You can meet a movie that is so crazy. The hero's Kuwakubo is a Sekigan boy with a magical ability to play the shamisen and manipulate origami. He was popular with the people of the village, telling the story of the samurai who stood up to the Emperor of the Moon in the playing of the shamisen and the moving origami doll. However, Kuwakubo always interrupts the story without telling the end and goes back. To tell the truth, Kuwakubo does not know the ending of the story.

It was a story about his family that had always been listened to by his mother and his two lives.

The Emperor of the Moon was Kuwakubo's grandfather and samurai who fought to defend the mother and Kuwakubo of the daughter Kuwakubo who was the father of Kuwakubo. It is said that there is no kuwakubo one eye because it was taken away by the grandfather as soon as it was born. Kuwakubo loved to hear the story from his mother, but her mother was lost from her memory of the shock of losing her husband, and she couldn't talk to the end. It is time when Mother's younger sister (Sisters of Darkness) came to Sai that the story of the Kuwakubo had broken the promise with mother that it was not necessary to go out after the day sank on the evening of the festival in the village in the big movement. Perhaps, until this moment, the story that the mother listened to was still empty for Kuwakubo.I mean, reality and the story is undifferentiated, and the Emperor of the Moon and the father might not have actually felt the truth even if the doubt. It can be said that the attack of the Dark Sisters has invaded by eating the boundary that the story separates from the reality. It is also interesting to trace the synopsis that the trigger is familiar with the old stories and fairy tales "to receive the reward for having broken the taboo". The Kuwakubo who was likely to be caught by the sister of the Dark is lost to "country of farthest" by power that mother used to shake the life. The place was land, covered with snow as far as the eye, without even a human sign. Kuwakubo to protect himself from the pursuer of the moon, it goes out to the travel which collects three arms put of a mysterious power by three of the stag who has no memory other than the conviction that it was an ape transformed from the doll of wood carving by mother's last power, and father's vassal of Kuwakubo. It is suggested from the beginning that Kuwakubo is a character that goes back and forth between the story and the reality. Kojima where he lives with his mother?The village is separated by the sea. Kuwakubo the story, and the mother who has escaped from the Emperor of the Moon (the man of the story side) does not meet the village resident. The village, the islet, and the bridge which is the boundary line between two worlds are delivered to the village every day Kuwakubo the story heard from the mother, and what heard in the village is delivered to mother.

This work is a fantasy.

Kuwakubo's mysterious power and the adventure in the farthest country are all realities in the movie. But on the other hand, I want to think this way. I wonder if a carved monkey is a glued monkey, a stag beetle and a human warrior, an immortal in the lunar capital, and such a existence really exists in the reality of this film. The world of this movie is drawn only to the village where Kuwakubo grew up and the country of farthest. In addition, when he returned to the village to seek the last armor, the villagers hid without having to rebuild the house. The village seemed not to have passed much time since it was in the burned. Even though Kuwakubo has returned from a long journey. And, three arms that the line is looking for are the one that the Kuwakubo is taught from the mother, and it appears in the story made to talk to the people in the village and to hear. There is an impression that the perspective of the fiction and the reality collapses somehow or other. There is a strange twist to the story and reality.This trip is close to the events in the dream.Farthest country isn't a real place, is it? Or, The verge of the fiction and the reality has faded infinitely, and Kuwakubo was doing the adventure in the story that I had talked about.I felt that way.

"Memories" is also the theme of this film.

The story is not only independent, but each story is connected, heavy, or sometimes confrontational. The adventure of the Kuwakubo, which collects three arms and confronts the Emperor of the Moon, has succeeded in ending the story of the parents who had been interrupted. It is a word that the stag put on the ape who realized time when it was left that the person keeps living as long as there is a person who talks about the memory even if dying. Someone spoke to someone else and told it to another someone. (Repeat below).Memories to keep the memories of the people who are gone. The story section delivers memories of the people who are no longer in the left. It connects the world with this world.It is also evident that Kuwakubo showed Sherman's power in the last battle. This adventure might have been a memory making to keep parents alive in the mind for Kuwakubo. Because, there is a description that there is a child who kuwakubo to be able to meet the grandmother though there is no reaction even if it talks to the tomb (stone which was selected) on the day of the festival of the village. The child might have felt that she heard the voice because she had memories with the grandmother in the mind. On the other hand, Kuwakubo has no memories with his father.Only the appearance as a brave samurai of the story heard by the mother knows.What was your true father when you were not fighting?Mother is not able to answer even if it asks. So this mysterious journey was a fleeting and happy time when the family that had already been mourning was the first to borrow the figure of the character of the story. Even so, this story is too harsh for an eleven-year-old boy. I was robbed of one eye by my grandfather as soon as I was born.The battle with their aunts is a relentless killing. And, in the midst of an adventure, we have to Sai parents again and forgive and live with the enemy's grandfather. The conclusion with the Emperor of the Moon seems to be a pros and cons. The idea of distinction in a story is wonderful.I feel like it's impossible for the villagers to respond… There might be revenge of telling the grandfather just before it dies "truth". Kuwakubo will surely pierce the story of the lie until the end. By the way, the Emperor of the Moon which appeared in Kuwakubo's dream was a blind biwa monk. The motif of the talking section is also reflected here.The man of the moon might have been a man of the Moon, and the story of a sense of beauty different from the Earth was played. The reason why three arms were useless in the last battle is only the product of the story ruled by the grandfather "the samurai who collected three arms fights with the Emperor of the Moon" to the end. Kuwakubo was able to break the story of his grandfather because he went out of the story and confronted with the memories of the people (a stronger story than anything else).  


About origami.Even though it is the same square paper, it becomes both a bird, a samurai and a spider.Any shape can be expressed if it knows even how to treat.It's the same with words. -Sisters of darkness, but I yukionna motif, I feel like a good overlap of Western witch and Japanese design. -The end roll which reflected the movement of a real doll was a shock.Including the balance with CG, I thought that is exactly special effects.

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Watch the movie Logan Lucky.

[Embedyt] v = a3frsws9hv0 [/embedyt] This story begins with a lack. The hero's Logan Brother, Jimmy (Channing Tatum), was working at a construction site, but was dismissed because of a knee injury. Daughter also lives with his wife's new family, who parted. His brother Clyde (Adam Driver) lost an arm in the battlefield and is now a bartender. Clyde's habit of saying the Logan family is a family of bad luck. I got fired, and my daughter's contest date was wrong, and Jimmy's a bad sequel. Drinking at his brother's shop would be a quarrel with the Ike manager. In the midst of the commotion, he tells his brother "cauliflower".This was the password of the robbery plan. Jimmy's House has ten articles on the robbery plan he thought of. Brother says, I want to wash my feet from these things, but I can understand that I made this plan by squeezing my brother's weak wisdom, and made breakfast, and gave it to my favorite grill, so I heard the story.I like the scene here (and Jimmy's baked bacon looks delicious).It seems to be gentle, and the character of this movie appears to be "cute". From here, he teamed up with his brother Joe (Daniel Craig), a bomb-blowing pro in prison, and his idiot brothers to start a cash snatch operation. Jimmy, Clyde, Mary, and Joe and his two silly brothers.It is interesting that the team consists of two sets of three brothers. Everyone is trying to do something for the family and for someone.Joe's younger brothers, who had a ridiculous appearance, cannot move without their own "ethics".Even Jimmy and Clyde's "erotic sister's Revenge". This movie is about family and work.And, somehow, it returns to the origin as seemingly nothing at all, and it is such a story that something is a little different, and the good one is obtained only a little. Their plan will be successful, but the money they have obtained will be "almost" returned in full. Joe and Clyde, who had escaped, returned to jail as if nothing happened.It doesn't change at all, and there is no such a thing.The last excellence to tricks what they had obtained. At the beginning, Jimmy tells his daughter, "Take Me Home, Country Roads (I want to return to hometown)] episode of, I can not play with a broken finger John Denver was given, like this song that was singing until the morning inspiring is a small gift for those who have lost something.This "pro-crime group" is far from the case that amateurs have accomplished.

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Watch the movie ' GODZILLA Monster Planet '.

[Embedyt] v = pywabbi0r5o [/embedyt] movie [GODZILLA Monster planet] watch. "Human drama" is a play of bias, Haruo's character, and animation-specific acting was not as anxious as expected. Narrative to omit the backbone of the characters I feel the story of ' Shin Godzilla ' and beyond. However, tens of minutes to landed to the earth are few movement in a small place, and drags impression is incontrovertible. Rather than being the first in a trilogy, I was stretched out at the beginning of a two-hour movie in 89 minutes. The "monster" appears in the second half, and Godzilla is finally seen in the final stages. However, it does not feel that it waited to wait for some reason. It is feeling that it was there if it noticed, and it is not a foreign body in the background. I wonder if this is to do Godzilla in anime. In the format of modern sci-fi animation, the symbol of Godzilla (the enemy of mankind emits a huge heat-ray) to talk about the story, ride to reproduce the special effects or not taken into consideration. First of all, when I thought about what it's like to be a special effects, it is an expression of the border of the falsehood that the sense of foreign body that it is not in reality (fake) and it comes and goes back and there at the same time reality that it looks real. I wonder if the monster should be floated somewhat from the work world. In ' Monster Planet ', the big one is not felt big is said not only by Godzilla but also in the work world, the story that wandered the universe to recapture the Earth is talked only by the attachment of the individual Haruo, the scale has become very small. However, it does not think that the narrowness of the story is so amusing if it thinks about the environment of the total of mankind who survived and the Earth ruled by Godzilla, and it does not dislike because there is also an atmosphere of so-called post-apocalypse which has finished fading ahead. The only good thing about anime is that you can draw a human vs. Godzilla approach combat without discomfort. I have prepared the answer neatly to the tsukkomi that I'm going to do alone in the Godzilla safe to eat more than 100 nuclear warheads.(Although, Godzilla x Megaguirus, I feel that it was a huge impression in the depiction of people jump to Godzilla.I have said worn, but I can not even fight Godzilla to start the re-war to restart the mechanical Godzilla was abandoned in the Buri 20,000 years, so I look forward to the sequel. The size difference seems to be very hard because it will be based on Godzilla when the Earth escapes.

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Watch the movie ' Death penalty '.

[Embedyt] v = z5bgwiz4_d8 [/embedyt] I watched.The death penalty is so interesting.Magamagashi and laughter reminds me of the ' Sacrifice of the devil '.It is a terribly foolish gag in not the scene where it laughs even if it thinks.A seamless and unknown emotion is aroused by atrocious.It's a lump of sense. Do not recall the concept "cheap" of the novel of Keita Tokaji.Life, thoughts, and actions are as cheap as you can imagine. I'm too real or motorboat feel not being cared for the garden of the victim's house….Everyone is a wagon car and the convenience store is a Yamazaki shop.I thought it was taken in local. It is dangerous to take a good sense that "is not refined".The subject matter is the first place.This is pure entertainment though it is single-mindedly cheap, foolish, and awful.It is also a comedy. It is a point high to be performed by the role which cannot be described only as Ichinose Wataru is "Seki-chan of Demon High" in the high-low fan.You didn't fail to get a good job.

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Watch the movie "The Invaders movie version to walk" warning.

[Embedyt] v = xcdtjcesqli [/embedyt] movie [The warning] has been seen. It is the back side of the aggressor who walks, and the story of the invasion was reminded of naturally having such a face. A specific gravity is put on the expression which shows that the Sa of the previous work off Beat, man's weakness, and the mysterious figure are projected on the screen. Keep an eye on the image that the world has invaded, deprived of body temperature. I want to watch a monster movie of Kurosawa Kiyoshi seeing the cloudy sky which blocks light and the heat of the end. It seems that the alien was not only a team of Amano-kun.Is it natural? It was interesting to have been overwhelmed by the aura of the higashide Masahiro to fall in person noisily just walk (had nothing to do with the father too suspiciously of the invaders to walk) the previous work "Rob the Concept" Act, It was drawn positively in a certain sense as bringing the rebuilding of the relation between man's character named Shinji Kase and Narumi. It was the one to make the fear of depriving and the sadness of a helpless man float to be made a thing in this work. The concept of love is also an important one, but it also has the character of human weakness and the source of cruelty. It's not always a convincing thing to deal with concepts, Makabe has robbed the "fear of death" beyond the fence on the roof of the building, the scene is enjoying the horror to the fullest (not only here is a description of purely enjoy the concept that was robbed), It's like a self-mentioning of the horror genre. Man can feel pleasure in the emotion of fear, so that you of the audience is watching this movie. In addition, with the disturbing of the coarse sky of the particles, the picture shown through something such as a mirror, glass, and curtains remained an impression. The sight of passing through something causes a feeling that something might be there. It might be the same as the ghost. The appearance of two people who frightened to the door of the entrance though Makabe does not come at once is very convincing.

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This voice to you in the final episode

Drama ' This voice to you ' last time earthquake, the House of Representatives election, SP was a great art that had been carefully made until the end despite being hit by the misfortune of flying a total of three times. I think that the script of Mika Omori was doing a decisive work. Mr. Omori does not remove it at all after it has come to write it in NHK.It is a delicate story that I can not draw if not NHK this time. In summary, I met my teacher who was told to go to work in the workplace by a mathematician who was abandoned by my family, It is not a shallow story of course though it was thought that it was dangerous if it was a story to which the finicky man was healed the weak mind to the teacher of a beautiful seminar and became round. The teacher of the self-improvement seminar played by Kumiko Aso also does the teacher of the reading classroom, and the core theme of reading is guided from here. While the main character mathematicians seek a slow connection through words and voices, it turns out that the teacher's side has more problems. The reversal of where only simple is worked. A person who teaches something to someone is not convinced by the painful. Especially, the painful and the emptiness stand out because it was a story of connecting people with the word and the voice not seen in the idea of "recitation" this time. In such a situation, can a person trust something unseen? There is a mention of that in the last scene of the drama. The quest for beauty and excitement, which may not be useful for making money, healing world peace, illness or suppressing crime, is for the pleasure of human being. It is the life that the moment which feels "it was good to be born" is a feeling of abundance from the unseen one. A mathematician who was reunited in Buri for several months was abruptly drilled from the teacher that today was her birthday, whispering in his ear.At that moment, the invisible voice becomes a gift, and the profile crossed to whisper reminds of the scene of the lip piling. There was the shape of the person and the person who connected believing it though it was not visible to the eye by any means.

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Watch "Koi-no-wives house Miyamoto".

[Embedyt] v = ggvgbxymxys [/embedyt] [Love wife house Miyamoto] watch. Because it was a work of Mr. Yukawa who had professed to want to take a movie for a long time, I was expecting it, but I couldn't go to the movie theater to watch it on DVD. That's good.The original is a work of "restaurant" of the heavy Shigematsu, and there is a part where the original and the setting have changed when just examining it when thinking that it is thought. It was full of the development and the scene of the royal road where sincerity to Yukawa's movie was transmitted, and power to draw man as the writer was fully demonstrated in an Orthodox making. This movie is a TV drama with more emphasis on words than a plot, but I think it's the birth of a Yukawa film that proves to be replaced by a movie. Yukawa-San's character setting and a sharp real intention without the supposedly out of the background is one of the features, but this work is a story of an ordinary Arafif married couple who started the life of two people away again the child's hand. Starting from the re-confirmation of the relationship between the couple, I finally restaurant the same scene at the beginning while I entwined the problems surrounding people. It is amazing that the two-hour circuit will be the meaning of the married couple's life for 27 years and the significance of the partner's existence as a tale. When referring to one concrete content, "correctness" and "kindness" which comes out as an important line are imposed on the couple because of the selection of "positive" and "Yuichi" of the son, in the work, the wife has become "positive", The indecision of the husband mentioned in this and the work was involved there, and I do not understand whether there was a consensus there at that time and whether it was a good choice. However, the important thing is that now, 27 years later, I realized that I was more "gentleness" than "correctness", that my husband had chosen it and tried to make an agreement with his wife. I was impressed by the likeness of Mr. Yukawa who would not break the setting and the story without breaking the thing that it is not possible to do unexpectedly in the life of the person and the person together though it is trivial.I'm looking forward to the Yukawa movie as well as Yukawa drama.

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Watch Blade Runner 2049.

[Embedyt] v = H_nlqwk1gny [/embedyt] [Blade Runner 2049] watch. I think it's a good sequel, "Blade Runner" or not, because there is no strong fondness for the previous work, this was great, but after all the screening time is long, I think that there was a little more to do. The starring Ryan Gosling was a favorite Gosling to the next of ' drive '. The decisive difference between Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 is humidity. A cloudy wasteland with ash falling against a indecent-smoking cyber city. In "2049", the scene with a lot of moisture such as rain and the wave was strangely stank compared with the beauty of the discolor Earth which did not feel moisture and the life. Rather, "Blade Runner 2049" will have been oriented to making sterilization and dry painting. Therefore, the moisture space where sand and the ash piled up were unbearably beautiful while the scene of the town of rain which imitated the previous work was seen fake. Therefore, there is no word "like the tear in the rain" in this work, and there is a last scene in that place instead. However, "2049" is also a good place for Dick, the appearance of K who waits for the death alone to the daughter's Deckard even while knowing that I of the last is only a fake is a mixed of the resignation and the affirmation to oneself and the world "it is already good" voice is It was such a beautiful scene to hear. It was very anxious that Nabokov ' pale flame ' had been put in K's room.Joy says he hates this book. "Pale Flame" in a fictional feature poem (Madman and Assume) is a novel that the narrator begins to absurd absurd self-commentary with a selfish comment (I wonder if you will be offended), This narrator, Mr. Kimball, is a kind of person who mocks the reader who distorts and interprets the work so much, but is this a humility or masochistic from 2049 to the canon of "Blade Runner"? Or, if the relationship between the author and the Reader in ' pale Flame ' is replaced by human and replicant, then the reader's reading will take away the author's position from the work, the novel created a miracle that creates life Back story is implied? [Embedyt] v = mkfrepmeao0 [/embedyt] [Embedyt] v = wrtwppvyjp4 [/embedyt]

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The drama of the October period had started.

The drama of the October period had started.

Ma'am, the handling precautions

[Embedyt] Https:// [/embedyt] The first and most important story set description is rather sloppy.The foot-washed from the back society too conveniently, married, and there is no reason to through the deployment that the neighborhood with good relations can be done, Russ boss will be almost decided on her husband's West Island. It becomes a story that the relationship of the neighbors similarity the story, and it might be a simple, lucid poetic story to which the wife is a bad man is completed by one story complete concurrently there.Kinjo Kazunori It is a screenplay, but the content is expected to be as such.There was a part which attracted the strange balance of the housewife industry and the Wonder Woman industry.

The first week of Roten

[Embedyt] v = vkgm9xkub64 [/embedyt] morning Dora Peculiar, heroine can not look very interesting for the first week to explain the upbringing from childhood.However, there is expectation by Aoi Wakana's appearing in the last, and having been seen the individuality with a rich appearance in the notice, too. I was surprised that Aoi Wakana was darker than I thought. It is the relation that put Hirose Alice near.

The first time Hong Kong S.A.R. Love

The "criminal distortion" that started today was surprised because I knew the screenplay Kuramitsu Yasuko.I don't know for sure, but it's probably original. It is a fake documentary style like the charade of the tele-east, but the story begins to moorings to the cut at the beginning near the last and begins to move. The theme and the top of the idol adhesion of the documentary in the drama, such as the mix of yep and the real intention of ad Baba Fumika, a strange balance.Suddenly Eiko Koike is involved in the aventure of the Hong Kong S.A.R. in the direction of the stage.I'm looking forward to how the romantic elements of the Kuramitsu screenplay match this subtle worldview.

"Criminal distortion" first time

[Embedyt] Https:// [/embedyt] funny.Criminal buddy things are also a lot of patterns that blanket out to set and character is pulled to the established theory that it is not interesting if not penetrate, two of this time (Asano Tadanobu, Sacred tree Ryunosuke) is in the story well balanced without even making strange. The work which is made by the technique of the minus that it cuts off a rare unnecessary place in a recent golden commercial broadcast drama. The acted of the supporting role of Izumi Inamori and Mizuki Yamamoto are shining.Mizuki Yamamoto is reminiscent of Luni Mara at the time of Dora Tattoo.I was scared that the cedar Sakka of the first guest was great. It might not be so surprising as the change period if it thinks four years passed from the night Ferris wheel, but it was conspicuous still. Humorous and uncomfortable to rush into the often romantic direction from the resumption of coincidence with the cedar, the motive and look of the culprit of the case, I felt the height of the quality while simple to prepare to the end of the theme molester.

First time in Shinjuku Seven

It is a well-back society, but good.If you think about how to treat themes and cosplay, it equals NHK or Wow. Moteki I have been pulling the drama of midnight from around the east, but actually this year's drama 24/drama 25 is definitely banner.I want to re-evaluate tele-east midnight drama.


[Embedyt] v = mmvgw7en7vi [/embedyt] It is not bad, but I feel ikematsu when I watch sugata dissatisfaction of the movie.The force of the quiet that was in those two, it is still difficult to the Takasugi Hayama pair.For example, because it is a story that scooping a micro world enormously like the Shiberi of school return, and out if the viewer is conscious even for a moment to jokes and jokes even OK. Just like the movie, we had to change the time series before we drew together and start with a Shiberi format, but there was no impact on the most important interactions.It is a manzai translation of the length that can be seen by the person, and I think that the ability of the man who plays in the good or bad of the scenario is not necessary so much, but Tsukkomi needs a device such as timing and the tone of the voice Shiberi.In other words, in the situation that Utsumi is controlling that space, I wonder if there is a difference between Ikematsu and Takasugi. Heroine, the story of the movie of the fact that the overwhelming beauty of the disproportionate too good, but the negatives of the Kiyohara is not inferior.

The first time I was born

[Embedyt] v = u76xcvjux0g [/embedyt] a work that was expected to be a screenplay by Yasushi Fukuda and two of the Tsugiya and paddy fields representing the day tele.From the conclusion, the impression is more safe than I thought. At the present stage, it is difficult to evaluate the tilts of the neck and the social sect of the top part. The influence of starring Sakurai Sho is also large. That is reminiscent of the hero in the time of zero Sakurai-kun, really sorry there was a feeling that is reflected in the drama to the rage of the sense that the show's well-to-do good, Sakurai-kun. In that sense, but it's real, there is a theme lacking the integrity of the theme, starting from the problems in the school from the outside, the real responsibility of the adults to play the child is a story, because the influence of the principal will be a big drama, The key is how Sakurai-kun is taken from now on. Yu Aoi, Kiminami, Aoi Morikawa, Tabe Multi, and Haruka Igawa, the actress is "the Prison princess" and the luxury proud.